Battlestar Erotica: The Collaborator

Krel Salise was a human but he was a human that had proved useful to the Sx’Nons in the past and that distinction was more than enough to keep him alive, and once again, Krel was offering his services to the Sx’Non.

“They’ll have to come through here,” Salise assured the Sx’Non commander, and when they do, they’ll be looking for a guide to get through the expanse, and when they do, they will find me. I am the best.”

“Get on with it, Human. What are you offering us?” The Sx’Non commander was not a patient man.

When they come to me, and they will, I will guide them, and when I do, I will lead them right to where you are waiting, and that, as they say, will be that. Is that satisfactory?”

The commander thought it over and then he grinned. “That is indeed satisfactory, but what do you want from us this time.”

Krel Salise grinned. “I want what I always want.”

The commander shook his head. “You humans are always the same.”

“Yes,” the mousy man replied, “but humann females can be so fragile. One is always in need of replenishing his stock.”

“It shall be done,” said the commander.

Maren Deene was her father’s pride and joy. Ordinarily, the buxom brunette with the stunning, green eyes would hardly have even noticed Krel Salise. While she might only be an innkeeper’s daughter, he was a low life scum. She had standards to uphold.

But that was before the Sx’Nons had gotten their hands on her. Under their mind control machines, they had warped Maren Deene until the only thing that remained unchanged about her was her beauty.

To everyone else, Maren seemed unchanged. Even to Maren herself, she seemed unchanged. But then one day, she was walking down the street and there was Krel Salise and suddenly her knees went weak and her mouth got dry. She hardly knew what to say or if she should say anything at all. He was Krel. He was her master.

The man just smiled at her. “Hello, Maren. Would you like me to fuck you today?”

“Oh yes, please,” the girl begged. “Please fuck me. I need it so bad.”

“You’re not all that stuck up anymore now, are you?”

“No, master,” the girl responded. “I try not to be.”

“Well, if you want me to fuck you, then you’re going to have to beg, and if you’re going to beg, you’re in the wrong position. Get down on your knees and beg.”

Maren quickly got down on her knees and she begged. The streets in this tiny outpost weren’t paved so Maren knelt in the mud and the muck. She knew she was attracting a crowd, but none of that mattered. All that mattered was getting Krel to fuck her.

The crowd parted and suddenly, Maren’s father was standing there in front of her. She felt such intense shame in having him see her this way and yet, even as he stood there, she continued to beg for Krel to fuck her.

“Maren,” cried her father, “what has come over you. What are you doing?”

“I’m begging for Krel to fuck me, daddy. I need it so bad.”

“Get off your knees,” her father ordered but even as he did, Krel shook his head.

“I can’t daddy. I need to get fucked right now.”

“Maren, come home.”

“I can’t, daddy. I can’t.”

Krel was really starting to enjoy this. He always seemed to think that Byron Deene thought he was better than him, just because he, Deene, owned an inn, and he, Salise, was just a measly space jockey. Yeah, he’d show him who was boss. “I think you’d better go now,” he told Deene. “Your daughter belongs to me now.”

The innkeeper looked at Salise and then at his daughter and then he snorted. “Don’t ever bother coming home, Maren,” he snarled, and then he turned and stomped away.

Maren felt so humiliated and yet it was about to get even worse. She could feel Salise’s eyes on her. “Yeah, that’s right,” Salise said. “You were always so stuck up before, but you’re my bitch now. Can I call you my bitch? Can I call you a whore?”

“You can call me anything,” Maren told him. “Call me your bitch. Call me a whore. Call me anything you want. Anything is all right with me.”

“Well then, I think you’re a dirty, little whore. Can I call you that?”

“Oh yes,” Maren responded almost eagerly. “I’m a dirty, little whore. Please call me that.”

“Well then, if you’re a dirty, little whore, then I think it’s time you got dirty. Why don’t you roll around in the mud and show everyone what a dirty, little whore you really are.”

Maren’s always tried to be fashionably dressed and so it was that day, too. Of course, she didn’t look all that fashionable kneeling there in the mud and she looked even less so when she knelt down and rolled around in the muck. She knew she was embarrassing herself and yet it was something that had to be done.

Krel let the girl really roll around in the mud before he finally let her up. “Sit there in the mud and pull up your skirt,” he ordered her.

