A Very Arresting Cop

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I first met “B” when I was walking to town, he drove by in his police car, I saw a handsome dark haired cop wearing sunglasses so I stood still and turned my body to watch him drive by. Here on Long Island there are some really good-looking cops and I never miss a chance to check them out.
I walked toward home and he surprised me when he pulled up behind me and stopped across the street from me. I looked over and there he was, so freaking good-looking with a wide sexy smile. “Hey were you flagging me down back there?” he asked.
“Oh no. I was just watching you drive by, I like police cars.” Arggg I could not believe I said that I sounded like a moron, but he just kept smiling.
“Do you need a ride somewhere?”
“Well I just live a couple of roads away.” I said.
“Get in, I’ll drive you.”
Like a fool I said,”In the back seat, or front seat?”
He smiled sexily and kind of laughed and said, “The front seat, unless you want me to arrest you, then the back seat.”
I laughed and got in.
Damn, he was hot! He had the longest legs and his uniform did not hide the fact that he was built, his thighs looked big and hard I looked at his crotch and I saw a bulge, I knew he had to be hung. I noticed a perfectly flat stomach ( or let’s put it this way there was no beer belly or noticable roundness inside his shirt above his belt,) he had a biggish chest, though his bullet-proof vest sort of distorted his chest. Since it was summer he had on short sleeves, damn his biceps were so large and defined I saw on his left bicep a long hard vein, I for a second thought it looked like a cock, big and hard and that big vein,mmmm. I always think guy’s muscular biceps are hard cock-like looking. Mmmmm.
“Take the next road on the left.” I said, he did, and then I said,”Now the right.” I pointed out my house. We sat in his cruiser for a short time talking. When I left I was soaked, man he was hot looking and his voice, yessss it was so deep and masculine.
I went in my house and just laid down on my bed and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts pulled them and my thong off and rubbed my wet warm pussy thinking about him. I touched myself to a nice sexy orgasm.
That night I went for my walk and there he was driving by. He stopped, “Are you walking again?” he asked.
“Oh yea I like to walk a lot.”
He smiled and said, “I can tell.” and he looked up and down at my legs. I got all excited. I was getting very juicy, not just because I was talking to this good-looking cop, but because I had fantasized about him after I got home so I was thinking about how I rubbed myself imagining him. We had a nice conversation, and he would drive up to me periodically and finally after a year, yes a year, he asked me out.
It was funny how he did it. I again was walking home from town when he drove past me, he swung into a side road and quickly turned around and drove up to me. He drove so fast toward me it was very exciting, like he couldn’t wait to get near me, mmmmm. I remember that day so well, I was wearing skin tight jeans, and a very tight kind of low-cut neon orange stretchy undershirt looking top, and a little short blak sweater on top, even though it was October I still had a nice tan, I lay out at the beach usually until the last week of Oct, weather permitting every year.
When he drove up and stopped I had to bend to the side and lean down and look in the cruiser at him. Damn he looked sexy, so masculine and dominant in that uniform, his sexy dark hair, his pretty brown eyes, his little gorgeous nose and his nice mouth,and great skin, he looked hot! As I leaned down I knew he saw my cleavage because he was looking right there, mmmm. I felt ultra feminine talking to him, almost demure and reserved, yet at the same time sexy because I was showing him my body at a sexy angle and I was thinking horny thoughts about him.
He made light conversation and said, “Would you like to get together for drinks or something?”
“Sure.”I said.
He asked for my # and I gave it to him.
He got a call so he had to leave, I walked home in totally drenched panties.
We spoke on the phone later that evening and decided he’ld pick me up at 8 the next night, he showed up right on time, nothing sexier than a prompt man. I opened the door and was very excited, he was very tall, yes in that full year I had never seen him standing up, he was 6’2″ which happens to be my favorite height for men, even though I am 5’2″ I always seem to attract tall men, I have even had men that were extremely tall persue me one was 6’4″, another 6’5″, and one that asked me out and we did a little fooling around here and there over a ten year period was 6’9″, these tall men sure liked my petite stature as well as I loved their height, mmmm so masculine.
But “B” was just great-looking, when I opened the door and saw him my heart skipped, his legs were very long, he had on jeans and a tight black shirt, he was so manly looking with his Italian good looks and his built body and that deep voice, my gosh that voice went right into my body, when he spoke I felt like he was completely inside me. We drove to the lounge and had a couple of drinks. I was getting a little buzz after my first drink and I touched his bicep, it was so freaking hard, wow, I felt it, then got braver and I rubbed it up and down with my little soft hand, I splayed open my fingers and was amazed by the girth of his arm, mmmmm I said, “I have to tell you when you drove up to me yesterday and asked for my number I was excited. I was really wet.” He grinned and said, “I was pretty turned on too.” Damn that is hot when that happens…a man and woman meet and look at each other and they are both in a total state of arousal, too hot!
I kept needing to use the ladies room, I pee a lot when I drink. He was so polite he took me to the restrooms and waited and brought me back to our table.
I looked at him and asked if we could leave, he paid his tab and left a tip and we left.
We got in his car. He sat back and smiled and said, “Well?”
I moved closer to him and pressed my hands on that hard muscular chest and rubbed it and smiled and said, “Well?” he pulled me closer to him by holding my back and we kissed. My full firm breasts were pressed into that hard chest,I rubbed them in circles on his chest, our tongues were curling around each other and caressing and licking and plunging mmmm I wanted to just stay pressed against this sexy gorgeous man forever and kiss him, the heat alone from our bodies was fantastic, but the kisses, damn they were downright intoxicating!
I pulled away and we just stared into each other’s eyes, “Your eyes are picking up the streetlights, they look ice-blue.” he said, Mmmmm I kissed his neck and rubbed my nose up and down it too.
