Anita's perversion

My name is Anita and I’m a 27-year-old computer programer.
I won’t go into the boring details of my job since I hate it and all that comes with it (exept the money). The hours are partculary bad since I set up workstations for financial companies (banks, trade, stock market type things) and I have to do that at night so I won’t “mess” up the anal rutine of the financial world.
I’ve been doing this job for about 3 years and at first the money got the best of me and all I ever thought about was getting in a many hours as possible to get a fat paycheck at the end of the month.
Now I’d rather get less money but more time off.
Well you win some and loose some.

About 3 months ago the only interesting thing to happen to me in a long long time happened.
To set the scene for you I’ll describe myself and tell you what I was doing.
I’m 5’7″ and about 120 lbs.
I feel a bit skinny at times but everybody tells me I look good.
The reason I feel skinny is that my waist is only 26 inches but my tits are 39 inches, so I look a bit like a barbie, I think.
I have wavy light brown hair with a few golden high-lights in it and emerald green eyes. I’m told I look a bit like Jennifer Lopez and I have to admit that turns me on!!

Well that particular night I was arriving at a financial company that is controled by young people, wiz-kids of the computer and financial markets.
I’m up on the 17th floor and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.
This is in the beginning of may and it’s getting hot and steamy in the city.
I was wearing a baby-blue tank top, cropped just below my big tits and skin-thight red hot pants and strappy platforms that made me around 6’2″ I think. I was hell on high-heels if you ask me J
I have never been for formal “work” outfits if you ask me. I like looking sexy and I show what I’ve got! What’s the reason for having it if you don’t??

Ok back to the hot and steamy office……
I walk in to the computer central and sit down to work.
After about 30 minutes of pounding away on my keyboard I’m finished.
I look at the clock and see it’s only 3.30…..
– damn, I think, and I was going to bill them for at least 3 hours
– well, I’ll stay here and have a look around, go on the internet and get some porn, I love that.
I started walking around the officefloor and I was kinda looking for someone, ’cause, when I got in the alarm wasn’t on the floor, and that usually means someone is still workin’ his/hers ass off.
I finish scaning the cubicles and find no-one.
So I go back to the the cc (computer central).
– well someone just forgot to put the alarm on before I came.
I start surfing the net for some hardcore porn and find a site that I find interesting….
Male teens.
I love young men. That is my perversion.
I like white, black, asian, latino, indians what ever. Just as long as they are under 21.
Young men are so eager to please and with the right training they are so good.
The best thing I know is if they are virgins. Hairless, beardless, jerk off 5 times a day virgins.
I have had young men from every walk of life lick my pussy. Rich as hell, poor as dirt and everything in between.
My friends younger brothers, my sisters friends and boyfriends, pizza delivery boys, sons of my parents friends and even sons of my own (older) friends!!!

