A New Beginning

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Chapter Two: Memories of Melissa

After watching Jamie masturbate, I couldn’t concentrate on my work and I finally gave it up. Early in the evening there was a knock at the front door. I nearly tripped over a chair as I ran to answer it, but my visitor wasn’t Jamie. It was my stepsister Melissa Hardy.

Melissa was a real estate agent. She helped me find this rental property. Melissa was several years younger than me and very attractive. Although she had put on a little weight recently, she still had a great shape and her long straight auburn hair framed a face that looked considerably younger than her forty plus years. Melissa had been divorced for a while and was raising a teenage daughter on her own now. Over the years there were long stretches when we had no contact. But no matter how much time passed, we always managed to pick up our close relationship right where we left off.

Noting the look on my face Melissa said, “Seems as if you were expecting someone else Hal. I can stop by another time, if it’s not convenient now.”

I replied, “No I wasn’t expecting anyone. I’m glad you stopped by Melissa. Come on in. I was just opening a bottle of wine. Would you care for a glass?”

“That sounds good. Well how do you like the place so far?”

“It’s just about perfect. Let’s go out onto the patio. We might as well take advantage of this nice weather.”

When we were seated outside drinking the wine; I said, “I want to thank you again for helping me find this place. I couldn’t ask for a better stepsister.”

Melissa chuckled and said, “I remember you didn’t always think I was so great.”

“Yeah that was a long time ago,” I replied, as I recalled my first impression of Melissa.

My mom passed away when I was eighteen. I was a junior in college when my dad finally remarried. His new wife was several years younger than him and Melissa was her daughter from a previous marriage. At the time, Melissa was fifteen and going through a very rebellious stage. During the summer before I started my senior year in college, Melissa and I became quite close. But things didn’t start out that way. I liked my stepmother Ellen, but I couldn’t say the same for Melissa. She was very pretty and had a great figure, but her personality left a lot to be desired. There was no doubt that she was very spoiled and self-centered.

My dad rented a cottage by Lake George and took us all up there for a week in July. Melissa didn’t want to go with us and when her mom insisted that she had to, she threw a tantrum. She stormed off to her room, slammed the door and started throwing things around. I couldn’t believe my dad let her get away with acting like that. I guessed he was getting soft in his old age.

During the entire four-hour drive up to the cottage, Melissa sulked. When she said anything was either to make a smart-assed remark or complain. By the time we got to the lake, I was thoroughly sick of her and it was obvious that neither my dad nor stepmother were going to take her in hand. Things went along the same way during the first evening and all the next day. Melissa went out of her way to let everyone know just how bored and unhappy she was. She was miserable and apparently decided to try and make everyone else miserable too.

Early the next evening dad pulled me aside and said, “Son I want to take Ellen down to Glens Falls for dinner. Do me a big favor and keep an eye on Melissa while we’re gone.”

“OK dad. But you know damned well she won’t listen to anything I tell her.”

“Just keep tabs on her until we get back. I’m sure you can do that much.”

About twenty minutes after dad and Ellen left, I was sitting on the porch drinking a beer. Melissa came out of the cottage wearing a skimpy two-piece swimsuit and carrying a towel. I couldn’t help but notice that the swimsuit looked great on her. I commented, “So you’re going for a swim.”

Melissa stopped and gave me a disgusted look. She said, “No shit Sherlock! How’d you figure that out?”

I didn’t bother to reply. I got up and started following her down to the dock. When we had gone just a little way Melissa turned to me saying, “I don’t want any company.”

I replied, “Look I’m supposed to keep an eye on you little girl. If you get into trouble in the water there’s no one around to help you.”

“I’m not looking for a hero and if I was, you wouldn’t fill the bill. So just leave me alone. I can take care of myself.”

I knew there was no use arguing. So I let Melissa go on alone. I waited a few minutes and then went on down to the dock. By now, she had gotten onto a rubber raft and was paddling out onto the lake. When Melissa saw me on the dock, she started paddling back. She came up to the end of the dock and called out, “Hey Hal would you do me a favor?”

I thought maybe Melissa was in a better mood now. I walked down and said, “I guess so. What do you want?”

She looked up at me and said, “Go fuck yourself.”

As far as I was concerned, that was it. I thought that little bitch can drown for all I care. I went back up to the cottage, got another beer and sat on the porch again. When I finished the beer I thought about getting another and then my sense of responsibility got the better of me. I promised to keep an eye on Melissa and if anything happened to her it would be my fault. I pitched the empty can in the trash and started out again.

As I approached the dock I scanned the area and didn’t see Melissa. Then I noticed the raft bobbing on the water several yards away. It was empty and Melissa was nowhere in sight. I was beginning to feel just a bit worried and I started calling her. I yelled at the top of my lungs for another minute or so and got no reply. Now I kicked my shoes off and dove in.

I swam out to the raft and dove down. The water was very murky and visibility was nearly zero. I stayed down as long as possible, feeling my way along the bottom of the lake bed. When I came back to the surface, I saw Melissa sitting on the dock. She called out, “Hey Sherlock, find anything down there?”

