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Roller-coaster ride for 2

Well, you see, I have this problem. . I like trills (all kinds), but I hate to see a lady scared. Only one solution if I want them both at the same time…..
I know this little out-of-town amusement-park, and had saved-up money and asked the manager to keep it open a little while longer – just for the two of us.
With us the only two on it, the basket to the roller coaster starts rolling on the straightaway. I plant a gentle kiss on your cheek, and tell you to hold on to me. As we start the long ride on the first loop, I place my hand on your knee (with you holding onto it). I tell you that “Daddy has everything under control.”. As you start to look at the side (in the distance) and realize how far we are in the air, you begin to grip my hand ever so tighter. You look at me, trying to hold back tears of fear, and I tell you that I would jump from here before allowing anything to happen to you.
When you look down at my hand for reassurance, you realize that my hand is sitting on the inside of your inner thigh. You can’t help but also notice that your hand is still sitting on mine (which tells you that, subconsiously, you want mine there). You begin to relax as the car slows on the top of the hill. as that car strattles the hill for a second or two, you fell a tingle on your lips down there….only to look down and see that your hand is letting go of mine, as my second finger circles the outer lips of your womanhood.
Just as you begin to settle your head against my shoulder, the car lurches forward….
When you swear to yourself that your going to die on this ride (and your not sure which ride that is), as you look straight down at the earth below, you have this euphoria that you just can’t explain….as the earth approaches you faster and faster…. You look into my eyes and stare with that look that says “If it is to be, it is to be”.
You feel my finger circling inside you, while I tenderly chew on your hair and knibble your ear….never mindful of the doom you saw plunging to the earth just seconds ago.
THEN, ALL THE SUDDEN, IT HITS YOU AGAIN….the idea that…your plunging to the earth. Just as you take that brief second to look down away from my face, you feel a sharp thrust in your sweetspot, and realize that not only is my index finger there, but so is my middle finger.
As we reach the bottom of the loop, your body jerks forward in the car, and your lower body feels the sharp sting of me jamming it in there as your body falls back down in the seat.
When you pull yourself back straight in the car’s straps, you look into my eyes and ask me if doing that to you made me feel as good as you just did……only to have me unbuckle my straps, and drop to my knees in the car, without saying a word.
Just as the car starts up on the second hill (which is much steeper and taller), you find that the gravity not only throws you back in your seat, but throws me against you…with you strapped in and me on my knees facing you.
I slowly take my hands, and place them ever so gently on your now wet skirt….sliding them farther down the steeper the car’s climb becomes (the whole time fighting gravity to not be thrown against you). You look me in the eyes, and want to reach over and plant one on me, but the force of the ride keeps you pushed against the back of the seat.
So, you just figure your along for the ride (the rollercoaster’s and mine as well), and just sit back and close your eyes….
About the time you figure we’re half-way up that hill, you fill a draft – As you realize, instead of sliding your skirt up, I’m sliding it off. You worry that someone (like the manager, stil down there operating the thing) may see, and you look down at me to see what I have in mind. Just as you open your eyes though, you see your skirt going over the cars edge.
Here you are with half your clothes missing on a rollercoaster in the middle of the night, and the thought of the manager down below seeing and wishing he was me – the idea made you even hotter. As your eyes close again, having complete confidence in me now, you are reminded how grateful you are that you didn’t wear anything under that skirt tonight. You just knew, as women do.
Just as you felt the car start to slow on the top, you looked to only see the bright stars and black sky above us. When the car levels out, you close them again, in anticipation of the downward trip.
The car starts to tilt forward as you feel my hand move to your hips, and feel the warmth of my tongue as I run it up the inside of your inner thigh. The further over the car tilts, from the top of that hill, the more you are pushed forward against the straps and the more pressure my tongue has on your skin.
ALL OF THE SUDDEN…The car lurches forward and you grab the safety bars with white-knuckle force.
Just as it appears you are directly facing downwards, you feel that tongue slide to your moist lips, and dangle between them, helping gravity to spread them open. Your hands grab the safety bars even tighter, as my hands do the same to your thighs. You feel the warmth of my tongue, as it slowly eases itself from the top of the lips to the bottom – just about a 1/2″ in all the way down.
Trying to get a grip on the ride (and your not sure which one), you try tilting yourself so that your body is pushed against the side of the car. As you do this, you feel my little chatter muscle slip from the bottom outside of your lips to near the labia – just close enough to tease.
As we get near the middle of the drop, you could almost swear that I had my ram-rod-cock in you instead, since the force of gravity forces my tongue into places and depths you didn’t know a tongue could go. I try to take it out some to tickle your labia with it, but gravity either keeps it in or nearly knocks me out of the car. So, I hold on to your hips for dear life, and try curling my tongue deep within.
As soon as you don’t think that you can take it anymore, the car jerks level to the ground and and starts to slow down. You think that the ride is over, but your mistake when you open your eyes and realize that this was only the second of three hills.
When you realize the best part may be yet to come, you let go of the safety bars and pull my hair (unintentionally to the point of nearly pulling it out – not that I mind). When you look to see what I’m doing, you can’t help but grin that wicked little grin, as you realize I’m unzipping my pants.
You reach to help, but I gently grab your hands and place them back on the safety bars. When I get the belt and the pants off (which I toss out over the car’s edge, like I did your panties, the car begins the next upward trip (which is longer, but not as tall as the last two).