Maren rushed to comply.

“Now stick your hand down in your panties and rub your clit and call yourself a dirty, little slut.”

Maren knew everyone was watching but she couldn’t help herself. She stuck her hand down in her panties, and as hot as this was making her, she moaned the instant her fingers found her clit. “I’m a dirty, little slut,” she moaned.

“Yes, you are,” Krel told her, “and you belong to me.”

“I belong to you,” Maren confirmed. She moaned again. She was already on the verge of cumming.

Krel seemed to sense this. “You can stop rubbing yourself,” he told her. Word on the street was that she was still a virgin and he wanted to be the first one to make her cum.

“You can get up now,” he told her and he even offered her his hand to help her up.

Maren gasped as she touched the man’s hand. Just the feel of him was incredible. It was as if his very touch could set her body on fire. She wanted him to touch her more and she told him so.

The crowd parted as Krel led his new love away for that certainly was what she was. The fact that this had been imposed on her did not make it any less real for Maren. She would do anything to please this man. She was his chattle, his servant. She would do anything for him, anything at all.

Krel led them back to his apartment where he told Maren to get herself washed up but he told her, she needn’t bother to put any clothes back on. It was fun seeing her wallow around in the mud but there was no reason why he should get dirty, too, he surmised.

Maren was quickly washed and then she came into the one other room in Krel’s dingy, little apartment where the man was waiting for her. She knelt in front of him. “Please,” she pleaded, “I need you to use me. I need you to use my body for your pleasure. Whatever you want, I want to give it to you.”

The man looked at the girl. Her tits wer nice and full, almost like two half spheres attached to her chest with nary a bit of sag. He liked her tits. He always had. She liked wearing sweaters and he liked the way her tits filled those sweaters out. He grabbed one of her tits and he gave it a rough squeeze. “Do you like that?” he asked.

“Yes, very much. Please do it again, if you please.”

Krel grabbed the other of her tits and he squeezed it hard, then giving her nipple, a hard pull, all of this eliciting a low moan from the girl.

“Yes,” Krel said, almost as if to himself, “yes, this will do very well.”

“I’m glad,” Maren told him. “I only want to please you.”

“You may call me Master,” the man told her.

“Thank you, Master, I will. I only want to please you. Please, Master, pay no attention to my own needs. My body is yours for the taking.”

“There’s a bed in that couch over there. Why don’t you pull it out and then lie down on it for me.”

“Yes, Master, I will,” said the girl as she raced to the couch to pull out the bed. A bed could mean
only one thing to the subjugated Maren. Her master was going to use her and for Maren, that was exactly what she wanted.

Krel mounted the girl who was lying on the bed just as she had been instructed and the
n he slid his cock between the girl’s ample mounds. “Hold your tits together so I can fuck them,” he told her.

Almost immediately, the girl was pressing her tits together as Krel slid his rock hard cock between her tits.

“Suck on my cock,” he told her and again, the girl complied immediately, sucking the head of his cock every time he slid it past her fleshy mounds.

Krel moaned to himself. This is what he wanted. The fucking Sx’Nons could have whatever they damned wanted as long as they gave him this.

As it was, between the combination of running his cock between those ample mounds and the girl’s inexperienced sucking on his cock, (and she was inexperienced,) Krel didn’t last all that long. Soon his cock was shooting out great gobs of cum.

The girl just laid there and took it as the man’s cum oozed all over her. “You stupid bitch,” he chastised her, “don’t you know enough to suck and swallow when a cock starts cumming?”

The girl shook her head fearfully. She wasn’t sure what she’d done wrong. All she knew was that she had displeased her master.

Krel made the girl lick the cum from his shaft and when he was certain that she had licked him clean, then he allowed her to scoop up the cum off her body. He taught her that a bitch like her should always swallow and that a bitch like her should always want to swallow.

To Maren, what Krel said had to be right. If he said she should like it, then she should and she did. Krel made her suck him until she had gotten him hard again and this time, when he came in her mouth, she swallowed it all without letting a single drop escape from her lips.

“See, you can be a good cock sucking bitch when you put your mind to it,” Krell taunted her and Maren could only nod her agreement.

