At the night in the Club

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It was a Friday night at one of the hot clubs in town. I was out with my boyfriend, Dave and we were having a great time. The music was so loud you could really feel the bass thumping through you. We had been dancing for a while and decided to go get a drink as it was quite hot in the club and we were thirsty so we left the dance floor and headed for the bar upstairs which was less crowded and less noisy.

As we climbed the stairs a girl was coming down towards us through the crowd. Even if she hadn’t been staring straight at us I would have noticed her as she was lovely looking and very sexy. As we got closer she gave us a smile and I wondered (with a little pang of jealousy) if she was someone that Dave knew even though she actually seemed to be looking right at me, I certainly didn’t recornise her. It was about then that Dave noticed her too and I could see from the corner of my eye the grin spreading across his face.

We stopped as we met on the stairs, moving to one side to let the other people squeeze past. The girl was really hot, she had lovely blonde hair and a beautiful face with these sexy blue blue eyes that just stared into mine as she smiled at me. Her body was fantastic, I’m not bad looking even if I say so myself and in good shape too, but she was even hotter, a super little bum in her tight jeans and lovely pert breasts, her cleavage showing through the open neck of her blouse.

‘Hello.’ She said with a friendly smile.

And we both said ‘Hi’ back.

Dave had his arm around me as the girl turned to him and said:

‘Would you mind if I kissed your girlfriend?’

Dave looked stunned and I just giggled. After a moments stunned thought, Dave said:

‘Sure.’ Letting go of me.

I didn’t even get the chance to think about whether or not I minded or if I was going to let her kiss me! Not that I would have minded anyway, I’m always up for a bit of fun and like I said, she was really hot anyway. Before I knew it she had put her arms around me and pulled my face to hers, I felt our breasts press together as our lips met and she kissed me full on and very sexily, her tongue pushing into my mouth. I returned the kiss and felt her hands move up and down my back and through my long dark hair.

A couple of guys and girls had stopped on their way past and were cheering us as we kissed and I felt myself burning red as we broke our kiss after a few moments. I also felt very aroused too I have to say. There was a crowd of grinning faces around us, not least Dave’s who seemed to have really enjoyed what he had just seen, he winked at me.

The girl took my hand and pulled me down the stairs with her and out onto the dance floor and we soon lost ourselves in the heaving crowd as it moved to the throbbing music. I love to dance, it makes me feel so sexy and it was really hot to dance with this beautiful blonde girl, I leaned forward and above the sound of the music said,

‘My name’s Gemma.’ Into her ear and she said,

‘Karen.’ into mine.

I looked up briefly at the balcony and saw Dave up there watching me, he gave me the thumbs up, he seemed to be okay.

I loved dancing with Karen, we wriggled our bodies provocatively and sexily at each other, grinding to the beat, running our hands over our bodies, teasing and tempting each other. I had no idea where this was going to lead, but I was getting very turned on by now, my knickers felt soaking inside at the crotch and I was getting very randy.

I had never been with another girl before. I had fantasized about it now and then as I think most girls do at some point. Dave and I have a good sex life, we are both quite open and daring and we often enjoy watching porno films together before getting down to it, and of course lesbians are one of his favourite genres, so I had plenty of fuel for that fire.

Karen started to get very eager, she closed in on me, her hands were all over me, running over my bum. She kept kissing me and she pushed her thigh between my legs and rubbed it against my crotch (which felt so good) and sometimes she rode her crotch hard up and down my thigh, her hands cupped my breasts and she must have felt my nipples hard as bullets through my blouse and bra.

She began to undo the buttons of my blouse, which wasn’t doing much to cover my cleavage in the first place, she just didn’t care and I found that sexy as hell! And all this out on the dance floor luckily not that many people other than a few just near to us noticed as the place was packed and heaving. I figured that we needed a bit more privacy, the way that this was going!

‘Why don’t we go to the ladies room?’ I suggested to Karen, shouting in her ear over the music as she ran her hands over me.

Karen smiled and took my hand and we hurried off of the dance floor and through to the ladies toilets.

The club was quite a big one and smart too so the ladies were nicely done and clean as well. There were a few other girls in there laughing and talking and fixing themselves in the large mirror over the sinks. We hardly gave them a look as we headed straight into an empty cubicle that luckily was waiting for us.

