All In A Day's Work

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There was always something odd about Gerard, he never seemed to fit in and he did have a strange face, beady brown eyes and a big hawk-like nose. He was tall and bony and pretty much kept to himself.

“Who’s that guy?” Tracee asked Amy pointing at Gerard.

“Oh some weirdo that works in filing. He never really talks and he sniffs his fingers a lot.”

“Hahaha! Whaaaat?”

“Yeah,” Amy smirked and said, “he walks down the halls huddled near the walls and sniffs his fingers.”

Tracee had a bit of a freak in her, she loved odd men and she especially enjoyed arousing them, they usually reacted with way more intense sexual desire and horniness than so-called normal men. She felt herself getting wet looking at Gerard and fantasizing.

Tracee was quite stunning, she was 5’4″ with incredibly long toned legs, a magnificent high round tight butt, small but rounded hips, a pinched waist, flat toned abs, full generous breasts and long slender toned arms, her face was particularly pretty she had a cute/beautiful face, very feminine and youthful looking, even though she was 38 she could easily pass for mid-twenties.

“Well I hope you enjoy working here.” Amy told Tracee, “Since you are a temp, I know your stay here will be brief, but hopefully enjoyable.”

“Oh thank you, I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here.” Tracee said as she looked at Gerard who had his dark hair hanging in his face while he was feeding paper into the copier.

Tracee was enjoying working at the agency, she was the object of quite a few men’s lustful desires. The men at work always just happened to linger in front of the office she was working in, their loud laughs directed toward her hoping to stir her interest in their conversations and if that then in the very least she would look over at them.

She was more interested in Gerard, she noticed that he seemed to have a routine, at 10:20 every day he scurried down the hall then through the back stairwell and wherever he went he did not come back until at least 11:00. Curisosity got the better of her one day, so she snuck behind him, praying he would not know she was tailing him. She watched as he descended three levels of stairs, she leaned over the railing to watch and then he went out of the exit door, she ran down the steps and quietly opened it, only a tiny bit opened, and peeking through the slit saw him go into an office with a blackened out window. She walked over to that door and tried to see through the few scratched off streaks of black paint in the window to see him, she could barely make him out, but she heard paper shuffling and then unzipping of pants and then the familiar sound of a man whacking off. She wettened listening to that flesh slapping, skin moving sound as he masturbated. She reached under her skirt and felt her panty crotch, it was saturated, she moved her crotch to the side and started fingering herself. She was near orgasm when the door flew back and open and there was Gerard, standing there looking at her. Before she could think, he grabbed her arm and yanked her in the room. She was very scared and excited. He asked her what she had been doing. “Nothing, I was just standing there, I was lost, I’m new here.”

“I don’t believe you! I know you saw me and heard me!” Gerard angrily said through his gritted teeth.

Tracee started blushing, Gerard noticed and it aroused him, never in his life had he made a woman blush, yet here was a beauty turning red right in front of him.

Tracee became even more embarassed and suddenly she held herself under her skirt.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I have to pee, you frightened and embarassed me.”

Gerard had a flashback to when he was 9 years old and Angelina his 12 year old next door neighbor had squatted, pulled her panties to the side and peed after he had been chasing her threatening to beat her up. He remembered that back then he watched in amazement and arousal, first off that was the first bare pussy he had seen, and she was older than him and he loved watching that pale yellow liquid come out between her lips like a little fountain spray.

“Yeah, you have to piss?” he said, when he said “piss” it turned him on. “You can’t piss anywhere but here.” he said and he pointed to the garbage pail, he walked over and locked the door and stood off to the side of her.

“Should I take off all my clothes and pee?” Tracee asked feeling her pussy tighten and feeling her need to pee intensify.

Gerard was so excited hearing her say that, that he squeezed his restiffened cock in his pants and said, “Yes!”

So Tracee undressed, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it showing him her green lacy bra, her breasts were pushed up very high from the underwire, her breasts were so big, it almost looked like a little ass on her chest. She unzipped her skirt in the back and dropped it down to her ankles. Her beautiful “fuck me” legs stood long and taut. He eyed her green lace panties that matched her bra, there were just two very thin strips of satin material on her hips from her panties. She looked at Gerard and he was unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, she noticed lots of hair and his big dick was right there, no underwear, wow it looked sexy and raw. She ooozed out dewy wetness seeing that magnificent cock. She unhooked her bra in the back and the cups loosened their grips on her full breasts, then she pulled the straps off her shoulders and revealed her breasts to him, she had the pinkest areolae and nipples he had ever seen and her breasts were shockingly full and womanly, he squeezed his now completely out of his pants big, stiff dick. Tracee slipped her delicate fingers into the waistband of her green lacy panties and slowly pulled them down. She bent down the top of her head facing him, her breasts hanging down and she stepped out of her panties. She stood back up and lifted the sheet of her hair away from her face and off to her shoulder and sexily smiled. Gerard traced her sexy body shape with his eyes, he settled on her pussy, her pussy which was so warm and juicy and excited especially since Gerard was just staring there. He looked at her bare, hairless pussy and smacked his lips. She turned around and Gerard looked at her bare, perfect feminine ass, so tight, so round, so sexy, so damn oerfect. He jerked off some more, not too much, since he wanted to savor and enjoy her body as well as his eventual cumming.

