Aphrodesiac 6

I suppose I let things get out of hand. I’ve always been something of a book worm, a geek, a dweeb, but I was okay with that, and then suddenly, my research was paying off big time. Suddenly, I had an aphrodesiac that not only made women want to have sex with me, but it made them crave my cock and my cum. One dose was all it took and any woman would be mine.

Well, with a power like that, is it any wonder that I let my studies slip? I mean, I could have any woman I wanted and there were so many women to be had, which is not to say that I had as many as you might think. I mean, if every woman on campus were suddenly clamoring to get my dick inside her, things could get ugly. Women would be fighting over me but it was the guys who worried me most. The women would fight each other to get a shot at my cock but their boyfriends, or the guys who had at one time been their boyfriends, those guys would be pissed, and those guys would come after me. I could control the women but I couldn’t control them, so I didn’t drug as many of the women as one might have thought.

But just using the drug had given me power and with that power had come confidence. The women on campus might not have known why I was more confident but it realy didn’t matter. What did matter is that I was confident.

And on top of that, I had the women I had drugged helping me out. If I saw a woman I liked, I would tell them and they’d do their best to get her for me, because if they gave me what I wanted, then I would give them what they craved. So more often than not, it got so that I hardly ever had to use the drug to get a piece of ass.

So again, I ask, is it any wonder I let my studies slip?

I really knew I was in trouble when my faculty advisor called me into his office. He sat me down and then he told me that the review committee was going to meet in the next week, but due to the lack of research, I was likely to not receive my doctorate.

I was ticked. I mean, I probably didn’t need the doctorate, but I had done the work. It was just that I was so busy getting fucked that I hadn’t bothered to write anything up, but just because I hadn’t done it didn’t mean I didn’t want the title. “Is there anything you can do to help,” I asked.

My advisor was silent for a while. “The committee is acting at my urging,” the man told me. “I’m tired of all this and I’m tired of you, but to answer your question, yeah, if I asked them to, then yes, they could confer the title right now, but there’s no way I’m going to do that.”

Well, I was stunned. I didn’t like my faculty advisor and I knew the feeling was pretty much mutual, but still, I hadn’t thought he would stab me in the back like this. There was nothing to say. I was numb as he ushered me out in the hallway and then there I was, all alone with my world crashing down around me.

The more I thought about it, the more angry I got. I deserved that degree.

And then I thought of something else and a smile slowly spread across my face. So my faculty advisor wanted to take my degree away from me, huh? Well, I’d show him. Two could play that game.

Finding the girl wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be. I got my bitches together and I explained what I wanted and then I just sat back and I let them set things up for me.

It didn’t take them all that long to set something up. To the girl, it must have seemed to be a chance meeting, but to me and my bitches, we knew differently. It was Elaine who finally made the introduction at a coffee house on campus and it was Elaine who slipped the drug into the girl’s soft drink.

There was some small talk but not a lot of it. That wasn’t the purpose of this meeting. This meeting was for seduction, for seduction and for control.

“I got an idea,” Elaine said right on cue, “how about we go back to my place and fuck.”

The girl was a bit taken back at that, I could tell. “I don’t know,” she said hesitantly.

“Come on,” Elaine said conspiritorially. “You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to get your hands on that cock of his.”

“It’s not that,” the girl moaned. “I mean, I want to. I want to so bad, but–“

“But what? Just look at him. His cock is so big and hard. I know it is, and it’s just waiting for us to take it.”

“But, but, but … but I’m a virgin,” the girl moaned.

“Oh, that’s so much better,” Elaine gushed. “Just think of it. Having his cock take your pussy for the very first time. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

The girl could only moan helplessly as her body acquiesced to Elaine’s words.

“Do you want to come with us and get fucked,” Elaine asked.

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, “I want to get fucked. I want it so bad.”

That was all it took. The girl was in no position to resist and so the three of us found our way back to Elaine’s apartment and then back to Elaine’s bedroom.

“What should I do now,” the girl asked shyly when we got there.

Elaine just smiled at the girl. “You just leave that to me,” she told the girl. She pushed me into a nearby arm chair and then she turned her attention on the girl. “Now,” she said, “I’m going to get you nice and ready for his cock.”

This was a bit of a bonus for me. When Elaine and I had talked about deflowering the girl, we hadn’t talked about Elaine using her first, but on the other hand, I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I leaned back in the chair, but my eyes never left the bodies of the two girls.

Elaine pulled the girl to her and then she kissed her, and then she kissed her again. The girl was shy at first but she moaned as Elaine continued to kiss her, and then slowly and shyly, she started to kiss Elaine back.

Elaine continued to kiss the girl and as she did, the girl started to kiss her back even more, and yet, even as the two of them kissed, the girl hardly seemed to notice what Elaine was doing. Even as the girls continued to kiss, Elaine’s hands worked their way over the other girl’s clothes and then she was unbuttoning her blouse.

Moments later, Elaine had the blouse off the girl’s shoulders and then she was working her hands over the girl’s bra, and then moments after that, she had the bra opened and her hands were fondling the girl’s small tits.

“Oh geez,” the girl moaned and then she moaned again as Elaine slid her mouth down and gave each of her little titties a nice, little kiss.

The girl moaned again as Elaine squeezed her tits and then Elaine was moving her hands even lower still. Her hands worked the belt on the girl’s little skirt and then she had the belt open, and she was dropping the skirt at the girl’s feet. “What do you think,” Elaine asked the girl, “should we show him your pussy?”

The girl moaned even as Elaine’s hands squeezed her little, round ass. “Oh yeah,” she maonned, “I want him to see my pussy. I want it so bad.”

