At the Vet Clinic

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After a dinner one night my girlfriend and I went up to the vet clinic that she was working at after hours. We were looking around at all the dogs and cats when she began to get a little feisty. Tina started to grab my ass and rub her big tits up against my back. I turned around and pushed her up against the window at the front of the store and started to kiss her deeply. As I started to kiss Tina I began to unbutton her blouse and pulled it off of her exposing her large breast trapped behind her strapless bra.

The next thing I know Tina has pushed me down on the bench at the front of the clinic and began to do a little sexy dance stripping off her skirt to show me her matching black lace bra and thong. Tina took off her to small bra releasing those big tits for my eyes to lust over. Tina dropped to her knees and pulled off my shorts and boxers allowing my hard dick to spring free. Her eyes grew large at the site of my dick just before she started to suck my cock like it was the last one on earth. Tina was a pro cock sucker and she had me cumming on the verge of cumming within minutes, but she kept me in pure lust and agony for nearly ten minutes before letting me cum. I came in her mouth filling it with my hot sticky seed and she swallowed every last drop.

After swallowing my cum Tina got up from the floor grabbed my hand and hauled me towards the back of the clinic back to the vets office. She pushed me down in the bosses chair and bent over pulling down her wet thong exposing her wet pussy to me. Tina hopped up on her boss’s desk and spread her legs for me to taste that wet shaved pussy.

I could see how horny Tina was from the juices that were leaking from her tight pussy down onto her boss’s desk. I started out by running my hands up one thigh and leg and down the other. I kissed my way towards her wet waiting pussy and then kissed all around it. I would just brush my lips over her clit and pussy lips making her beg for more. Tina was getting so frustrated that she eventually grabbed me by the hair and forced me to her awaiting clit. The first touch of my tongue on her clit sent a lightning bolt of pleasure through her body. She screamed out loud in pleasure as I began to really start sucking, kissing and licking that hard clit. I would rub my fingers up into her pussy and started to finger bang her while licking her. I ate her for around 30 minutes before she started cumming. When Tina began to orgasm her hips were bucking up and down all over the desk. I was having a hell of time trying to keep my tongue on her clit. Tina was screaming and cursing in pure pleasure as I licked her little button. Tina’s juices were flowing like a river that just broke through a dam. I had her juices dripping down my chin and it was all over the boss’s desk.

After her orgasm Tina had to go grab some paper towels to wipe off her juices. As she went back to the bathroom to toss the towels I followed close behind her. After she tossed the towels I pushed her over the counter and began to fuck her from behind. Tina had one of the tightest pussy’s I have ever felt I was in heaven fucking her. I just loved slapping her tight ass and pulling her hair to make her watch as I fucked her. I could feel my balls slapping up against her hard clit and soon I felt her pussy tighten as she started to cum all over my cock. After Tina’s orgasm I slowly pulled out and set her up on the counter. Now with her legs spread wide I sank back deep inside her pussy.

I was fucking Tina for all I was worth at this point. I was pounding her fast and hard watching as her eyes rolled back in her head and her tits bounced all over the place. I grabbed a hold of her tits squeezing and tweaking her big hard nipples. No more then ten minutes had pasted since Tina’s last orgasm when I felt her pussy once again tighten around my dick. This time as I told Tina I wouldn’t be able to resist cumming. Tina begged me to cum inside her, to cum with her, and that’s just what I did. The clinic bathroom filled with the smell and sound of sex as we both came screaming in pleasure. My dick filled her pussy with my cum and it slowly began to deflate inside her. As I grew limp I let my dick slowly slip from her pussy, bringing with it some of my cum. Tina hopped off the clinic’s bathroom counter and sucked my dick clean loving the taste our cum.

Before Tina could clean up I went back for my phone and took some pics of this sexy bitch filled with my cum. This was a great first date.

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