After cumming twice, Krel needed some rest. He told Maren that she could make herself useful by cleaning up his apartment while he slept and that’s exactly what she did.

The place looked a hell of a lot better by the time Krel finally awoke. He looked at the girl and then he called her to him.

“Yes, Master,” she said cheerfully. “Do you want me to suck your cock again now that I know how?”

The man smiled. “Maybe later,” he told the girl, “but right now, I’ve got something else for you to do.”

“What, Master? What?”

“I want you to lie down on this bed because today, you’re going to get your cherry popped.”

It seemed clear that the girl did not know what he was talking about but it also seemed clear that she wasn’t going to argue about it. If her master wanted her to lie down on his bed, then that was just fine with her.

“Rub your pussy,” he told her. “I want you to get it nice and wet down there.”

Maren did exactly what she was told to do and soon she was moaning. Krel could see her pussy glistening.

“All right,” he told her, “that’s enough of that. Now, I’m going to fuck you.”

The old Maren would have recoiled at that idea, but not the new Maren that was lying on his bed. “Oh yes, Master, please. Please fuck me. Please do whatever you want with me.”

The man perched himself over her body and then he slid the length of his cock along the folds of the girl’s pussy. She moaned at that and she kept right on moaning as Krel pushed the head of his member past the folds of her pussy lips.

Fuck, the man thought, this girl sure is tight. Of course, as stuck up as she was before, it’s no wonder nobody had managed to dip his wick in there, but sheesh! Of course, she wasn’t stuck up now, at least not for him. He pushed a little more of his cock inside her and the girl moaned again. Damn, that felt good.

Krel could feel his cock pressing up against her virginal barrier. He wanted to revel in the feeling of that for just a bit longer. After all, it wasn’t every day that you got to fuck a little virgin cunt.

Krel pulled back and then he drove himself as hard as he could into that cunt.

Maren’s whole body arched and she screamed as Krel’s cock tore into her and then she was sobbing as pain continued to wrack her body. She sobbed a bit as Krel pulled his cock back and then she screamed again as the man pushed his way inside her.

One more thrust would do it. One more thrust would shred her virgin barrier and Krel delivered that thrust, driving his cock into the girl’s lusting hole.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

Maren was still sobbing and it was clear that the act had not been all that kind to her virgin cunt and yet, as she looked up at Krel, she managed a smile. “Yes,” she told him, “I loved it. Thank you, Master, for fucking me so hard and so good. Thank you, Master, for taking the time to use my body for your own pleasure.”

Krel was driving his cock into Maren’s shredded hole and the girl continued to moan. He just kept driving and driving and driving and the girl seemed to love every moment of it.

For fun, Krel gave the girl a slap and then he slapped her again. There really wasn’t any reason for it. He just wanted to slap her and he loved hearing her yelp when he did it.

Finally though, his cock had had just about all the fun it could take and even as her pussy clenched down on his embedded cock, he gave the girl’s pussy the first helping of cum that it had ever tasted. He was sure it would not be the last.

After that, Krel let the girl suck him until she finally had him hard again. She was getting better at it, Krel noted, and he figured that it wouldn’t be all that long before she was one hell of a cock sucker.

He told the girl to get up on her hands and knees because he was going to fuck her in the ass. He could see it in her eyes. She didn’t want to get fucked in the ass. In fact, she probably thought it was dirty or low. Good, thought Krel, because he was going to do it anyway and he knew it and she knew it.

The girl perched herself on her hands and knees as Krel moved in behind her. As tight as her pussy had been, it was nothing compared to the tightness of her ass but then Krel figured he had the time so he just kept working on her butt until finally, he had the head of his cock in her butt.

The girl was sobbing loudly but Krel would not be denied. He shoved even more of his cock into her ass and he heard the girl choke back her tears as her ass tried to accomodate his cock. More of it went into her and then more and more and more until Krel figured he probably had about as much cock in her butt as her butt could take.

For once, he took it easy on the girl, not so much for her but for him. He worked his cock slowly in and out of her butt and the girl kept right on moaning. He was sure she would never get used to the feel of his cock in her butt and for Krel, that was all that mattered. He never wanted her to get used to that.

Krel gave her ass a few playful slaps but he knew what he really wanted and what he really needed. A few more thrusts would do it and even as he started to cum, the girl started to cum, too. Yeah, she might not get used to it, he thought, but she sure as hell was going to enjoy it.

