A Teacher With Talent

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Teaching Talent

Its 1974 if you are looking for a story where I had sex with my 8th grade teacher stop reading it did not happen. What did happen though made my day, week, and year. Our school was located about a half mile from a city park. The park has tennis courts basket ball courts and baseball. On the last day of the year the whole school 6th, 7th and 8th grades got to spend the day at the park.
I had two teachers that were very attractive one was a twenty year old blond who was a living doll and a brunet who was also a very lovely lady. The brunet was my home room teacher. Both teachers got a lot of attention and talk from my friends especially the blond.
Teachers and students alike dressed for the day. Shorts and casual dress was the apparel of the day. My home room teacher was wearing a cotton tank top and a pair of shorts. The shorts wear short but not inappropriate the tank top was a thin material but not see through. We were in home room getting ready to go to the park and my teacher wanted me to run an errand. As she bent down to write me a hall pass her top fell forward and her breasts were in full view nipples and all and she was a good C and maybe a D cup lady. I stared the whole time. When she handed me the pass and stood up I looked to see you could tell that she was braless but you could not. I was bummed.
It was a great day at the park. It was sunny and hot and a lot of stuff to do. It was getting to the end of the day and water balloons had made there way out. One of my friends came at me with a water balloon. I stopped him and told him what I saw that morning. We contrived a plan to act like he was going to hit me with the balloon but I would duct and the balloon would hit our teacher. I’m not sure our acting was the greatest but the balloon hit our young brunet beauty right in the chest. The water made the material cling to her breasts in a most wonderful way. Not only did it cling to her but the cotton tank became more transparent. The shirt that was totally non revealing was now a young mans future wet dream. You could see her wonderful tits perfectly. The best part off all she did nothing to pull she shirt away from her body and all she said is that the water felt good on such a hot day. I’m not sure but I think she liked showing her self to us but could not do it her self because that would have been inappropriate, but her student actions were not her fault.
The reason I’m pretty sure of her exhibitionist desires is because she had me go back to the class room after the park to give her a hand with some things she was taking home for the summer were the other kids were just going straight home and did not have to go back to the school. Now it was not unusual for her to ask me to do things I was a trust worthy kid and dependable. I went to my locker to get my stuff to take home then went to our class room. When I got there some boxes were on the table and she was there waiting. Her shirt was soaked and her nipples were as hard as pebbles and there is no way we got her shirt that wet. She thanked me for helping her and I carried her stuff to her car and she behaved as if her tits were not in pure view. I never saw her again as I went to high school but I wish I had a dime for every time I walked the monkey thinking about that afternoon.
Dark Desires

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