A winters night

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Mark and his friend Bob and I were old pals from way back, it wasn’t uncommon for us to go out and have a few too many and crash on the others couch and tonight was no exception. They worked together all say at the plant and then went to their league bowling night, by the time they got to Bob’s place it was nine at night and snowing pretty heavy. So Bob brought him home to sleep on the couch. When they arrived Bob’s wife Emily was on her way to bed, stayed up long enough to get Mark some blankets. Bob and Mark sat up talking a while so Bob could wait for his daughter Stella to get home. Mark called his wife and told her not to worry that he was crashing on Bob’s couch and told her e would see her after work tomorrow. Stella wasn’t long getting home, and as she took her coat off Mark could not help but to look at her, she was blossoming into an attractive woman. She was only 15 but stacked she had to have at least a c cup bosom already. She was about the height of her mother around 5 foot 2 or 3 and had a little chunky to her. She wasn’t fat more an the voluptuous size 13 or 14, with dark brown hair and light green eyes that were amazing to look at. She said hi to Mark as she went upstairs to go to bed. Bob helped Mark pull out the fold away bed from the couch and then turned I himself. He took off his shirt, socks and pants, leaving only his underwear as he covered up and tried to sleep.
He tossed and turned for about an hour watching through the window as the snow continued to fall, when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Stella in her night gown, it looked like a night shirt she was getting to big for because it only came to just below her bum. He pretended to be asleep as she passed by in the hallway. He got up and went to the door where he could see the fridge from there. She was bent over her gown raised up to expose her bare bottom and her hairy sex. His cock sprang to life on the spot and before he could think about what he was doing he walked to the kitchen rubbing his massive erection.
She had not turned any lights on in the kitchen she just took the milk from the fridge and poured herself a glass and was standing at the sink drinking a glass of milk and watching the snow fall. As Mark walked up behind her quietly.
“its very peaceful watching the snow fall isn’t it.” he said standing right behind her, as she jumped slightly
“oh Mark sorry if I woke you!” she said as she tried not to wake the rest of the house and turning to face him, until she saw his big hard cock, then she turned back a little embarrassed.
“you did not wake me”
“oh good, I forgot you here” she put the glass in the sink and leaned on the counter with both hands.
He noticed she had her hair in pig tails which he found stimulating. He could easily kiss her neck, so he stepped up behind her and did so.
“you know Stella you’ve become a very attractive woman”
“h h-have I” she said taking a deep breath
“yes” he backed up a little “you want me to stop doing that?”
“no” she whispered but we shoul……”
“shhh, Stella I want you to make love to me”
He could feel her tense up and take a deep breath, as he began kissing her neck again, this time his hands began probing her innocent young body, one hand on her hardening nipple and the other rippling through her hairy pussy rubbing it over her love button.
“but your married and I am a 15 year old uh huh vir g gin its wrong isn’t it?”
“I don’t care I want to be with you and as long as we are quiet no one will ever know”
She now had her bum out slightly grinding against his cock, as he reached down and pulled it out of the top of his shorts and stuck it between her legs and stood up applying pressure to her pussy.
“ahhh ma gawd that is sooo nice Mark”
“wait till we get into bed I will make you feel fantastic” both his hands now on her tits squeezing and rubbing them hard.
“you want me to eat your pussy?”
“oh god yes”
He took her hand and led her back down the hallway to the living room which was well lit by the street lights outside and the pure white snow. He sat her on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Then with out a word put his arms on her bum and bent into her crotch and began licking her pussy hard and fast. She pulled her shirt off and put it in her mouth so she could not scream out in ecstasy as he sucked on her pink and private areas. She was leaning back on one hand and rolling her stomach and waist into his passionate oral loving. She pulled the shirt out of her mouth and let out a whimper as the last of her first non self induced orgasm subsided.
“fuck me now” she whispered. “pop my useless cherry you bad man!” she purred as she positioned herself on the bed on her back.
He put her shirt underneath her knowing it might get bloody popping her cherry.
“I will start slow then speed up as your use to a cock in you, especially my eight inches, it will hurt at first then feel better than anything you have ever or will ever feel” She nodded her head on the pillow as he spread her legs again and positioned the head of his cock at her pussy. He put his hands under her knees and raised them up as he slowly pushed home his aching member. He started slowly pushing in then coming almost out then back deep again. She moaned in pain at first for a minute or two but he could tell the pain was leaving as she ran her hands over his chest and through his hair and she was starting to grind a little.
“are you ready to get fucked big time now Stella” she just nodded as he pushed her legs forward to her chest and began pistoning inside her he felt the warmth of her pussy inviting him to do what ever he pleased to her so he threw her legs over his shoulders and leaned in and began sucking on those huge nipples of hers she was starting to moan louder so he put a hand over her mouth as he drove her to another orgasm.
“he eased of and let her legs fall to the bed and he sat up.
“okay Stella I want to come all over your big beautiful tits so we do not get you pregnant, watt ya say?”
“sounds yummy stud I will have condoms for the next time”
“sweet” He pulled out of her and moved to kneel over her tummy, taking a hand on each boob and pressing them together sandwiching his cock between them. He was already starting to feel that familiar warmth as she put her hands over his and press them tight over his member. He shot a long hard load all over her from her tits to the top of her forehead and into her hair, and she just smiled and licked up what she could.
He laid down beside her and looked down, luckily the shirt took all the blood from her lost innocence. They fell asleep together but she slipped up to her room just before dawn and he put his underwear back on and went back to sleep. When he got to work he found a note in his pocket from his new lover.
Thanks for a wonderful passion filled night. Your eight inches and gentle use of it was wonderful and amazing. I am stopping at the drug store on the way home tonight and getting some condoms since you are married and can not be seen buying them.
Fuck you soon xoxoxoxoxoxo Stella

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