What anyone else thought of us two diving in there I don’t know as we were so quick. We pushed the door to and shoved across the lock, luckily it was decent in the cubicle, although to tell the truth I don’t think that much would have bothered us at that moment, we were both in such heat!

We kissed, and now my hands were all over her body too, I cupped her breasts in them, they were so pert and firm. I pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra and she sighed with pleasure into my ear. Karen broke the kiss and pulled up my top, she pushed down the cup of my bra and took my little pert nipple into her mouth and she sucked on it hard with her warm soft mouth. I felt her hand at my crotch, her palm rubbing at my pussy hard and slow through my jeans, it was wild.

I need to pee so I pushed her away and said,

‘Just a moment, as we are in here.’

I pushed down my jeans and panties to my knees and quickly pulled off a few sheets of loo paper and gave the seat a wipe over before sitting down on it to pee. Karen was standing there right next to me as I sat on the loo, she reached down and undid the buttons of her jeans and pushed her hand down into a beautiful tiny pair of pink knickers. I could see that she was rubbing at her pussy down inside there, right in front of my eyes.

I was finding it hard to concentrate on peeing now, even though only a few moments ago I was in danger of wetting myself! It didn’t get any easier to go when Karen moved around to in front of me and pushed my knickers down further with her knee and then forced my thighs open, exposing my crotch to her view.

‘I’m going to watch you.’ She said with a naughty little smile.

I was surprised as Karen just stood there with her hand between her legs and waited for me to do a wee. I was desperate to go and soon I was peeing while Karen watched me do it, playing with herself as she did so. I was beginning to wonder just how kinky this girl was? Did she have any limits!

I finished my pee and grabbed some paper and gave myself a quick wipe, God, I was so wet and slippery down there. I stood up and flushed the loo and Karen stood up too. She pushed me back against the cubicle wall and I felt her fingers at my crotch, she stroked my pussy, her hand running over my trimmed and shaved mound, her fingers pushed up into me. I did the same to her as we kissed, my hand rubbing over those slim lips and then pushing between them to get two fingers up inside her.

I loved putting my fingers in her, it was so soft and silky and wet in there and she moaned into my mouth as I felt around inside her and used my thumb to brush at her clit. She did the same to me and I moaned back, my arousal escalating, this was so wild! Her fing
ers worked away at me and I was so turned on and excited by the idea of both touching and being touched by another girl that I c
ame right there and then on her fingers.

Then as I recovered, I just got this urge to lick her. I sank down to a crouch as she stood there in front of me. I pulled her jeans and knickers down to her ankles and then looked up at her lovely bald pussy. I didn’t even hesitate or worry, I just reached out and spread her with my thumbs, prying those soft pink lips apart to see inside for a moment. It was beautiful, her hole seeped her juices and her clit, tiny and shiny, pink and hard stuck out from its little neat fleshy hood as I pulled her open.

I smiled up at Karen and then dived in for my first taste of pussy. I loved it, or maybe it was just so very dirty and nasty to be making it with a girl in the toilets of a club- either way I lapped at her pussy and it was so nice. I flicked my tongue around her clitty and made her gasp and moan and them I licked up and down between her lips, really tasting her. I tickled the entrance to her hole with the tip of my tongue before pushing it right in as far as I could, she liked that!

Karen pulled me up and kissed me, tasting her juices on my mouth, we were both panting wildly.

‘Now I’m going to lick your cunt, Gemma.’ She breathed in my ear.

I love dirty talk during sex, and hearing that really got me revving with anticipation, I couldn’t wait to feel her girl tongue on my pussy. Karen slid down my body and I leaned back against the cubicle wall as I felt her fingers on my pussy. She spread me open and pushed two fingers up in side, fucking them in and out deep and slow, rubbing my clit as she delved in each time. She pulled out her glistening fingers and looked up at me with a naughty smile as she sexily liked them clean with her little pink tongue and sucked them.

She went down on me and it was wonderful! Her tongue was so skillful, darting here and there, lapping and exploring me all over my pussy. She stuck it up inside me like I had her and then she sucked on my clit mercilessly and I was moaning and whimpering, trying ( not very successfully) to keep as quiet as possible. She made me cum again like that and then it was my go again.

We took turns on each other like that for quite a while, I made her cum with my mouth, I loved doing that, it felt wonderful to give this beautiful sexy creature such intimate pleasure. Sex with another girl was wonderful, so intense, it was a fantastic experience for me.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door that made me really jump. A mans voice called in.

