a moms first cheating experience

Well where to begin was visiting a friend i had not seen in ten years she just called me out of the blue one day and said hey were having our ten year class reunion want to go.I said sure why not i will get some leave and i will be there in a few days.So i arrived at her house a few days before the party and saw all the old friends i forgotten about or wanted to forget.Was drinking alot that nite when her mom got home it was late and she was tired she said hi how are you i said ok.She excused her self and went to bed.After a few more dirnks we called it a nite and went to sleep.Was sleeping in the spare bed room in the back of the house when i was awoken by a strange sound i opened my eyes to see her mom sucking on my cock.she looked up and said i have been soo lonely and to have another man in the house is great dont worry about stacy she sleeps soundly ok i said mmm you taste good she said wanna 69 i said hell yes she slid her body around and put her moist pussy on my mouth which i started to lick and suck on she moaned in pleasure caused me to blow my wad in her waiting mouth she sucked up all my cream and said i want that hard cock in me i said ok but first things first i want to eat that hot pussy she laid back and spread her legs and said make me cum i kissed her inner thighs and made my way down to her hot snatch which was juicy by the time i got to it i licked and sucked on her clit and she was moaning loudly i stuc a finger in her hot hole and she came and screamed and shook all over when she calmed down she said no one made me feel that way or cum that way please fuck me she said i put the head of my dick on her clit and rubbed it a bit then put the tip in she grabbed me around the waist with her legs and shoved it in her she screamed as my 9 inches intered her ohh how she moaned she asked what i feed it i said noting but good things just your hot body was all it needed i slid my cock in and out of her slow at first then faster till she came 5 times till i blew my cumm all in her and some on her tits.She got up went to go to the door she stopped and waled back to the bed and kissed me and asked when was i cumming back for a visit i said soon as i could.Then she closed the door behind her and i went back to sleep.Went to the reunion had a blast even had the daughter but thats another story cause thew mom caught us

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