An old school friend

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I’m on my way to visit an old school friend Susan, I remember as kids we had sort of dated for a while — well No not really I thought – we always just hung around together, then her father got a job up north and she and her family moved, we kept in touch for a while, but then we lost contact until recently we found each other again online on FB.
The weather is terrible it’s raining heavy, I don’t like driving in the rain, yet today I was in a cheerful mood.
I’m driving down the road thinking of the last time we met so many years ago, we had some fun times together as kids, I especially remember the last time we met. It was the day before she moved, we had taken a walk together, it started raining, we ran for cover, we were both soaked through to the skin and we took shelter in a barn. Oooh yes that’s when I saw your naked body the first naked girl I’d seen OMG you were like an angel I so loved you, it’s these memories that must be making me so cheerful. It’s like I talking to her in my head.  Do You remember?  You on one side of some hay bays and me on the other we had taken off our wet clothes, I was in my under pants, I pass you my coat the one I had been carrying ha-ha. I did not mean to look but could not help myself, you were naked, you blushed I returned to my side of the hay bales and you laughed saying “I hope you like what you saw I pretended I had not seen you saying I had my eyes closed. When it stopped raining your skirt and top had not dried you wore only my long coat, with panties and bra, you snuck into the house and ran upstairs throwing my jacket down to me that was the last time I saw you. What a memory the last time I saw you was naked and then a glimpse of your lovely little panty clad ass as you ran into the bedroom.

Nearly there I think to myself not long before I see my long lost angel again! I wonder how much you have changed not a lot by the looks of your FB profile. I remember how we chatted online and you reminded me of our last meeting we laughed because you said I had been so childish jumping in puddles splashing around like a big Kid all the way home, I had reminded you we were both kids only 16 at the time and anyway you had done enough splashing around also. We had chatted about our loves since we last met. Online you had been very interested with my life with June my wife, Jane her sister and Steve her husband.  You had never married but had spent some time with 3 men all relationships had failed badly; you said at the moment you had a lover Diane and that you were exploring your Bi side at and that you were very happy together.

I get a text from you my hands free jumps into action and I listen to your message to let me know how far away you are I’m just popping to the shops for something for lunch, careful when you arrive the village road has some floods Blood weather !
I recall your number and press dial.
“Hi Sue I’m about 5mins away I’ll pick you up where do you want me to meet you?”  You start to answer “at the shops near, you stupid bastard OMG some nob-head has just driven by and covered me from head to foot with muddy water he did that on purpose driving through that flood water, Hurry up babes I’m cold and wet and need to get home before I catch my death of cold.
I pull up at the spot you are waiting; I jump out give you a quick kiss on the cheek then wrap you in the large fleece blanket I keep in the car. You get in to the car I’m about to get in when you spot a car speeding towards us watch out that’s the Nob-head who splashed me! – It’s too late a large wave of muddy water covers me from head to foot, the door of my car protects me slightly but I’m still wet.
Laughing you say “the last time we were together we were both wet it must be fate we get together like this again”. On our way to you house you are wriggling around under the blanket “what are you doing” I ask? Just getting these wet clothes of my trousers they are soaked and feels uncomfy don’t worry you will not see anything you not seen before!”  I see a small glimpse of panties as she pulls down her jeans they were lacy white and I could see the shape of her pussy lips pushing against them.  “Very nice I said bit sexier than the last time I saw you ummm blue big girl school panties if I remember correctly. I look into my drivers mirror Susan is blushing, we both are blushing a little she because of what I have just said and me because I see she a caught a glimpse of my stiffness that has stirred in my pants. Umm baby she says see he’s still glad to see me, just like the last time, you had to choke the poor bugger when you saw me naked in that bar. You saw me I asked How? She recalls I remember chatting while our clothes dried you said – you had your eyes closed when you passed your jacket – yet I saw you looking at me, then I watched you through a gap between 2 bales of ha. You were stood there with your cock in your hand OMG you were pumping away like mad man/boy – hahaha – I wanted you so much that day but was too shy to say anything. I sat rubbing my clit until I came, Twice in fact before you shot you love juice into that pile of hay oh yes I saw you !!
We are here you announce at you bungalow, we go inside.
Once inside we go to the kitchen Susan opens the washer door and puts the dirty wet trousers she had taken off in the car inside she then slips off the fleece she had been covered with and throws it to me covering my head laughing as she did. I took off the fleece Susan was bending over putting her wet top into the washer she stood up turned and said like what you see ? Or have you got your eyes shut again hahaha – with this she takes of her lacy bra and puts that into the washer.
Ummm very nice I say very nice you are slightly bigger than I remember you boobs have grown since I last saw them. I see her tight little ass covered in those silky little panties, she stays bent over puts a finger inside the waist band and pulls them down wriggling her sweet tight ass as she does then puts them into the washer. I see a glimpse of her ass hole and pussy lips still tight and looking just as sweet as I remember my cock starts to stir in my pants again, I want to touch them but don’t, no I think control yourself – but it was so tempting I really wanted to feels her No NO I best not!!
Now naked Susan turns to me OMG you are beautiful I say more of an angel than last time I saw you naked – Come on then your turn lets have you out of those wet cloths can’t have you sitting around in those, Your wife would not be happy if you go home either like that either they are so muddy.
I slowly strip down to my boxers passing my wet muddy cloths to Susan she puts them in the washer Well come on lets have them also pointing at my boxers she says omg you are blushing again, don’t tell you are embraced that you have a Bonner!!  from what you told me about your relationship with your wife, sister and hubby you can’t be shy Come on!! Let’s see what you are hiding under those I stand there you laugh and say Well if you are not going to take them off looks like I will have to do it for you!! With this Susan kneels in front of me grabs my boxer shorts and quickly pulls them down. Oooh baby like I’m not the only one who has grown up this is bigger than I remember, she touches my cock then leans forward and kisses it on the tip licking it then taking it fully in her mouth and sucking the pre-come from my excited cock.
Ummm for years I have wanted to do this I did want you that day in the barn.  You have one luck wife she must love riding this cock such a pity she is not here I had such plans for today, OH yes I ask.
Standing Susan Grabbing me by my stiff hard tool Susan says Oh Yes!! Come with me I’ll tell you all about it, looks like I will have to make do with just the 2 of us this time – maybe June could join us next time we get together?
Stood by what I see was the bedroom door Susan lets me go then walks over to the Bed come on then let’s have you in here I need you so badly.

To be continued..

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