A New Life with Stormy

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A New Life With Stormy
by Mortimer Snerd

My wife and I had just finalized our divorce. We had been married for 25 years, which
was really about 22 years too long. But you get comfortable with familiarity, and when
she finally voiced the truth, that we had drifted apart and weren’t really lovers anymore,
I cried. Despite the divorce, I still love her, and I probably always will.

Now it was time to pick up the pieces, take stock of my life, and get used to living alone
again, for the first time in forever. I doubted I’d ever marry again. So I found a modest
little apartment in an out-of-the-way place, and set up shop. I made sure to find a place
that allowed pets, because I thought I’d probably get a dog for company, down the road.
My family always had at least one dog when I was growing up, and it always seemed to
make a house more like a home. I figured it would be a larger breed… not one of my
wife’s dogs, those little mops-with-feet that she always preferred. This would be a
“man’s best friend” kind of dog, one you could horse around with, that would almost
knock you over with excitement when you came home at the end of the day.

A few months had gone by, and I was starting to get used to my new routine, but the
place still didn’t really feel like “home”. I decided it was time to start looking for that
dog. While scanning through one Sunday’s paper, I spotted an ad by a local breeder
who had Canadian White Shepherd pups for sale. I called him to find out when I could
come over to have a look, and he said that afternoon was just fine. So I shortly found
myself looking at three adorable little puppies. There had been 5 in the litter, 3 females
and 2 males. The males had already been sold, so the remaining three were all female.
I guess I had just assumed I’d be getting a male, but these three were so lovable that I
quickly got over any mild disappointment. One of them in particular seemed to take to
me right away. “I’ll take her,” I told him, and half an hour later, I carried her into my

Canadian Shepherds are built like German Shepherds, only they’re pure white and their
coats are thicker. They also have gentler dispositions than their European cousins. I
named mine “Stormtrack”, or “Stormy” for short. Over the next year, she became the
center of my life. I watched her grow by leaps and bounds, until she was a young adult,
about 2 ft. tall at the shoulder. She was an easy dog to house-train, and I had quickly
given her the run of the house. Extremely loving and gentle, she loved to play and
cuddle with me, and she was happiest when she got to sleep on the bed next to me at
night. This was an adjustment, as she grew to occupy a good half of the bed, but
having been used to sharing the bed with my wife for so long, I got accustomed to it
quickly enough. It was pleasant, hearing her soft snoring as I drifted off to sleep each

As Stormy came into heat for the first time, I considered what to do about it. I had no
intentions of trying to breed her, and it would be a problem whenever I took her for a
walk… I decided I’d probably get her spayed, once she’d passed through it this first time.
I couldn’t help but notice how wet and engorged her labia became, though — I had never
had such a large female dog around the house before, and, frankly, it was interesting.
Her swollen canine organ looked almost as large as a woman’s pussy! This made me
wonder how large the male’s penis must be, which she was swelling to accomodate. I
had never seen a canine penis that rivalled a human one in size, but Stormy’s body
seemed to be preparing for one. My curiosity finally got the best of me, and I lubricated
a finger with some K-Y jelly, intending to see just how deep she was. As I gently
inserted my finger into her, she got very still and held her tail up for me. Her vagina
was tight, but my finger kept sliding in, further and further… as my knuckles bumped
into her labia, I finally brushed against what must be her cervix. She was as deep as
most women! Feeling her powerful heat enveloping my finger, I suddenly found myself
with a hard-on. I pulled my finger out of her, abruptly ashamed of myself for no
particular reason. “Sorry, girl, I was just curious,” I muttered, half to myself. “We’ll get
you taken care of in a few weeks.” I patted her on the head, then went to clean off my
hand. The whole issue was off my mind by the time I rinsed off the soap.

That night, I had a dream about my ex-wife, from our passionate early years together.
She was lying naked next to me, and we were about to make love. I reached down to
her warm pussy and began to stroke her there, and she started to kiss me. I slipped
my fingers into her moistness, letting the fire build gently between us, finding the
opening into her welcoming body as her kisses got more feverish. Suddenly, I realized
that she wasn’t actually kissing me, she was… licking me? Startled by this, I awoke to
find that Stormy was lapping my face. My hand was stroking a pussy, alright, but not
my wife’s! Stormy was stretched out next to me, laying with her hind feet in the air as I
felt up her wet, canine labia!

