anne and carrol 4

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anne and carrol walk in the office, dumbo was making the coffee, carrol went over and started pulling his ears, anne said god carrol his ears are getting bigger, carrol laughed ,i know all the ear pulling we are doing is working, ha ha ha , when she was finished anne took over twisting and pulling , dumbo was begging her to stop, anne just laughed, after 20 mins she let go , carrol said got anne they are red raw, they both laughed and went into there office, dumbo took there coffee in , dumbo what time did suzanne get in last night, dumbo said about 4am, carrol said where was she little dick, dumbo said she was with steven, anne said i bet she was tired ha ha ha, with that anne went to the toilet when she came back she bent over her desk, dumbo lick my ass clean i v just had a shit, dumbo got to work, carrol was laughing what a wimp we have made him anne, i know carrol its great, when dumbo was done anne pushed him on the floor and then spat in his face carrol came over and did the same, then she wrote dumbo on his head, now tiny cock go to the shops and buy some boot polish my and annes boots need a very good polishing, and you being the boot boy its your job, now hurry up wimp, yes madam carrol, when he walked into the shop the ladies started to laugh, one of them said can i help you dumbo , dumbo said yes please i,m looking for boot polish, why do you want that dumbo, she said, well i have to clean some boots, the lady said i though a wimp with big dumbo ears like you would use there tongue ha ha ha

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