anne and carrol

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dumbo was waiting for madam anne and madam carrol to come in to work,anne walked in first, jugalugs lick my boots now, dumbo started licking, anne looked down, your so perfectic dumbo and spat in his face, make me coffee, i need the toilet, dumbo had just finished making the coffee when anne came stoming out, she is a size 20, the same as carrol, anne said dumbo you did not buy and toilet paper, dumbo said sorry madam anne i will go now, no you want dumbo you are going to lick my ass clean, and i mean spotless, with that she grabbed his ears threw him on the floor, she bent over her desk and said lick my ass clean , now wimp, dumbo started to lick her ass, anne said taste nice dumbo , ha ha ha, dumbo was still licking when carrol walked in, anne why is dumbo licking your ass, anne said because he forgot to by toilet paper, mind you carrol i think we have found a job he is good at, they both laughed, carrol said ok anne he can lick mine later anne pushed dumbo off he had the smell of her bum all over his face and up his nose, carrol came over and spat in his face, you are so weak dumbo, you will do anything we tell you, ha ha, then she started pulling his ears harder and harder, then she got her black marker pen out and worte dumbo in big letters across his for head, now dumbo go and buy some toilet paper ha ha, dumbo walked in the shop, the girl in there started laughing and saying can i help you big ears, lol lol, dumbo still smelt of annes bum, the girl in the shop said god dumbo you stink what do you want, can i have some toilet paper please, the girl looked she was in her early twentys, ok that will be twenty pounds big ears, and with that started spitting in his face, dumbo fell to the floor and started kissing her boot, i new you were a wimp she said, give me the money , dumbo came back, carrol was waiting by her desk, anne said dumbo carrols just had a shit she needs her ass licked clean,ha ha

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