At first, I was horrified at the situation. But Stormy actually seemed to be enjoying it, if
her eager licking was any indication. And we did have the place all to ourselves… ah,
hell, who was to know? If this brought her some pleasure, well, she brought plenty to
me with her company. I resumed fondling her, and she lathered me up pretty well,
indicating her approval. “You like this, girl?” I said, turning my head away for a moment.
“You like it when Daddy touches you there? Yes…” Once again, I found myself with a
hard-on, and sighed, knowing that I would have a date with my right hand in the very
near future.

The next night, Stormy cuddled right up to me on the bed, licking my face and
presenting her belly to me. “Well, she learns fast, I knew she was intelligent,” I
muttered to myself. Figuring I’d get it over with, I reached down and fondled her again.
She seemed even more receptive the second time, almost pushing herself against my
hand as I stimulated her. This time, knowing how she seemed to enjoy it, I slipped a
finger on up into her vagina. She humped back at me hard, once, lapping me eagerly.
“Must be nice to have someone willing to finger-fuck you, ya silly dog,” I said. Again, I
had this hard-on and no use for it, so after several minutes of letting Stormy have her
fun, I decided to relieve my own urges. Using my hand, I quickly ejaculated onto my
belly, then lay there catching my breath. Suddenly, a wet nose touched me, and Stormy
began to lick my penis! She had startled me, and I had intended to make her stop, but
the feel of her warm tongue on me turned out to be quite nice! She licked me all over,
then found my cum and licked that up, too. She lapped all around my genitalia for a
long time, and I found myself patting her on the head and talking to her. “Good girl,
that’s so nice, Daddy loves you, too.” Finally, she decided I was cleaned up enough, and
she shifted into a comfortable position and fell asleep next to me. I drifted off soon
afterward, feeling her warmth against my side.

This became a pattern over the next couple of days. Stormy would present herself to
me at bedtime, and I would pleasure her with a finger or two, my initial reservations
giving way to my affection for my canine companion. It was a pleasant way to end the
day for both
of us, and nobody else needed to know. It didn’t occur to me at first that I
had begun to feel the need to jerk off every time, or that my orgasms were getting
more powerful instead of less (as I might
have expected). One night, though, as I was
about to cum, I caught myself thinking not of some beautiful babe, but rather of the
lithe, fur-covered body next to me. I had never considered what Stormy and I were
doing as “having sex with an animal”, so it startled me when this exact thought was
what sent me over the edge, on that occasion. I must be some kind of pervert, I
thought! After that, I decided I’d better stop our nightly fondling sessions. Stormy
whined the next night, but I patted her on the head and scratched her back, and that
seemed to satisfy her for the moment. I thought I was doing the right thing.

A morning or two later, though, I was having an unusually intense sexual dream, one of
those you wake up from before you’re really ready for it to end. Someone was taking
my dick into her mouth, promising to give me the blow-job of my life. I awoke to find
Stormy tenderly licking my rapidly-hardening penis! The combination of the remaining
shreds of my dream with Stormy’s hot, wet tongue sent me over the edge in seconds. I
shot all the way up to my chin, spurt after spurt as she lapped my twitching dick with
her big tongue. Finally, I had to push her away, too sensitized to take any more. She
eagerly found where I had squirted on myself, cleaning me up with great care.
Overwhelmed by what had just happened, I stroked her fur lovingly. “Okay, I’ve missed
you too, I admit it”, I told her. To hell with what society thought was “taboo”… that had
been the best “oral sex” I’d ever had! I decide I had been wrong to put the brakes on
our “relationship”. Stormy loved and trusted me, and who was I to say that we
shouldn’t take mutual pleasure in one another?