I don’t know if the girl knew it or not, but it really didn’t matter how she had answered that question, because one way or the other, I knew Elaine was going to pull that girl’s panties down, and that was exactly what she did. Her hands fondled the girl’s little, bare ass and then she was kissing the girl again. “Let’s put on a little show for him,” she told the girl.

The girl just moaned in response to Elaine’s suggestion but then she was moaning again as Elaine pushed her down onto the bed and then she was pushing the girl’s legs apart and she was sliding between the girl’s legs. She slipped to her knees and her fingers worked her clit and then she was sliding her mouth between the girl’s legs and she was stroking her tongue against the girl’s pussy.

The girl’s hands gravitated to her tits even as Elaine’s tongue found the girl’s cunt. The girl moaned again and I knew she was loving what Elaine was doing to her.

Of course, I knew Elaine was only doing it because she wanted anot
her go at my cock, because she knew that if she didn’t do what I wanted, she wouldn’t ever get my cock again, and I knew that more than anything, she
craved my cock.

But the girl didn’t know it. All she knew was that that tongue on her cunt felt so good. And she knew one more thing. She knew she wanted to have my cock.

The girl moaned again. Her pussy was on fire. Her pussy was responding to the other girl’s tongue and then she moaned again. I knew what was going to happen. I knew the girl was going to cum.

And that was exactly what she did. The girl gasped as her pussy succumbed to Elaine’s tongue and then she just kept on cumming as Elaine’s tongue continued to strum against her cunt.

But then Elaine was pulling her mouth out from between the girl’s thighs and then she was looking back at me. “I think she’s ready for you,” she said.

I got up out of the easy chair. I’d already had my cock out and I was pulling on it as I watched Elaine use the girl. Now, I let my jeans fall down around my ankles and then I kicked them all the way off. I let my underwear fall and then I kicked it off as well and then I moved forward. “Are you ready,” I asked the girl.

I could see the girl look at my cock and then she looked up at me. “I want you to do it,” she said. “I want you to fuck me.”

I knew that Elaine hadn’t just vacated the place between the girl’s legs. As she had stood and had backed away, I knew that she had picked up a video camera and I knew she was taping it all. I sure as hell hoped she got the girl on film begging me for my cock.

“You want this,” I taunted her. “You want my cock?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned, “I want it. I want your cock. Give it to me, please.”

I moved in between the girl’s legs and I let my cock stroke the outer folds of the girl’s cunt. She was so fucking wet. I grinned at her as she moaned. “I understand you’re a virgin,” I told her and the girl nodded her head. “One last chance then to back out.”

Like she could really actually say no. The girl moaned. There was no doubt about it. She looked up at me and she moaned again. “I want you to do it,” she told me. “I want you to fuck me.”

I changed the angle of my cock and then I was pushing the head of my cock against her sloppy, wet lips. Her pussy resisted my cock but then it relented and the girl sighed as she felt my cock enter her little, virgin hole.

I still wasn’t all the way into her and already I could feel just how tight the girl was. She was moaning almost constantly but that was nothing compared to the way she was going to be moaning after her pussy took the full length of my cock.

“Fuck me,” the girl pleaded even as her hands continued to work her tits. “Come on, fuck me.”

The girl moaned even as her cunt took even more of my cock and then she gasped as my cock finally pushed past her virgin barrier. Her face was contorted in a wordless scream and then I was pulling my cock back and I was shoving it inside her again, and the girl gasped as she felt the length of me finally slide inside her tight, little cunt.

“Oh shit,” she cried. “Oh shit. Oh shit. It’s so good. It’s so good. Come on. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

That’s exactly what I did. As the girl continued to play with her tits, I fucked her tiny, little cunt, and she took it all. I could see it in her eyes and I could hear it in her voice. She loved my cock but more than that, she had surrendered herself to it. For the rest of her life, she would do whatever I wanted, just so long as she could get one more helping of the cock she now craved.

I moaned and I groaned. As much as I wanted to keep fucking that tight, little cunt, that cunt was just too demanding. I could feel the cum welling up inside me and I groaned again. “I’m going to cum,” I told the girl.

The girl looked up at me with big, wide eyes and then she moaned again. “I want you to do it,” she moaned. “I want you to do it. I want you to cum inside me.”

There was no doubting the sincerity of the girl’s words, and then even as I buried my cock in that tight, little cunt and even as my cock began to surge, I heard the girl moan and then I felt her pussy clench down on my cock, and I knew she was cumming even as I pumped my cum inside her.

The girl kept cumming and cumming even as I pumped my cum inside her cunt and then I was pulling my cock out of her tight, little hole. Without even being told to, the girl knelt in front of me and then she was wrapping her hand around my deflating shaft and she looked up at me with big, wide eyes moments before she pushed her mouth down upon my cock.

I supposed it really would have been too much to ask that Elaine continue to stand there and film as the girl sucked on and licked the cum off of the cock that she, too, craved, so it was little surprise when she joined the girl on her knees. It didn’t matter to me. I had what I needed and besides, the two of them were getting me hard again. I couldn’t wait to give them both another generous helping of my cum.


I showed the videotape to my faculty advisor. There was no way he could miss the fact that it was his little girl that was taking my big, hard cock. I could see his jaw clenching as he continued to watch.

“Now,” I told him finally, “about my doctorate degree. I think maybe you ought to reconsider what you said before.”

“What do you want,” the man asked even as he watched his daughter continue to take my cock.

I grinned at him. “Well, let’s see now. How about you go before the doctoral committee and you tell them you made a mistake, and you tell them that you now think I should have a doctoral degree conferred on me.”

“And if I don’t?”

“If you don’t, who knows where this video tape might end up.”

The man just stared at the tape. I left him there staring at the screen. There was no reason for me to stand around and linger. I already knew that I’d won.

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