Angie's Bedroom Part One

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As I walked into Angie’s bedroom she welcomed me with a warm smile and I immediately felt right at home. “How are you dear?” Angie asked as I wandered into the room.
“I’m great thankyou.”
“Look around you Tiphany. There is a queen sized bed, a dressing table with big mirrors, a chest and a couple of chairs. There is a shower cabinet and a wash basin – and through that door there is a toilet with a WC and a bidet. There is a lattice window – looking out over my little walled garden..” I wondered how she thought the bedroom really looked colourwise and texturally so I asked her “how does it make you feel when you’re in here?”
“Tiphany, do you like my duvet!” As she exclaimed I wondered at the exquisitly embroidered oriental paintings that covered the entirity of her bed. It was like a persian rug – with borders and a central lozenge. “The walls are painted in a golden yellow – and there is a pale brown wall-to-wall carpet. I’m not sure how it makes me feel but I do know that I feel lovely and warm when you’re in here with me to share my thoughts and my touch.” I beamed a gorgeous smile back at her taking in the golden gown she wore that loosely covered her body, like silk. And the pair of glistening gold ear studs against her auburn locks. At that point I noticed her emerald eyes on mine as though she was eating her way down my body, consuming it in tiny morsels. I was dressed in a long white, silky slip with rougĂ© satin french panties that were clearly visible through it.
“Mmmmm, you are delicious Tiphany, but I would like to see you without the slip and panties.” Angie said with a sparkle in her eye.
“I guess you’re going to have to take them off me then.” She took it as slow and sensually as I had hoped, lifting the hem of my slip, up and over my head. I felt the soft silky material across my breasts then wondered if it had not been her delicate fingers gliding over them instead. She folded it carefully and put it on a chair nearby. “Mmmmmm.” She grinned. “Your breasts are lovely.” I thanked her. Even though I could feel my cheeks turning a rosy hue just as the cool air surrounded my nipples, I breathed in the essence of her beautiful scent and would have almost swooned if it was not for Angie’s hands on my hips and her thumbs inside the top of my panties as she gently pulled them down; over my soft creamy thighs, around my knees and then all the way down to my violet painted toenails allowing me to step out of them. She put the crotch of my panties up to her face breathing in my sweet musky smell, then simply tossed them onto the chair nearby.
I stood there with my legs just touching, my arms resting by my sides and my hands lightly resting on the tops of my thighs. A slight shiver ran through my naked body as I surveyed Angie’s, when I looked up and into her eyes she was gazing at mine. She reached out to hold my hands so I clasped her precious little hands in mine and she drew me into her body with a soft kiss. Our lips melted as we stood there completely naked kissing for what seemed seconds possibly minutes, releasing her hands I let them wander up her body to her shoulders caressing her neck a little then holding her face as our kiss turned slightly more daring and our hands fondled one anothers buttocks. I caressed the small of her back with my right hand still holding her face gently in the other. I could feel myself warming to her touch as I became light and dreamy-like. When our lips parted, I realised I had become so aroused a throbbing sensation could be felt throughout my body.
“Come and join me on the bed darling.” Angie whispered. So I followed this wonderfully gentle woman across to the bed where I immediately sat down letting my right hand rest upon Angie’s thigh.
“Lie down my love, and I’ll lie beside you.” As she motioned for me to do so I leaned back and let my aurburn hair fall around my shoulders as my head came to rest on a pillowy cushion, and my body against hers. I could feel her warmth radiating towards me and a loving gentleness that reminded me of a nuturing place. I was laying on my right side facing her full breasts and trimmed pussy and her luscious lips, when Angie wrapped her left arm around my back then drew me in closer to her beautiful face. “Mmmm. You have wonderful long auburn hair, Tiphany.” She said as her face met mine. I felt her warm moist lips on mine and melted under her touch as she started to kiss my sweet face. Angie kissed my nose, my eyes, my cheeks before returning to my delicious lips. I parted them slightly allowing her tongue to dance with mine as her fingertips skipped across my back and along my sides sending me into shivers of delight.
“I love tongue play and I’m very fortunate as I love the taste of your saliva.” She whispered. I let my left leg slide underneath her pussy, as my pussy found one of her thighs, we breathed little sounds of delight as our bodies hummed with excitement, and so I felt her pressing her thigh against my pussy and rocking it gently as though she were fucking me with it. I did the same to her taking turns in thigh fucking before our mouths returned as one and her lips pressed over the lobe of my right ear whispering “I’m so glad I met you Tiphany, really I am.” I just smiled back at her bringing my left hand up to her neck and letting it caress the sensitive area just under her hair. I felt her body tingle as I did so and she pushed her thigh into my pussy some more continuing to let me ride her leg joyously. I slid my other hand down to her pussy and traced the outside as best I could from this angle, my thumb found a curl of hair of which I began to toy with. My fingers on discovering a way inside the mound of red pubic hair teased her clitoris before pulling away and coming to rest on her inner thigh instead.

(To be Continued…)

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