Anne and Carrol 2

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Anne was on the phone, dumbo came in with her coffee, Anne said OK Jillian see you soon, she put the phone down, dumbo lick my boots, dumbo started to lick her boots, Anne said did you enjoy licking our asses wimp, yes madam Anne, good because your be doing a lot more of it ha ha ha, then she spat in dumbo,s face, Carrol came in, Anne hold him by his massive ears, i v got this new marker pen, it says it last for weeks, then Carrol went over the writing on his for head, least now everyone will know what to call him, ha ha they both laughed, Anne said let measure his little dick Carrol, Carrol got a tape out, o m g Anne its rock hard and he is only 3 inches, look my little finger is bigger, what a wimp, then Carrol and Anne spat in his face over and over, then they took turns writing names all over his body, Anne shall we take our little dick ed wimp out with us for lunch, Anne said good idea, lets make his big flappy ears as red as we can get then,then they took turns pulling and twisting then,

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