All The King’s Wives

This story follows the servant girl, Rowan. Dark hair, light skinned, curvy build, blue eyes, 36DD, 5’8″.

She had been kidnapped. Thrown into the back of a wooden cart, bound and gagged. The royal crest on the back of the tunic of the man driving the cart was a shock to her, but Rowan did not know what to make of it. She had committed no crime, nor had she been told the purpose of her seizure. She simply lay in the cart, her simple green serving gown smudged with dirt where she made contact with the cart. When she tried to stretch, the soldier across from her in the cart started. Realizing she was awake, he knocked her out.

When she awoke hours later, her serving gown had been replaced with a simple strip of cloth across her ample breasts, and a sheer floor-length skirt with a slit up the side to her waist. She marched around her cell, banging on the bars and the walls until a nearby soldier came to her. “What is the meaning of this?!” she hollered. It was received with a grin. “Fire in you. His majesty will like that.” He unlocked her cell and clapped her wrists in irons, securing a chain to them and pulling her out. She fought him every step of the way. Eventually, he picked her up over his shoulder, the cold of his steel bracers making her shiver. He carried her for what seemed like an eternity before she heard the telltale sound of a key turning a lock. He threw her inside and locked the door on his way out. Again, she pounded on every surface within reach. “LET ME OUT!” she cried, but to no avail. The irons eventually made it too hard for her to keep pounding. When she sank to the floor, a voice sounded behind her. “Are you done?” Before she knew it, Rowan was being tossed onto a bed face-down, her chain hooked at the headboard. She began to panic. “Let me go. Please. I don’t know what this is about, please let me go. Please.” The male voice laughed. “I will do no such thing.” Strong hands tied cloth over her eyes, and bound her feet at either side of the bed. The cloth from her breasts was roughly torn away as Rowan felt a body slide into place underneath her. She struggled, but to no avail. Hands gripped her breasts roughly, a mouth licked and bit her nipples painfully until she cried out. “Stop it!” He reached down to her waist and ripped off her skirt, rubbing her outer lips until he felt moisture. He thrust in two fingers, pushing them in and out of her hard and fast, reveling in her tightness. “oh ho, a virgin. How…sweet.” He pulled his fingers out and Rowan breathed a sigh of relief. She hoped it was over, but knew better than to assume so. “Please stop. I’ll do anything you want. Please.” She tried to kick and get free, but he moved between her legs from behind, gripping her hips tightly in his hands. “I know you will.” Without warning, he thrust himself inside her to the hilt. She started to cry, biting her lip to stay silent. He thrust and thrust hard and fast, letting the blood run freely down her thigh. “You are…to be my….newest….bride…” he kept a steady rhythm. “And when i….cum inside….it will be official…” She gasped and screamed again. “NO! NOT INSIDE! PLEASE!” She pulled away sharply, twisting out of his grasp. He growled and slapped her ass, pulling her back towards him and thrusting again, over and over. Faster and faster. She felt him tense and tried to pull away, but he was gripping her too tightly. He came, filling her completely. He pulled out, laughing. She cried harder, deep, loud sobs. He came to her head and forced his cock into her mouth. “Clean it,” he commanded. She bit down on him. He slapped her face, and she let go. “Insolent little whore!” He went back to her aft end and began stroking himself against her. He released her hands, pulling her arms behind her back as he forced his cock deep into her ass. But Rowan refused to cry anymore. She held her tongue, biting down on her lip once more. Again, he thrust hard, but did not care if she bled. She finally tore and screamed, begging for mercy. He laughed. “Fine.” He pulled out of her ass and pushed into her pussy once more, pounding her hard until he came again. He threw her down onto the mattress.

“Take her to the others. Let them deal with her.” he ordered. Two soldiers came to her sides and released her bonds, but she was limp in their arms. She passed out before she even left that chamber.

This time she woke up on something soft and comforting. Tender hands massaged her all over, but never her private areas. She opened her eyes to beautiful long-haired maidens, smiling gently at her. Most of them were red-headed or blonde. Some sat farther off, others up close. Two White-Haired twins massaged her body, while the only brunette stood over her. None wore clothes. Looking around, she took in the fact that she was no longer inside. She was outside, in a luscious garden. Ornaments, benches, hammocks, and flowers of all kinds were everywhere. Most seats were full, and all eyes were on her. She blushed heavily. “No need to be embarrassed, my child. We are all together in love and peace here. We will not harm you,” the brunette assured her.


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