anne and carrol 3

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Anne said right dumbo get mine and carols coats, dumbo got the long leather coats and helped Anne and Carrol on with them, they both looked so powerful and they new it, right dumbo kiss our asses now, dumbo started to worship them, then Carroll grabbed dumbo by his ears and twisted them hard, Anne was laughing, dumbo your ears are so red, and spat in his face then Carrol dragged dumbo by his ears to the car, you can drive big ears me and Anne will sit in the back so we can pull and flick you big ears, Carrol said, by the time they reach the restaurant, dumbo,s ears were red and sore, Anne rubbed spit in dumbo,s face with her leather gloves and Carrol did the same, they smelt of there bums very strong dumbo little dick was rock hard, dumbo followed Anne and Carrol in they were show to the table, Kelly, Claire, lindsay, and Gillian were waiting they all burst out laughing when they saw dumbo, with his name on his head, Lynsey said god Anne what have you done to his ears they are so big and red, Anne laughed that’s Carrol fault she won,t stop pulling them, Carrol laughed, yes ladies i will make him look like dumbo the elephant, everyone laughed,they all ordered there food and drink, dumbo just sat there, then Anne said dumbo i,m going to fart you know your place, dumbo started kissing madam Anne’s big bum then Anne farted, everyone was laughing, while they were eating dumbo just sat and watched, Claire said, shrimp dick lick my boots clean i think i trod in dog shit, Lynsey and jillian spat at dumbo while he licked claires boots

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