A Strip Club Birthday

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A few years ago a group of my friends and i went to a strip club in Atlanta for his sister-in-laws birthday. All together there was 8 of us. The birthday girl Casey and her husband Brad, the sister Jen and hubby Jon, her friends Jessi and Alex (who were married), and then there was Mandy and myself. The night started with some shots and a couple round of beers. The strippers and shot girls were hot and all around us. Pretty soon we were all buzzing from the alcohol and the girls stated to get wild.

The birthday girl Casey was getting a lap dance from a cute stripper with small tits and a tight ass. As the song was nearing its conclusion the stripper turned around and started to make out with Casey. With the song ended the cute stripper went away.

I was sitting around our table talking to Casey’s friend Mandy when we looked over and saw Jessi who was sitting on her husbands lap being fingered right their in the middle of the club. As Alex continued to finger Jessi Casey came over and started to make out with her. They were squeezing each others breast and really going at it. Just when Casey was about to pull out Jessi’s tits two bouncers approached the girls and told them to stop or they would be kicked out of the bar!

This totally sucked! The bouncers ended the free entertainment because our table was drawing a larger crowd then the stage.

Well as the night went on Jen and Jon went into the VIP area while Casey, Jerri and their hubby’s were wondering the bar it was just me and Mandy left to guard our table. A stripper walked bye and i stopped her for a couple dances. This girl was perfect, she was about 5’6 medium length red hair, green eyes and beautiful big tits! Her nipples were that pale pink that made them almost disappear on her sexy creamy white skin.

I was so turned on watching Mandy; who oh by the way is a sexy blonde 5’5″ with smallish tits and sparkling blue eyes; and this stripper together. Mandy and I decided to get a VIP room with this girl and boy was it worth it!

We had the red head stripper who’s name was Cherry (real original) all to ourselves for the next hour. Cherry started to dance to the music and before long she was completely naked. She went over to Mandy pulled off her shirt and bra and the two girls started to make out and fondle each others breast. Before long both girls were naked and Cherry was licking out Mandy’s tight pussy. I had my hard prick out playing with myself just enjoying the show. Cherry soon had Mandy cumming all over her face and when Mandy stopped cumming Cherry came over to me. She pulled off my pants and started to suck my hard cock. Cherry made me cum all over her big tits in almost no time at all.

Mandy would then lick off all my cum from our hot little stripper’s tits and Cherry told her to sit back down next to me. Cherry danced for us for a few more songs. We had about 30 minutes left when she told Mandy to fuck my now hard dick. Mandy sat down on my dick and was bouncing up and down on me nice and slow. While Mandy rode my hard cock Cherry kept dancing for us, but when we only had 15 minutes left Cherry told us we had to hurry up. Cherry dropped to her knees and start to lick Mandy’s clit and my balls encouraging us to cum. After another 5 minutes of hard fucking Cherry started to squeeze my balls just as i shot my second load into Mandy’s tight pussy making her cum as well!

Mandy got off my softening dick and Cherry took my cock in her mouth and sucked our juices off my now limp dick. She then proceed to suck my cum right out of Mandy’s pussy.

After wards we had all gotten dressed and paid Cherry for the “private dance” she gave us. Mandy and I sought out our group but found that Jen and Jon had left about an hour earlier. Turns out Jon got sick and started pucking in the VIP room, they had only been in there for 5 minutes but had to pay for the full hour (so i guess they got screwed two!).

As for the rest of us. We went back the the birthday girls hotel room where the party continued on.

But that as they say is another story!

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