I held my temper in check. I didn’t want to give Melissa the satisfaction of seeing just how pissed I was. Besides I had plans for that little girl. I swam slowly back to the dock pushing the raft ahead of me. Just as I got there, Melissa started walking back toward the cottage. I got out of the water, slipped my shoes on and followed her. I unfastened my belt and pulled it off as I walked along.

I doubled my belt in one hand and caught up with Melissa in a few quick strides. I grabbed her by the arm and she jerked her head around. When she saw the look on my face, her eyes widened.. Before she could fully grasp what was about to happen, I brought my belt down across her ass with a stinging crack and then brought it down a couple of times across the backs of her thighs. Melissa screamed like a wounded mountain lion and almost jerked my shoulder out of its socket trying to pull away from me.

I pulled ahead dragging Melissa behind as she screamed, “Let me go! God damn you lousy bastard!” She brought her free arm around and started punching me in the back. I jerked her around in front of me again. Then I gave her a couple of more hard swats with my belt. This finally got her attention. She quit struggling so much and started to sob as I continued to pull her along. When we got up to the cottage she said, “Please Hal let me go. You’re hurting my arm.”

“I’m not done with you yet! Get your little ass inside now!”

When we were inside Melissa wailed, “I’m sorry. Please let me go now.”

I pulled her toward the couch. Still keeping my grip on her arm, I sat down saying, “I’ve had it with you! Then I drug her down across my knees and said, “You’ve needed good spanking for a long time and now you’re going to get it.” Melissa screamed, “No! God damn you!” and started kicking her legs furiously.<
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I brought the belt down across her flailing thighs a couple of times and Melissa suddenly stopped struggling. She said, “OK
, but please don’t use the belt anymore.”

Laying the belt aside, I said, “Alright, you better settle down.” I put an arm around her waist, elevated he butt with my knee and pulled her swimsuit bottom down. Melissa’s ass was very sexy looking. Her plump butt cheeks globed up enticingly and I felt my cock getting hard as I ran my hand slowly over them. I was anticipating the long hard spanking I was going to give Melissa’s cute sexy ass and I didn’t waste any time getting started. I set to work slowly and deliberately. Each time the palm of my hand made contact with her plump buns Melissa yelled, “Ouch!” as the resultant CRACK reverberated in the room.

In very short order the results of the spanking were becoming very evident. Melissa’s butt was turning a pale shade of red and she began to cross her legs as I continued warming her butt. After a dozen or more hard spanks she was kicking her legs and squirming on my lap. She screamed, “Stop please that’s enough!”

I said, “You’ve had this coming for a long time. So just lay still and take your medicine little girl.” I continued spanking Melissa for while longer and the last few swats were particularly hard. By the time I was done, her butt was bright red and she was sobbing.

When I finally let her up, Melissa turned to run from the room, but her swimsuit bottom had dropped down to her ankles and tripped her up. I jumped up from the couch and caught her in my arms just before she hit the floor. I pulled her back up and held her close. I expected her to start fighting me again, but I got a big surprise. Melissa put her arms around my waist and held on tightly. She leaned her head on my chest as she continued to sob more softly now. I began massaging her back and then let my hands drift down to caress the ample swell of her hips.

In the next moment Melissa raised her face to mine and we began to kiss. I moved a hand around to the front, brought it up between Melissa’s legs and slipped a finger into her pussy. Her little slit was hot and very wet. When I gently stroked her clitoris Melissa pushed her body closer to mine. By now we were both so hot I knew there was only one way this scene was going to play out. I scooped Melissa up in my arms and carried her into my bedroom.

I kicked the door closed as I entered and lay Melissa on the bed. I practically tore my clothes off and got onto the bed with her. In an instant I had her swimsuit top off and was feasting on her hard little nipples as my hand sought out her hot wet pussy again. Melissa moaned, “God yes!” as I began to toy with her clit. When she began pushing her pussy up to meet my probing finger, I knew Melissa was more than ready for something more. I slid my finger into her love tunnel and as I expected, it was well lubricated. Although I was almost certain this would be the first time for her, I could tell that Melissa’s pussy was more than ready for a hard cock. I thought maybe that’s what she had really needed all along. I reached down and pulled the tangled swimsuit bottom off over Melissa’s feet. I positioned myself between her legs; lifting and spreading them wide.

When she saw me bringing my rock hard shaft to bear on her pussy, a look of almost grim determination crossed Melissa’s face and she closed her eyes. I should have been a little gentler; but I was just too hot to help myself. Once I had the head of my cock nested within the entrance of Melissa’s pussy, I drove it home almost instantly. Melissa cried out in pain only once and the deed was done. Within minutes our bodies were moving together to the tune of Dueling Bedsprings.

My thoughts were interrupted by Melissa saying, “Hal you’re a million miles away. What are you thinking of?”

“That first time we went up to Lake George.”

“I thought that might be it. You really set my ass on fire that time, but I deserved it.”

Glancing over at Melissa, I noted her glass was empty. I asked, “Want a refill?”


I went into the kitchen and as I was pouring the wine, I heard Melissa enter the room. She came up behind me and put her arms around my waist and said, “I guess you know that spanking really got me turned on. I needed the spanking and I needed what we did afterward even more. I wonder if it would be the same way now. You know…if you spanked me.”

I turned toward Melissa and said, “Well there’s one way to find out.”

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