As I looked at the pictures of those young men, 16-21 years old, I started getting hot.
Since I was pretty sure I was alone on the floor, I pulled my vibration panty out of my bag.
The panty is just like a g-string but instead of a triangle shaped piece of material at the front, mine has a butterfly shaped clitoris vibrator!!
I carry those with me where ever I go since they are 95% noise free and I can slipp them on every where!
I’ve even had them on in a wedding!! And after the wedding I had the grooms 18 year old brother lick my wet pussy in the reception hall and fuck me in the parkinglot!
Well, I slipped of my hot pants and put the vibrator on, got back into the hot pants if anyone would come and discover me.
I sit on the chair getting all hot and bothered and really horny looking at those boys fucking girls, women, men and each other and I’m coming big time!!!
I pull my tank top up over my big tits and I start sqeasing my nipples.
I feel as my cuntlips pull togeather and sqease the empty voide, that is my un-fucked vagina.
I jerk back and forth on the chair and let out a faint moan…… aahhaa I’m coming I say to myself.
After my orgasm has subsided and I start composing myself, I hear a faint clapping sound. I turn around in horror and discover a young man in a worn t-shirt and faded jeans standing in the doorway!!!!
– That was fantastic!! I have never seen such a vision of utter perfection in my life! He said calmly. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen!
I was a bit taken aback by his words. No man, what ever his age, has ever talked to me in that way.
Thoughts raced through my mind….. is he mad? Propably not. Is he cute? Yes! Is he young? Yes!
So the most natural thing in the world to say, was:
– will you lick my pussy?
– Yes, yes, yes!!!! I’d love that!! I have never licked a cunt before and I would just love my first cunt to be yours!!
– Good, I said with a bit of play in my voice, is there something else you have never done?
The poor boy went red, white and blue in the face.
– well… I’ve never had sex and never gotten a blow job and never…..
– stop!! I said forcefully. You are in fact a virgin?
– More than that, the poor boy said, I’ve never even french kissed a girl!
– Are you serious??!! I almost yelled. Why?!?!
– Well, I’m a bit of a computer nerd and I’ve been working for this company for 3 years and before that….. Well I was too young and not intrested in anything but computers!
– How old are you anyways?
– If I tell you, can I still lick your sweet pussy?
– YES!! I replied, not letting on how incedibly horny I was getting from this conversation. A real live virgin, even more of a virgin than any I’d had before! My pussy was crying out for some piece of action!!!
– Well, I’ll tell you when I’ve started on you, OK?
– Hmmm…… I don’t know. Are you under 18? I’d rather not indulge in felony in the office, so if you are under age…… we can go to the parkinglot or to my place, I said in a soft tone. If he was in fact under age he’d probably not tell me anyway. He might be afraid I’d back off.
– No I’m over 18, he said slowly.
Damn!! I thought, well he’s under 25 and that’s good enough for me.
– can I now lick you out?
– Can Jlo sing? Get started at once!!!!
He obviously liked being controled, because he started groping for the zipper on my hot pants and trying to pull my top of at the same time.
– slow down, mister!! You are not going to come all over my tits as soon as you see them? Right? Most boys I’ve had have to start licking before they can look at those bombshells or they come all over them!!
– Oh?!?!?! OK, I’ll start on your pussy….
MAN, OH MAN!! I thought. Am I going to get a good fuck tonight or what??!!!
He started by removing my pants and then he saw the “butterfly”.
– oh so this is why you didn’t use your hands when you were coming!! This is neat!!
He unfastened the “butterfly” from my clit and put it up under his nose to smell my cunt juice.
– this is the best smell I have ever smelled!! He said. You have a real sweet and spicy pussy! It’s sort of like sugar and indian cooking!!! But not the sour kind!!
– Thank you! Now I don’t know if I’m supposed to be hurt or mad or happy!!! Can you explain this to me??
– Well I love indian cooking! And I think your pussy smells like the greatest tikka masala I have ever come accros!!!
– This is good then??
– Oh yes!!!
– Then stop smelling and start eating!!!
He started by licking all the juices of my previous orgasm of my cuntlips and tighs. Then he realy got to work! He sucked on my lips and flicked his tongue over my clit. My juices started flowing again and I started moaning loudly.
– where did you learn this? You said you were a virgin!!! You’re not!! You’re a pro!!
– I think I must be a natural talent!!! He said, his voice muted by my cunt.
– Oh yes…..oh yes…. Do me good sweet thing!! I cried out.
I was in heaven!! This boy was making me come harder and faster then any man I’ve ever had!!
– oh god, he said, you taste better then I ever dreamed of!! Cunt juice is from now on my favorit drink!!! Are you coming??
– What do you think???? I nearly screamed!!! Oh yeah…oh yeah baby I’m coming so hard!!! I love this…. You are so good at this!!!
I swayed my hips in rhythm to his licking and the thrusting of his tongue in my pussy! All of a sudden I was coming all over his face and I was coming harder than I’d ever done before!!!!