For the next few nights, we explored stimulating each other, both one at a time and
mutually. We found that “69” position worked pretty well… I would cuddle up to Stormy
with my head on her belly, fondling her and then slipping a finger or two into her vagina,
her hips arching into me at least once or twice as I penetrated her. Meanwhile, she
lapped me with her big tongue, tip-to-balls, over and over again. I found that each night,
the experience grew more intense, as we got increasingly comfortable with each other
this way. Stormy’s vaginal muscles would contract around my fingers in ever-
quickening spasms, in what I could only assume was her version of an orgasm, and this
began to trigger my own climax, spurting my seed as we brought each other to our
peaks. Sometimes, I wound up ejaculating almost directly into her mouth, as she
lapped me. Far from being a turn-off for her, like with most women, Stormy seemed to
enjoy this little “treat”. I began to feel a real physical and emotional bond with my furry
companion, as we got better at pleasuring each other.

On a lazy Saturday morning, I awoke to find Stormy sprawled against me, our bellies
together, one of her legs over me and my arm over her. The warmth of her body
against me had given me a hard-on, and I lazily rubbed it through her warm fur,
stroking her back with my hand as she stirred. Stormy began licking my face just as
lazily, and we lay like that for a bit. As I basked in the warmth of her fine
companionship, her fur started exciting me more, and it became more like dry-
humping. I found myself wishing that Stormy were a real woman, so we could make
love. That’s when it hit me: we could! She had a vagina, I had a penis. Why hadn’t I
thought of it earlier? Probably because I was still too hung-up on social taboos, I guess.
But I had gotten used to giving and receiving pleasure with her, and in many ways it
was better than being with a woman. Why not take the final step?

I needed to scoot Stormy toward the pillow a bit, bringing our organs within reach of
each other. I knew she’d be tight, but I wasn’t that much bigger than the two fingers
she routinely accepted. I used some of my saliva to lubricate us both, then positioned
the head of my dick at her entrance. I was well-familiarized with her anatomy by now,
so I was ready for the angle of her vagina, different from a woman’s. As I began to slip
into her, I felt her powerful heat begin to envelope me. Her muscles were causing her
to “wink”, and each time she did, I slipped in a little further. Stormy groaned and
whined at the same time as I entered her, humping hard against me a couple of times
and then licking my face vigorously. Knowing she could handle my weight, I rolled on
top of her, in a sort of “missionary” position. Her body accepted me more naturally
than I ever expected, and within a few short minutes I had penetrated her completely,
my balls coming to rest against her pussy-lips. My God, this was good! Her tightness
and heat were like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her powerful muscles were
squeezing me rhythmically, as if straining to milk me of the seed I longed to fill her with.
In just a few short seconds, I did just that, spurting what seemed like gallons of semen
into her furry body. I held onto her for dear life, my hips bucking against her as she
spasmed around the cock pulsing deep inside her, unable to think of anything but how
good this felt, better than any woman I had ever known. I dug my fingers deep into her
pure white fur, both of us panting as we rode it out.

Finally spent, I collapsed onto Stormy, whose contractions were also slowing down.
“Good, girl, sweet, beautiful girl,” I muttered over and over, as she licked my face to
communicate her own satisfaction. I stroked her face lovingly, wondering why I had
fought this for as long as I did. What an absolutely wonderful lover, so eager to please
and be pleased!

Rolling us back to the side, I gently pulled out of the delicious, virgin cunt Stormy had
given to me. She sat up to lick herself clean, and I watched her in a satisfied daze, my
dick softening in my contentment. Then she moved over to start the job on me, and
the attention from her warm, wet tongue quickly brought my hard-on back, full-force. I
began playing with her again, repositioning so that I could reach her sex easily as she
lapped at me. Soon, we were both worked into readiness again, her labia winking in
arousal, my cock throbbing with tension. She rolled willingly to her back as I climbed
back onto her, slipping my already-wet cock (from her saliva, this time) back into her
well-lubricated cunt and plunging deep into her again. God, she was hot, and so
exquisitely tight! The bucking of her hips was spasmodic, strongest when I first
entered but repeating now and then as I thrust in and out… evidence that she was
enjoying this as much as I was! Once more, I dug my fingers into her fur as we made
love furiously, both of us panting with exertion, but neither of us caring.

