Anna's Virgin:Part One

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This story happened two years ago when I was a twenty-six years old virgin. It’s not easy being a virgin at that age, but when you are as chubbyas I am, and you’re penis is as small as mine, you tend not to be too bold with women. At the time, I was ashamed of my virginity. It was a huge burden, weighing me down. I lived in a constant state of humiliation. And then I met someone who changed all that. This is the story of a very special person who ended my shame.
Her name was Anna. She had come from Germany and was a twenty-one year old student at Barnard College here in New York. She lived in the apartment above mine. I first met her in the elevator. I was very shy about speaking to her because she was so beautiful–tall, slim, gorgeous wavy brown hair that came down to her shoulders. And a big wide smile. She was very outgoing and would chat me up every time she saw me. Finally, about the third time we encountered each other, she told me she was a philosophy student at Barnard. I also happened to have a background in philosophy, soit gave me something I could talk about with confidence.She spoke fluent English with only a slight accent, but she said that she was having trouble with her written
English whenever she did a paper for one of her classes. I told her that I would be happy to help her with her papers. You can imagine how excited I was when she accepted my offer of help.
So over the next couple of weeks, I would spend and hour or two each night upstairs in her apartment proof-reading her papers and helping her rewrite them. Even though it might seem like an unselfish thing to do on my part, I was so mesmerised by her, I felt fortunate just to be in her presence. And she was always so grateful for my help. After a few nights, she started giving me a little kiss on the cheek whenever I left after one of our sessions. That would thrill me to no end.
Of course, I began fanticising about her. I began to think of her as the woman who would take my virginity and finally make me a man. In my fantasies, she would always be very gentle and patient with me. She would love being my teacher. The thought of her bare body next to mine was almost more than I could stand. I became convinced that she would be the one.
But I hadn’t yet seen her socially, outside of our work sessions. I knew I would have to work up the courage to ask her out. The perfect opportunity came. There was to be a craft fair, music festival in a park near our house on the following Sunday. I thought this might appeal to her so I worked up the courage to ask her if she wanted to go. Not only did she accept, she seemed really excited about going. I could hardly sleep, I was now even more convinced that we were on our way to becoming lovers.
The big day finally arrived and I went up to her place to pick her up. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked. It was a warm spring day, she wore a thin, white sleevless top that exposed her navel, which had a ring attached to it. She wore no bra, so her nipples were practically exposed through her top. And a skirt with a slit that showed off her beautiful legs. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous female was actually going someplace with me.
There were a lot of people in the park that day and Anna was turning heads left and right. Not only that, she would take my arm when we walked. It felt wonderful to be the object of envy for a change. She saw an Indian brarcelet at one of the craft booths and I bought it for her. She tried to refuse it politely, but I insisted that she let me buy it for her. She was so excited, she gave me a big hug. I can’t tell you how aroused I was. I decided then, that before the day was over, I would ask her if I could kiss her. And now, I was more convinced than ever that we would be lovers. However, what I didn’t know at the time was that her future lover was in the park that day–and that it wasn’t me.
A little while later, she told me that she was tired and she asked me if I would go and get her a lemonade while she sat down. I went to get it, thinking that when I got back, I would ask her about the kiss. The line at the lemonade stand was quite long and it took me awhile before I got back to her. But when I got back, what I saw made my heart sink. She was sitting on a bench looking beautiful, and talking to her was a handsome guy on a racing bike. Handsome is not really the word, this guy was really well built. He had his shirt off and you could see his muscles ripple…in short, he was everything that I’m not. He was talking to her and he defintely had her attention and interest. That big wide smile of hers was practically plastered across her face. I didn’t have any time to assess the situation, so I just dumbly walked over and handed her her lemonade. She took it, but it was almost like I wasn’t even there. She didn’t bother to introduce me to her new friend (I later learned his name was Jake) and he certainly didn’t see me as any kind of a threat. Finally, he rode off on his ten-speed but his last words to her were, “I’ll call you”. So he had obviously gotten her number before I showed up. She got up, and we walked on together and saw some more of the fair, but I could tell that her mind was on him. One way I could tell was that her nipples had gotten so hard, they were practically protruding through her blouse, something that had not happened when we were walking arm in arm earlier.
It was at that moment that I began to understand my role in her life. I would be her shy, chubby friend who would occasionally get a kiss on the cheek. But Jake (or someone like him) would be the one to taste er neck, her nipples; to come inside of her; to feel her wavy hair against his bare chest, her skin against his; her warm breath in his ear. I couldn’t stand it. And the burden of my virginity felt heavier than ever.