You figure that I have taken care of everything so far, so you just lay back, close your eyes, and lay your head back on the headrest…..with no idea how I’m about to procceed. You suspect your about to get ridden like a bronco horse (and since your on a rollercoaster, recall the night before when we did it on the washing-machine till you thought we might break it). But it crosses your mind, how I might get anywhere, in our positions going up-hill here.
You try to open only one eye (in the hope that I won’t see you looking). But, when you open it, my face is within inches of yours. As you close your eyes again, you feel my hands all the sudden around the back of your neck – but can’t figure out why.
About the same time you feel the straps yank you backwards in the seat, you suddeny feel them let go and come off…..
Startled, you look to see me looking into your eyes (still on my knees crawched), and beconing you to let go of the safety bars – beckoning you with my hands, never saying a word.
You slowly let go (one hand at a time), and grab me around the neck – with barely enough room to turn around, and your only support from being thrown from the car being my neck you wrapped around.
I slowly manuever us, so that my back faces the seat and yours faces the front of the car. You are finally turned as the car slows near the hills top.
Since you are now basically in the same position I was in earlier, the only thing you can think of is that I want you to suck on me. You quickly come to the conclusion that this is more than a fair trade-off.
BUT……….as the car crest the top of the hill, you find yourself thrown backwards against the front of it – only to have me grab you around the waist and yank your defenseless body up towards mine. You find your self sitting on my lap (pressed against my body), with your legs still behind you – bent towards the front of the car.
As you looked into my eyes once more, having not feared this becuase you knew I had you all along, you feel my bulging and throbing muscle rubbing up against the skin near the entrance to your sweet spot, and feel the head of it as it presses against your lower abdoman.
You notice that the only thing holding you up (and almost up-side down) in the car are my arms. You begin to think of what its going to feel like having my throbing cock muscles driving like jackhammers into your tight hole, when you consider its proportion to those massive arms holding you up.
For the first time, since this all began, I final say more than a word or two – telling you that I am here to PLEASE YOU and that this is my ONLY GOAL. While I wisper these sweet-nothings in your ear, you tighten the grip you have around by back and neck, and press your face into my soft hair.
As the car begins to pick-up speed on its downward journey, you realize that I have loosened my grip, and am actually lifting you off my lap, as I lower your body away from mine. But you keep your eyes closed, and have full faith that its all in my hands.
You begin to feel the head of my muscle as it slides down in front of your abdoman, as I keep sliding you upwards.
You feel a sharp twing in your neck, as it rubs against the opening to your hole. You start to feel me move you from side to side, and you let go of me with one hand……
You grab the shaft of my works, and start to guide it into yourself, only to have me take your hand away and tell you “all in good time”.
I leave it in as far as you got it though, and gently begin to pull your body up toward mine. Slowly (ever so slowly), I go in a little and come out a little – never going more than half-way into your sweet-tasting hole.
Just when the tease is more than you can take, the car reaches the bottom of the hill. As it gets to the bottom, it doesn’t level-out very smoothly – but, rather as a sharp turn from its downward postion……
As it reaches this position, the impact of the car and gravity thrust you forward on my shaft – leaving you with such a jolting impact from the slow rythem we had going, that you dug your fingernails into my back…causing a deep moan to emminate from both of us at the same time.
I try to slowly pull out, and tell you I’m sorry for not being so gentle. But, instead, you grab my shaft from between your legs, and start thrusting yourself up and down on it.
When we could see the rides starting point coming around the bend, you begin to tilt your head toward my shoulder and leaning into it – biting me ever so softly with every downward motion, and racking my back with every upward thrust I made.
Just as we came around the last set of trees (towards the conductor’s area), you begin to call my name out loud and stopped thrusting – leaning into me in total exaustion. I held you up with my arms, and continued driving my piece of meat into your now burning hole, untill…………………..
You feel a heat that is neither the heat of friction or the heat of passion deep inside you. I begin to shake (almost dropping you all the way down on my shaft), and start yelling your name as if you were my god. As you keep your eyes on my face, you see the strained look I have as you feel my manly juices filling up inside you. The heat of these warm juices, added to the heat you still have going from the powdriving you just got, makes you quiver as you continue looking into my face.
In total exaustion (but quite unintentionally – not that it looked like you minded), I dropped you for that one final trust onto my still trobing cock muscle – DEEPER than any thrust before. You let out one final gasp, as that thrust hits your innermost points. You grab my back like you were hanging over an overpass for dear life, and I burry my head in your shoulder.
The rollercoaster finally comes to a stop, and there is the conductor (staring at us both nude, as if he had seen a ghost). He tries to look like he’s looking away, but I cover you with my body; and, he finally walks away.
There we sit, in each others arms, watching this old man walk off and being thankful (as this night showed us) for our youth. We laid there for several minutes, not saying a word, just recomposing ourselves.
I finally get out of the car, and offer my hand to help you out. Here we are, butt-assed naked in the middle of the night, in this closed park for any night worker to see. But niether one of us really cared at that point.
We walk for some time, picking-up the clothes I had thrown from the car (well it was crowded, and they do tend to get in the way). We never did find my belt or boxers, but they were more than worth the loss. We get ourselves dressed as we find them, eventually making it back to the car………
As we started to get back in the car, you asked me what time to pick you up for work tommorrow mourning (asking me this as I passionatly kiss your neck, before heading around to my side of the car).
“Why don’t you come back to my place, tonight? We never finish what we start!”

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