‘Karen, its Chris.’ He said.

In a panic I pulled up my jeans as Karen went to the door.

‘It’s okay, I know him.’ She said as she undid the bolt, she obviously wasn’t concerned.

A man darted in through the door and Karen quickly locked it again after him. He was thirty-odd, smartly dressed in black trousers and a black jacket with a patterned dark shirt. He had a handsome face and a shaved head, I recornised him as the club owner or maybe the manager?

‘Can I join in?’ he asked with a cheeky smile.

I guess that he had seen us going into the ladies together and knew what was going on when we didn’t come back out. He obviously knew Karen, maybe they did this all of the time? Karen was all for it, but I have to say that I was disappointed to have him interrupt us, I was having such a wonderful and special time. I said okay , but he couldn’t touch me and I wasn’t going to touch him either, I did have my boyfriend with me after all!

Karen and I kissed again as Chris took off his jacket and undid his belt and trousers. His cock was hard and although it was short, it was thick, it looked nice. Karen pushed me back onto the toilet seat lid and pushed my legs out wide, I hooked my feet against the cubicle walls as she bent over and went down on me. God! It was fantastic, so dirty!

I think that Chris licked her for a while and she moaned as she licked at my pussy, then I felt Karen being rhythmically pushed against me as he began to fuck her with that thick cock of his.

Every now and then I opened my eyes and saw him peering around Karen’s back watching her eating me as he fucked her, I bet he liked that the dirty sod! Karen had her fingers shoved up in me and was sucking on my clit, she broke off to turn to Chris and say.

‘Put it up my arse.’

He obliged, and she loved it, I have to say that I liked the idea of maybe licking her pussy while he fucked her arse, but by then her mouth had got me to such heights of pleasure again that I wasn’t even capable of movement. Karen made me cum for the third time! And pretty shortly Chris shot his load up her arse. Then he got to watch while I licked her to orgasm. I was so intent on what I was doing that I hardly noticed him being there after a short while, and he was good to his word and didn’t touch me, which I was glad of.

Jesus! Was I red faced when we tried to straighten ourselves out and left the cubicle, to the curious stares of the fair few girls that were in the ladies room, who could have been in no doubt about what had been going on! I never went back to that club again. I gave Dave a ring on his mobile and found him still in the club thank goodness! He was wondering if I had left with the girl.

‘Did you, erm….’ He asked me in my ear.

I winked at him and smiled,

‘Oh yes!’

And his face was a picture!

I told him that I would fill him inon all of the juicy details when we got back but we needed to leave right away because I urgently need him to fuck me. Dave loved that idea and we left and got a cab.

I know that Dave was disappointed that he wasn’t the filling in my girl- girl sandwich at the club, but he understood that the whole thing was very much done on impulse and he was pleased that I respected our relationship as regards the other guy butting in. Dave loved it when I told him in detail about how Karen and I had fingered and licked each other, he nearly came in his pants and when I told him that I was more than keen to repeat the experience, this time with him there too, to watch and join in. He was completely happy and we have already begun to look for another girl to join us, it’s very exciting, I can’t wait for it to happen! Loaded, May 2006:

Three-way in a club toilet.

Gemma, 19 – beautiful sexy bodied brunette.

How did your orgy kick off?

I was in a club with my boyfriend when a girl stopped me on the stairs and asked his permission to kiss me. She was incredibly hot, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a body to die for! My bloke was more than happy, so we went ahead and kissed. We danced together and she got very eager and started to undress me so I suggested that we reconvene to the ladies room.

Just the two of you?

Yes. Well in the toilet cubicle we started getting pretty frisky and before we knew it our jeans were around our ankles and we were taking it in turns to go down on each other. Suddenly there was a knock on the door from the owner of the club who asked if he could join in! I wasn’t too sure, but the girl that I was with asked him to shag her. She went down on me while he was shagging her from behind. She even asked him to shag her the ‘unconventional way.’ I don’t think that he could believe his luck!’

Your boyfriend must have been gutted.

I think that he was, but the experience was incredible for me and well worth it. The situation was so sexy that I came three times!

So, have you suggested to your man that you try it again?

I certainly have. We are currently looking for another sexy lady to join us!

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