I forgot all about asking her for a kiss.
So, during the next week or so, I went up to her place a couple of times as usual to help with her papers. I tried not to act depressed and I don’t think she noticed any change in me. She didn’t say anything about the guy she met in the park and I didn’t ask. So I started to think that maybe she had never gotten with him and that maybe I still hada chance.
I should have knownbetter. About eight days after that Sunday in the park, I was at her place. We had finsihed working and were just chatting. Then she noticed the time (it was 10:30) and all of a sudden, she ushered me out the door. She wasn’t rude, but I could tell there was something on her agenda. Still, I didn’t think much of it. So, I came back down to my place. And about ten minutes later I happened to look out the window and you don’t have to guess who I saw coming through the front door of our building–Jake, the hunky bicycle guy from the park. Now, the walls in this building have always been very thin. Since Anna’s bedroom was right above my own, I could sometimes hear her walking around up there at night. Sometimes I could even hear her get into bed. Well, there was no mistaking what I heard up there a few minutes after I saw Jake enter the building–two sets of footsteps in her bedroom. I could barely hear them talking, then giggling. Then a couple of mintes of silence. And then a new sound, something I definitely had not heard before. It was coming from her, it was almost rhythmic. I recognized the sound, not from any first hand experience, but from movies and porn films I had seen. She was experiencing an enormous pleasure. And I was having to have my face rubbed in it. When she orgasmed, I doubt I was even the only one in the building that heard her.
This went on for the next couple of weeks. I would go up to her place a couple of nights a week, go over her papers, we’d have a polite chat and I would leave. Then a few minutes later I would hear the two of them. She never mentioned him, and I don’t think she had any idea that I could hear them. But it was starting to drive me crazy. The thought of this guy Jake, making love to the girl that I loved, having what I couldn’t have just because he had this great body….it just seemed so unfair. Of course, my fantasies about her taking my virginity didn’t stop. If anything, I was thinking about her all the time. If she had been my obsession before, I didn’t know what to call what she was doing to me now. I wanted her so badly I couldn’t stand it. And I decided I had to take a chance, to talk to her about it.
A couple of nights later, she invited me up for dinner. I knew she would probably kick me out at around 10:30, so I would have to say what I had to say to her and not be such a coward about it. We finished dinner and sat on the sofa to chat. And it all came out. I told her how much I loved her. I told her that I thought about her all the time, that she occupied my thoughts day and night. I told her that I knew she had a lover because I had seen the guy from the park enter the building after I left her place (I didn’t tell her that I could hear them in her bedroom). I even told her that I was a virgin and that I fanticised about giving my virginty to her. And I practically begged her to take me to bed. I said that I knew that I wouldn’t make a competent lover, but that the burden of my virginity was killing me and I needed someone to take it from me. I knew that she would be a wonderful teacher.
She listened to it all. Tears began to form in her eyes, I could tell she was very moved. I could only hope that she was moved in the right way. She put her arms around me and she whispered so gently in my ear. She said that she loved me. She said that she loved me, but not in the way that I had hoped. She could not love me physically, she hoped I would understand and not hold it against her. She loved a certain kind of man, and physically, I was not that kind of man. She said that she could love me with her heart, but not with her body. And then she said something that changed me, maybe forever. She said that she knew from the first time she met me that I was a virgin. She said she had a sixth sense about people’s sexual experience and she knew from the beginning that I was innocent. And that it was that innocence that made her love me. She said that she had made love to several virgins before, and that it was a pleasurable thing to take a boy and usher him into his manhood. But these were boys that she loved with her body, not with her heart. She said that because I was as old as I was and still a virgin, that my innocence was special, that it set me apart from other men my age. She could not stand to take my innocence from me. That she knew that it would have to happen some day, but that she couldn’t stand to be the one to do it. She asked me to do something for her. She asked me to try and take pride in my virginity, not to let it weigh me down. To try and understand how special it was.
She held me for what seemed like an eternity. We were both in tears now. Then she took my hand and walked me to the door. As I was leaving, I turned around and she gave me a smile, even though she still had tears in her eyes. I told her that I would do my best to do what she asked. I left and came back down to my lonely apartment. I cried for awhile and thought about what she said to me. I took off my clothes and got into bed. And of course, after a few minutes I heard a familiar sound…two sets of steps in her bedroom. And then, for the first time….I masturbated to the sounds of their lovemaking.

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