Krel pulled his cock out of Maren’s ass and then he moved around to her other end. “I guess you deserve this,” he told her, “and then he made her lick the shit and cum off of his cock.

Krel slapped the girl around a bit after that if for no other reason than it felt good. He wanted her to know he was in control although he knew she already knew that, but then he liked to hear her yelp and he liked to hear her beg for mercy.

He slept in his bed that night and she slept on the floor. That was the way things were going to be from now on, Krel decided, unless of course, he decided to be magnanimous and then, maybe, he might allow her to share his bed with him. Of course, he could have her body at any time so he didn’t need her to sleep in his bed for that, and then he might just share his bed with her long
enough to use her body and then tell her to get down on the floor.

She woke him up the next morning with a hot blow job and Krel decided that that was t
he way things would be in the future. Every morning, he’d have the girl come to him and suck him off.

Of course, as soon as he had cum, she begged him to fuck her and she kept right on begging until finally Krel relented her and gave her what she wanted, and even as he filled her pussy with his cum, he could feel her cumming, too. Damn, that was good, too. That might have to become a part of their morning routine, too.

It was almost a couple of weeks after the Sx’Nons had made Maren their gift to Krel that the first Colonial contact was made. They were looking for someone who could pilot them through the Nadreze Expanse and could Krel do it. Krel, of course, as he and the Sx’Nons agreed, told them that he could, and then terms were agreed upon, and Krel showed up with his prized toy Maren a couple days later to be shuttled up to the Battlestar Erotica. It would be a long trip and Maren could at least keep him company along the way.

They were nearing the end of the trek through the Nadreze Expanse and Captain Illballya approached the ship’s commander. “I have some real problems with our new guide.”

“Problems, how? He seems competent enough.”

“Oh, he’s competent. I’ll give them that, but did you know the Sx’Nons were on his planet not two weeks before we arrived?”


“And don’t you think it odd that our little guide would neglect an important fact like that?”

“Yes, I do, but–“

“That’s not all. Word is that some strange things started going on there shortly after our friend arrive. There was talk of an innkeeper’s daughter who suddenly went bad. Now, that sounds like some of their mind control tricks.”

“It certainly does.”

“Worse yet, the Sx’Nons may have visited our little friend there. Now if that’s true, I want to know what they said and what they wanted. I think he’s leading us into a trap and I think I have a way to find out.”

“What do you have in mind?” asked the Erotica’s commander.

“If the Sx’Non are where we expect them to be, they’ll be holding back from the expanse’s perimeter so that they will be in a position to cut off any escape. I figure we put Salise in an old Viper, amp up its engines to represent a Battlestar in stealth and then send him out. If the trap is what I think it is, then me and some of my fellow Viper pilots will be there watching discreetly as the Sx’Nons swoop in to destroy him. Only too late will they see the ruse.”

“And if you’re right, what then?”

It was then that Illballya laid out the rest of his plan.

The commander on the Sx’Non ship was ansy. His ships had picked up the signature of a colonial battlestar, but when his fighters had moved in, all they had found was a single Colonial fighter. It had taken him great pleasure to blow it to smithereens, but that wasn’t the prize he sought.

“Commander, multiple energy signatures are popping off to the left of the breech.”

“How far?”

“Range eighteen to twenty miles. Now reading a solitary energy signature, stronger, fifteen miles to the right of the breech. Hold on. Some of the signatures on the left are breaking up. Reading new signatures on the left.”

“Uh huh. And the one on the right?”

“Holding steady, sir.”

The commander considered this. He was continuing to get reports of signatures winking in and out on the left but nothing new on the right. “The one on the right,” he queried, “it’s still steady?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Move the fleet to intercept the one on the right. That’s the Erotica.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Sx’Non commander would realize his mistake too late. Even as he was moving the fleet, Vipers were returning from their decoy mission. Hundreds of drones had been released to create a pattern of noise on one side of the breech while a single unmanned Viper did the same on the other side. Even as the Sx’Nons caught up to the unmanned fighter, the ragtag fleet left the expanse, and before the commander could do anything about it, they had made the jump to light speed and they were gone.

to be continued …

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