A long time over due

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I’d broken up with my boyfriend that day so my friends took me out drinking. I got all done up, little dress, heels…I felt sexy. Went out had a fair bit to drink then phoned my old boss and told me what happened…he told me to go to his after cos a couple of his mates were round. I went and fell asleep outside and when he got there he picked me up and took me inside.

We was all having a laugh and a joke and his mate took his lover upstairs to fuck her. I was sat on the sofa with Alex, and he had his hand on my leg. I was telling him what had happened between me and the ex…Alex told me if he was younger then we would be an item ( he was 20 years older ) he then lent over took my face and kissed me…gently but sexy, kissing down to my neck and biting it a little, stroking my inner thigh…going closer to my cunt then moving away…proper teasing me for about 10 minutes. Then he slid on finger across my knickers…feeling how wet I was and with that and a wink he pushed a finger in my cunt…then another, fucking my wet cunt with his fingers, kissing me and biting my neck…kissing down to my nipples, biting them so hard it made my back arch. I could feel myself nearly cumming and he slowed down, slowly pushing deep in my cunt, knowing how much I needed to cum he fingered me harder and harder till my body was shaking and I came all over his fingers, he put them in my mouth so I could taste myself, was sweet. And began to kiss me again.

I unzipped his jeans, took out his cock and went to take him in my mouth and he stopped me…I was confused, I looked up at him and he said ‘ tonights just about you ‘ with that he got off the sofa and spread my legs wide and kissed my already wet cunt. His tongue discovering my clit, sucking on it a little. He held my hips so I couldn’t go anywhere…I was so sensitive and couldn’t take anymore but he carried on. My whole body was moving, he refused to let me go…adamant to make me cum again. Licking my clit faster and faster he knew exactly what he was doing…pulling my pussy right into his face…I begged him to stop but he carried on and then I came again. I was so hot and sweaty he just said it made him want me more.

He stood be up, kissing me everywhere…my whole body sensitive to his touch…he bent me over, thinking he was going to start gentle but to my surprise he pulled my hair back and entered me deep and started fucking me soo hard. Was so unexpected. He rammed his hard cock in me deep and hard and faster. And once again I could feeling myself cumming and he was to. He got faster and faster…building up to an amazing orgasm and boom…right there, he pulled me right on his cock. Deep inside me. We came together and it was amazing.

After we got on the sofa and he put his arms round me, and pulled my legs over him and he was kissing me. Saying I was beautiful and that my ex was stupid for dumping me. He reminded me again that if he was younger or I was older we’d be together. And that he always fancied me since I started working at the shop. 4 years on tension exploded in one night. I kissed him once and snuggled into him. Needless to say, an unforgettable night. One I’ll always remember anyways. :)

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  1. Paul Jackson

    Very good writing, only ‘but’ is a couple of spelling/grammar slips but they didn’t detract from the story as a whole Would like to see some more of this writer’s work

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