– I’m coming….. I’m coming….. I’m coming, I moned over and over again! Give it to me you bad, bad, boy!!!!
– Yes come for me baby, he urged my orgasm on with his voice and the movements of his mouth.
And then it happened! I got the most powerfull orgasm I’d ever gotten in my entire life!!! I thrashed about wildly and almost fell of the chair I was sitting in!!
Then he started sucking on my cunt and my orgasm didn’t stop!! I just cept on coming and coming!!!!
– oh horny girl, he said, you are a horny bitch aren’t you?!!!?
– Yes I’m a horny bitch!!!! I jelled in my throws of extacy. I’m your bitch…. I’m your horny little bitch.
Usually when I take on younger men I like to be in control and would never let anybody call me a bitch unless he was at least 23!! But this one was different!! He had that master-slave quality I like in a man. I was quite willing to be his little slavegirl!!!! And I had thought he wanted to be bossed around!!! How wrong was I??!
When my waves of orgasm subsided, I felt the need for a good, wholesome fuck. But first I wanted to know the age of my dutiful stalion.
– so now you want to tell me your age?
– Oh… do I have to? Well ok! As a matter of fact I just turned 18 two days ago!! Will you go away now??? Am I too young for you??
– NO WAY!! You are just the right age!! I love young men!! I’m just glad you aren’t older!!
– Really???!! Fantasic!!! Can I see your tits now?
I realised he had been so into licking my cunt that he had totally forgotten about my huge breasts! This was a first! Usually men were so hung up about my tits that they hardly gave a damn about my hungry cunt!!
– yes you can!!
I removed my tank top and let my big guns free.
– oh my god!! Your tits are even bigger than the ones in the porn movies I watch!! Are they real??
– Well real and not real!! I don’t have implants, but I had them “fixed” because they are so big. I had them made a bit perkier than they were.
– I love them!!! Can I suck on your nipples??
– Sure thing baby. But be gentle, I get very horny if you suck on them too hard!!
He started easy but as my nipples got harder and harder, he got hornier and hornier. He was sucking away and I was all hot’n bothered!
– I want to suck on your cock now. Is it big?
– Well I don’t know. It’s not as big as the porn flicks but big enough I think.
– Well let me see. I have pretty good experience in judgeing cocks!!
He pulled his jeans down and was, to my surprise, not wearing any underware!! His dick was hard as a steel bar and the head was glistening with pre-cum.
– you are deluted if you think it’s not big!!!! I said as I saw the 10 inch pecker infront of my face!! It’s quite big enough to give a girl a good ride!! Infact it’s much bigger than an avrage cock!!!
– Really?? How nice to know!! Are you going to give me a blow-job?
– Oh yes I am!! I love sucking cock and I’ve heard I give the best head on this side of the atlantic!!
– Oh wow!!!
I started licking the pre-cum of the head and it tasted fresh but a bit salty. He obviously just had a shower.
– how long since you last jerked off? I asked.
– About 7 hours. Why? Is that bad?
– No not at all. If it would be longer since you jerked-off you’d probably come as soon as I start sucking!!
I traced my long nails down his dick. The veins stuck out and made a nice pattern on his shaft. I started licking up and down his penis and groping his balls in my palm. They were heavy and big. After a while he started moaning loudly.
– you’re not coming, are you? I asked in a sugar-sweet voice.
– NO WAY!! I want to feel your mouth close around my prick. This is just so erotic. Looking at your tounge and lips on my dick is the sexiest sight I’ve ever seen. This is so much better than I imagined!!!!
I looked into his eyes as I slid my tounge over the big head of his cock and then in one downward thrust, I took him all into my mouth.
– damn girl…. You are good!!! I have to think about cars and sports to stop from blowing my load into your wet, sexy mouth!!!!
– Good!! That’s the way it’s supposed to be!! I smiled as I plunged down on his dick again.
I flicked my tounge over his frenuleum as my mouth slid down his shaft again and again. I sucked and licked and nibbled on his big dick. Man, I love cocks!! I started getting wetter and wetter.
– hand me my “butterfly” I’m going to come again in a little while, I said as I took his cock out of my mouth.
– NO!! I’m not letting you come untill I get to fuck that sweet cunt of yours!! I don’t think I can take anymore of this sucking!! I want to fuck you honey and I want to fuck you now!!!!
– OK!! But first I want you to look at the pictures I was masturbating over before you came. You’re going to look at the pics I find most erotic and then you’ll do me in the same way!!!
– OK. Show me those pics you dirty slut and I’ll give you a good fucking!!
I stood up. I was still wearing my platform shoes and my tank-top was still on. I pulled it of and was bending down to take of my shoes, but he stopped me.
– NO, wear the shoes!! I find you so sexy in them. You look like a cheap whore in them and I get so horny thinking about it!!!
– OK, but you take your clothes off. I like to see what I’m fucking in the nude!
He peeled his t-shirt off. It was wet from the heat out side and the heat in us. It also had a bit of cuntjuice on the front!! He had a great body! He wasn’t taned but not all white from being inside an office all day. This man worked out and looked after himself, that was obvious!! We then sat down infornt of the computer and I showed him the pics I’d been looking at.