Tracee walked over nude except for her black pumps and bent over the garbage pail and with her bare ass and pussy lips and her slender yet defined legs aimed right toward his horny eyes she dug out and discarded the papers. Her pussy was melting and eectrified because she was so erotically aware of her own nudity, it excited her that she was completely nude, in that office three floors below all those unaware workers and that Gerard was ready to bust a nut. It was too exciting. She purposely swayed her ass as she pulled the crumpled and wrinkled and balled up papers out. Gerard wanted to run over and hump her ass and fuck her pussy deep and hard, he wanted to feel her all over he just knew her skin was like satin and warm, but he restrained himself, he wanted to see her piss.

She stood back up and held the garbage can and walked over to him, it was a short garbage pail. “I’ll do it here,” she said,”that way you can walk around me and watch me pee from the front, sides and back.” She smiled hornily.

Gerard was so aroused by her thoughfulness and he fast as could be removed his pants, he stood there, shirt unbuttoned at the bottom, his dick stiff and the pre-cum lubing up his head, he held tightly onto his cock and he watched as she spread her legs around the pail, first she rubbed inside her pussy slit, those slender two fingers rubbing on that bare pussy skin, redenning it up, then she peed, first it was little drips, she felt shy, but she finally released her yellow stream, the sound of it splashing in th
e pail excited them both, he watched her piss and loved it, she teased him and let him know sh
e had muscle control when she stopped peeing mid-stream, by this time Gerard was behind her, he looked and saw her ass was spread apart at the hips and he looked right under her crack to see her yellow pee come out in a thin sexy stream. To see her waist pulled in, her hips slightly splayed out, her perfect ass cheeks widened and that pee come out it was the ultra feminine display and was the biggest turn on to him. All he kept saying over and over was “Shit, that’s hot!” Tracee did her peeing and stopping a few times, then she finished.

“Uh oh, no toilet paper to wipe my wee-weed on pussy.” Tracee giggled. Gerard came over and using his hand he wiped her, back and forth her warm wet pussy was massaged with his long bony but warm and soothing fingers. She reached over to Gerard’s cock and started pulling on it. He moaned, this was the first woman that had touched his cock in 8 years, he had fantasized about being with a woman for so long that he moaned and yowled like an animal. As he made those sounds Tracee peed a little more just a few drips but enough that he felt it. “Shit, shit, shit!” Gerard moaned.

By now Tracee’s pussy was on fire and in deep need of his big hard dick’s attention. Gerard had almost cum at least three times, he had incredible self-control, but he knew he was not going to hold back for long.

And then Tracee said it, “Fuck me! Fuck me now Gerard!! Slide that big, horny, sexy cock of yours in my pussy she’s hungry, she needs you!!” and she turned her back to him opened her legs and put her hands on her bare thighs and waited.

Gerard saw that and knew he was going to give her the ride of her life. He removed his shirt, his chest was thin and pale but toned, he was lithe but tight. His dick however was super impressive all that long black thick hair surrounding it and still his dick was very big and long, the head was nice and spongy and red. He got behind Tracee and first just rubbed her back, over and over, purposely ignoring her pussy which made her get even juicier than ever. He waited then ran his hand over her cheeks, down her crack and finally her pussy, he knelt down and opened her lips and blew inside of them, she moaned and giggled, a sweet little girly like feminine giggle,he loved hearing that so he blew some more, she giggled again then he licked and lapped at her pussy, her knees slightly buckled at his tongue-action, he loved that he did that to her. And then quickly he stood up and bent at his knees and not even touching his dick he shoved himself deep in her teeny, wet, hot hole filling her up and spreading her open. “Ohhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh.” she moaned, Gerard grunted and he fucked her as hard and fiercely as he could, her pussy was practically orgasming with every thrust, his dick was so hard and horny that Tracee could feel its energy in her pussy and she had waves of intense sexual pleasure mingled with just a hint of pain because of his bigness, her body was releasing endorphins. He started doing all the way in and all the way out fucks. Her pussy would shrink after he pulled completely out and then he would shove his dick right back in and feel her tightness and squishy wetness. He came pretty fast and he did it when he was pulling out, he felt his dick releasing and could not hold back so as he came he re-rammed back in her. He grabbed her in the front around her hip bones and just rocked her tight back against him. They moved sensually like that his cum swimming around the deep chamber of her pussy, her pussy muscles pulsating and massaging his cock, their hearts pounding from their excitement. They were fulfilled and spent.

They dressed quickly, they never even kissed. In silence they walked fast up the steps and back to their respective offices.

Amy came into Tracee’s office later that day to show her a few reports when she looked and saw Gerard, “Oh brother, will you look at him, again with the sniffing of his fingers, what the hell is wrong with that guy?”

Tracee looked and smiled and said, “I dunno, I think it’s sweet!”

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