A Night To Remember

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Katie young, beautiful and very hot was going through a phase in life which was very different for her. She had just turned 17 and was full of urge for physical desires she had never felt before. She had often found herself fantasizing about her rent paid guest Jade who happened to live downstairs. Jade was a very attractive man of 30, he was tall, dark and handsome, very masculine and very sexy. One could easily feel intrigued under the spell of his seductive eyes, in plain words, he was irresistible. He had Katie, over his spell, and she could not think of anything else but Jade.

It was summer time, and often Katie would sneak out late at night and take a swim, especially to get Jades attention that had a complete view of the swimming pool. But her many attempts would go astray as he would not take her being there into any consideration. Perhaps it was because he was always with some different girl every time she saw him, he had never known to be alone for as long as she had seen him live there. So she finally gave up the idea.

A whole month of ignorance had gone by, until one day Katie felt very hot,
And decided a swim was not a bad idea to cool her off. So she put on her beautiful dark blue bikini and headed off towards the pool not once thinking about Jade or anything at all. After a few laps and swimming around she heard a voice asking her if she would mind if he would join her in the pool. She looked up to see that it was Jade, she didn’t know what to say, she had never had a single conversation with this guy, all she knew about him were her fantasies, and here he was standing only in his shorts, asking to be joined inside the pool. Of course! She replied. She wasn’t going to refuse him, I mean how could she, and he was entitled to its facility as well.

So they both were swimming around, doing their own thing, until Katie came to a rest, and that’s when Jade decided he should join her for a quick chit chat. They spoke for a while, about relationships, and other intellectual discussions, until they came to a stop. Peak silence was in the air and Katie couldn’t help but notice how Jade was staring at her lips. At that moment Jade whisked her into his arms and gave her the most luscious kiss she could have ever had. Trembling with desire Katie kissed him back fiercely and Jade could since the passion arousing in her. The kiss lasted long but that’s not where it ended infact everything had just started.

The kiss may have lasted a long time, until finally Katie felt Jade’s hands trying to explore her, his soft tender touch was caressing every part of her body until he slid his hands under her bikini top, her wet moist breasts were already hard and thriving for his touch. Katie could not control herself; she led out moans she had never known she could make. Jade played with her beautiful breasts for a while and suddenly unhooked her top, letting it fall into the pool. After that he let his hands explore every inch of her body and then he touched what she was aching for. She was terribly wet with desire and his fingers were amazing, while he fingered and fondled with her clit, he kissed her breasts, and she could not control herself, she was drifting somewhere far away, and didn’t ever want to be let out of this feeling.

Katie had never felt this kind of a sensation before, and she really was an amateur, not knowing what to do she grabbed Jade’s manly hood, and started stroking it gently yet with a tight grip. Jade pulled her closer to kiss her and while kissing her, he then ripped her bikini panties, and Katie helped pull off Jades shorts. For a while both of them fiddled, fondled and licked eachother,enjoying each others bare bodies, finally Jade brought Katie to the end of the pool where there were stairs ,placing her on top of the steel stairs, and slowly started licking her toes, and slowly going upwards towards her legs, and finally her thighs, Katie had no idea what was about to happen next but she was shivering until she felt his warm tongue in between her legs, and she knew she had not ever felt something as great as this before, he licked her at first slowly and tenderly, nibbling and fiddling with his tongue, and each time he would get a bit faster, and Katie would scream out with pleasure, he kept kissing her until she was drenched, and she would not want him to stop, she would grab his hair and act like she never wanted him to stop, he then commanded her to turn around and bend towards him so she could be exposed to him completely, and that’s when he grabbed her from behind and licked her deeply into ecstasy until she came screaming.

After that he pulled her out of the pool, and lay her onto the pool beds placed around the swimming pool, and kissed her for a while, until she begged him to make love to her, and that’s when she went down on him not knowing how at first, but right away as she felt him hard as rock she couldn’t let go, and he too hadn’t ever felt this aroused before. He stopped her before he could cum,and pulled her back up, and took her in his arms and picked her up and walked right to his room where there was a slide in door, and put her on his bed. He was now hungry for her, and so was she. He slipped his man hood inside her, at first it took him a while because she was too tight, but considering how amazingly wet she was he didn’t have too much of a hard time, she felt him inside her, and although it was slightly painful, she couldn’t resist the temptation, she felt wonders as he pushed inside her, and pumped her until both of them could not take it any longer, and they finally climaxed together.

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  1. Lala {Truly_addicted5x5

    Just wanted to say i liked you story. Very simple and elegant at the same time.

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