– you do like younger men, don’t you!!
– Yes I do. I think they are sexier and hornier than grown ups and I like my men horny and hot. And you fit that description well!!!
– I also like hot and horny women!! And you have the greatest body I’ve seen!! You’re a sexy woman.
In the pictures young men were fucking girls, women, each other, jerking-off and sucking cunts and cocks. It’s rather hard finding porn for women on the internet. Most of the sites with men are gay-sites or if they are straight, they are intended for men and have beutifull women being fucked by ugly, fat, old men!!! I hate that!! But I had found some sites that were good and went to the often.
– mmmm…. I like this one, he said, looking at a pic of a teen male fucking a woman my age!!
– Yeah? So do I! This is so sexy. Look at the way he’s pounding her pussy!!
– And that one, he said, were the boy is fingering her asshole as he licks her cunt!! That’s another thing I’d like to try!!
– You are a true life virgin and I love that!! I want to teach you everything!! Even ass-licking and fucking!! I do like that!! I love having a cock up my cunt and a vibrator in my ass-hole!! The full double cock penetration is some thing I have yet to try!!!!
– Really???? If you like me and we can meet again after tonight, I have a friend that is also a virgin!!! I think he would be just as happy as me to meet you!!!
– GOD!!!! Two virgin cocks!!!! I honestly thought that no boys over 13 were virgins anymore!!!!
– Well you came to the right place!! I know at least 3 more boys who work here and are virgins!!! And some girls! Nerds are usually not all that popular!!! And we often think more about out PC’s than our sexlife!!!!
– I’m in heaven!!!! I must be!!
We continued looking at the pics in silence. I was getting hornier and hornier and so was he.
– OK I can’t take this anymore!! I need to fuck you and I need to fuck you hard!!!!!!
– OK let’s do it!!!
He turned to me and leaned over. I thought he was going to suck my tits again but he dived for my soaking wet cunt! I moved to the brink of my seat and he plunged his tounge into my canal!!
– Oh damn! I’m going to come in a second!!!! Fuck me now!!! I yelled
– Oh yeah I’ll fuck you!!!
He drew me up from the chair and lifted me up to the table. Then he thrust his big cock into my pussy!
– hot damn!!!! I’m going to come in an instant!!! Oh god!!! This is the greatest feeling on earth!!! My first time lover was panting and grunting as he pounded my tight cunt!
– OOOHHH!!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!! FUCK ME!!! I screemed!
– Yeah baby…..oh you whore….oh….oh… OH YEAH!!!!!
He pushed and pulled his dick in and out of my wet and slippery cunt. I was in extacy! This was the best fuck I’d ever had!!! Man, I thought, this is his first time and he still outranks all my previous lovers!!! He is a natural fuck machine!!!!
– I’m coming…. I’m coming!!!! I panted.
– Me to!!! Can I come on your tits??? Please, please let me come over your fantastic big knockers!!! Oh baby can I??
– You have to make me come first!!!! Fuck me you stalion, fuck me!!! Fuck me good…. Oh yeah oh yes…. Yes…yes….yes!!!!!!! I screamed as I came harder and harder!!!! I came again and again!!!! This boy was incredible!!!
– Oh I can’t hold it anymore!!!!! He yelled as he pulled his dick out of my cunt and sprayed his come all over my tits and belly!!!
As we crumbled to the floor in the throws of extacy, I managed to ask
– what’s your name?
– I’m Brian. And you?
– Anita.
– How old are you Anita?
– I’m 27. Do you mind me being 9 years older than you?
– NO not at all. You are one sexy and wild woman, and I think after looking at those young men and older women and getting so hot and horny, that I like older women!!!
– This is a perfect match then!! I said playfully
– Can we do this again?
– Well ofcourse! But after you told me about your friend that is also a virgin, I haven’t stoped thinking about having you both fucking me!! Will you have him join us the next time?
– Well I’d really like to have you to myself for a bit, but after I fuck you again I’ll have him come with me and you can have the both of us!! How does that sound? I’m afraid you’ll never let me fuck you again if you get to have the both of us right away!!!
– NO WAY!! I wouldn’t do that!! You are the best fuck I’ve ever had and I’m not willing to give that up so fast!! How about I give you my number and you call me tomorrow?
– Sure thing!! I’m looking forward to it already!!
– OK! Let’s say you don’t tell your friend about this right away and we plan to seduce him later on?
– Cool!! I’m game for that!!
– Ok then. Now you go along and I expect you to call me tomorrow?
– OK. And Anita…. Thanks.
– You are so welcome!!!!
He dressed and left and I dressed as well. Things were certenly looking up for me! My perversion was looking to get fullfilled for a while now and my horniest dreams were looking to come true. Damn. I’m a lucky girl!! I think I’ll bill this company for the half an hour I worked AND for the 2 hours I was fucking Brians brain out!!! Work and play is such a nice combination!!!! And I’ll tell you about the rest after he calls me tomorrow!!!!!

Hugs and kisses,

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