He said, “Do you want to come back to my place?”
I smiled and said, “YES!”
We drove there, but in silence though I was caressing his leg and when he did not need to use the stick shift he was rubbing and squeezing my thigh, mmmmm.
We got to his place and it was nice, very clean and orderly that was a huge turn-on, I love clean men.
We sat on his leather couch and again started to kiss. We somehow ended up on the rug on the floor, I unbuttoned his shirt and he stood up and removed his clothes. WOW! His upper body was so built and defined, his shoulders were wide and meaty muscular,his chest was defined and wide and big too, he had a nice ab area, not overly defined, but flat and he had his hairy trail that led down to his pants damn it was a nice thread of black soft-looking hairs. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, I love that sound of a man unzipping. He removed his pants. I saw he was wearing tighty whities, yesss I love those, I saw the outline of his big hard cock, it looked so sexy, so manly so horny. The head was peeking out over the top to the left, mmm I saw that sexy shaped head and that slit on the top and his shiny pre-cum goo just oozing out. My pussy was gulping looking at that sexy sight, drooling too. He pulled off and down his under
wear, his cock bounced as it was revealed. Damn it was gorgeous, i
t was long and thickish that big hard gnarly vein ran up the shaft, at the base were his long unruly pubes dark and silky looking.The head was thick and I knew it was spongy soft, I imagined how good it was going to feel as he squeezed himself into my pussy opening and filled me up. He laid down near me, I was still dressed, I grabbed his cock shaft and curling as much of my hand as I could around it I moved it up and down, up and down, over and over, mmmm his skin was moving over the rigidness of his cock,his skin was like silk in my hand.He was so hard I loved it, his cock was determined to get pussy I just could tell. Ireached down and felt his pubes and they were wet moist with his sweat, mmmmmmm. I again held on tight to his cock and I pulled up and down on it while he leaned over and kissed me. We stopped and he undressed me. First he undid my blouse, he pulled it apart and cupped my breasts that were in my pink lace bra and he pushed them together, he kissed the nipples through the lace then he gripped one nipple between his teeth and tugged, “Ohhhhhh” I moaned feeling that sensation. He stopped and removed my shoes then he came up and undid and pulled down and off my pants, he laid on top of me and kissed me. He stopped and kneeling he lifted me up and carried me into his bedroom I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed and sucked and licked his neck.He dropped me on his bed and removed my bra,he complimented me on how pretty my breasts were, he rubbed them with his hands. He reached down and pulled off my thong. As he threw it to the floor he worked his way back up my body by kissing my legs and inner thighs, then onto my pussy, he kissed and licked my pussy I instinctively moved my hips and arched up to him.He seemed to like that. He got off of me and he reached into his table drawer he pulled out a condom. he stood up by the side of me and with his big hard dick sticking out,I had a sideview of him he determinedly unraveled and then put that condom on his stiff dick, mmmmm it was so sexy watching him do that. He turned back to me, I was rubbing myself, I had splayed my long blonde hair over his pillows and I was just smiling at him. He got on the bed, it lowered to his weight, he got on top of me and with his hard condom-covered cock he massaged my pussy, in the slit, on the clit, over the lips, all over up and down back and forth, mmmm I was in heaven.I could feel my own silky wetness. He smiled and as he stared deeply into my eyes he pushed his cock into my pussy hole,I grimaced a little, I tend to clamp tight when I have sex, he remarked on my tightness and kept saying “Relax. Relax” Mmmm my pussy opened to his words and that sexy deep voice.
After I had become accustomed to his girth and length we started fucking,these were some hard thrusts, his bed was creaking in tune to his and my movements, damn that turned me on, in and out, in and out, in and out, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, shittt I was so fucking excited by everything, his great looks, his body, his hard cock plunging in my tight hole, his body heat mixing with mine, his ability o just fuck me so good and the sounds I loved all the sounds, the bed creaking, my oussy making the wet slurpy sound, his grunts and hard breathing, my sounds of plaesure and my harder breathing, mmmm so many horny, lusty, passionate sensations at once. He started moving his groin up higher on my pussy, Ohhhh shit he found my clit and was humping it, “Ohhhhh shit yes don’t stop that! Fuck me “B” fuck me hard! Fuck me! Ride my clit!” It was so intense. He built me up, he got me to the hilt and I orgasmed my pussy erupted with pulsations, these were intense, I moaned in pleasure my toes were curling, I kid you not. I knew he felt my pussy gulps and was sooo turned on because he moaned and came very quickly after I orgasmed. Damn it was great. He stayed in my pussy for a short time and he pulled out, he removed the condom and showed me his cum collected in the tip, it was a sexy sight to see that white fluid, mmmmm. He put it in the trash can and he reinserted is cock after he wiped it off on the sheet, it slid in and we kissed long lazy tongue kisses mmm I could still feel his cock’s stiffness , obviously it was going down so it was not like in the beginning but it was still nice. We layed like that for awhile my breasts squished against his hard chest, his now flaccid dick nuzzled inside my warm, well-fucked pussy and the full length of his legs on top of mine, I felt so warm and protected and loved, yes I know he didn’t love me but I still felt it, his body just comforted me as he laid on me. He got off of me and as he pulled his soft cock out, the sensation was incredible, my pussy had molded around his dik, it felt to me like a cork was being removed from a wine bottle.
He and I still know each other and I know we are going to get together again, I hope that he will fuck me with his full uniform on, just his dick taken out, bending me over his crusier, lifting up my skirt and tucking my hem in the waistband, pulling my thong down to my ankles and riding my pussy from behind doggie style done in the middle of the night on some far away place where no one can see us. And I feel his uniform up against my ass.

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    story line, an oldie but goodie, gotta love the big strong police man!!! thanks for sharring your story

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