We repeated this cycle several times — I lost track of the actual number. Each time I
pulled out, Stormy would clean up her labia, then go to work on me, bringing me so
close to the edge that the only choice was to plunge back into her and do it again. The
morning passed in a haze of arousal and pleasure, like being caught in some kind of
perverse fucking-machine and not having the will to turn it off. At one point, I had the
presence of mind to pull out the K-Y to help lubricate our sensitive parts, although I had
to reapply it each time after she licked me clean. We tried it different ways, such as
the infamous “doggy-style” (with me kneeling behind her), lying on our sides in “spoon”
position (while I stroked her belly and her nipples), and with her sitting in my lap (her
weight drove me the deepest into her, tha
t time). Over and over her muscular cunt
squeezed me, pulled me deeper, milked me for every drop of semen in my body.

Finally, I found the strength to stop long enough for both of us t
o pee, and then I
decided it would be smart for us to get something to eat, too. It was almost noon, and I
suddenly realized I was starving! So I got us both something for brunch, after which we
just cuddled up on the sofa together, with Stormy’s head resting in my lap. Sitting
there in my bathrobe, I took stock of the situation. What had started out as a simple
pet-and-owner relationship had obviously changed forever. I had bonded completely
with my canine lover, now, and I don’t think either of us would be happy going back to
“just being friends”. Stormy had seemed to enjoy our love-making as much as I did! No,
this was the start of a new and wonderful relationship, and I never wanted it to end. As
I scratched her head, she looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes, as if to say
she agreed with me.

We returned to our bed for more lovemaking that afternoon, and again that evening.
We tried doing it with Stormy on top of me, as another variation, and it turned out to
be slow and delicious that way. With my hands guiding her hips, she started learning
to thrust them in time with me, increasing both of our pleasure, if mine was any
indication. By the time we finally called it quits to get some sleep, I was getting pretty
red and sore, as I’m sure she was, so I used some Vitamin E lotion on each of us, to
help us heal. We should probably have taken a few days off, but I knew her estrus
wouldn’t last too much longer, and I wanted us to have as much time together as
possible, not knowing how receptive she’d be when not in heat. We dropped back to
just one nightly session, trying not to overdo it. But each time we climbed into bed was
like that first morning, coupling with each other over and over, my throbbing cock
pumping deep into her hot canine cunt, pouring my seed into her until there was no

About 6 days later, Stormy started to come out of heat. Her labia began to shrink in
size, and she no longer looked as pink and receptive. I decided to try having sex
(carefully), to see how it would go, and I was pleased to find out that she was still
interested, if a bit less able. I had to use a lot more lubricant, and I couldn’t go quite as
deep, but she was still willing. We just had to settle for a gentler sort of lovemaking,
when she wasn’t in estrus. And she was always willing to take care of me with her
tongue! It was during this time that I first took her in my mouth, returning the favor,
and she seemed to love it. Many a night, we gently pleasured each other in true “69”
position, our tongues bringing us to wonderful, slow peaks. When she finally came
back into heat (I’d be damned if I’d get her spayed, now!), we rediscovered the fevered
blur of our first lovemaking, energetically humping each other into the wee hours of the
morning. And when it subsided, we’d return to the gentle lovemaking that still satisfied
us both.

That’s how it began. I swore I’d never remarry, but I was wrong… Stormy came into my
life and filled that void for me. She is 6, now, and no longer has the fiery energy of a
puppy. But like a fine wine, our lovemaking has mellowed and improved with age. I
know I’ll have the heartache of seeing her age and die, but the joy of her companionship
has been worth it. I hope Stormy lives a long, healthy life, though, because I don’t know
what I’ll do without her.


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    Oh god amazing! I jerked off over and over again!

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    Bravo! Excellent story! I can assure you i’ll be marking this one as a personal favorite and reading it over and over.

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    Dogs don’t fuck for pleasure. Only humans and dolphins do. Try and make it realistic next time.

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