Bell's School incident

My name is Bell. It was my first day at a new school. I was attending the Esquire’s all Girls school. It was quite a prestigious school that I was very luck to be attending. I lived in a rather poor family but I was smart in school. I had received a full ride to this college. The door to the bus finally opened leading me to the Front of the campus. The whole college was made out of old Victorian homes. It was very warm in the houses and I felt a little out of place.
I was wearing a small loose white button up jacket covering a black t-shirt and a long black skirt. I walked in to my dorm to see the beautiful wooden framework of the circular rooms. The second thing I noticed was everyone else in the dorms. They all wore expensive brand name clothing that I personally could never afford. Several students stopped and said high. They spoke empty words as they greeted me. Saying how happy they were to see a new student. But I could tell. Behind their smiles stood loathing hate. Their kind didn’t like my kind invading their school. One of the girls quickly showed me up to my room. As soon as I was inside they were gone. Eager to leave me behind. I took my clothes from my luggage and started to load them into a Empty drawer in the almost empty room. There wasn’t much in the room beside a curtain and a well-decorated bed. I started to wonder. Who would be my roommate would be?
The moment I started to think these thoughts I felt a hand on my shoulder and a beautiful voice say, “So you must be my new roommate! Hi I’m Sarah!” I turned to see who had spoken. My short blond heir getting tangled in my glasses as I tuned. I reached up and pulled my hair out of my sight. When I could see again I found my self looking at a tall attractive girl in a track suit that had “Esquire Track” written across the front. She had long brown hair that fell in curls at her shoulders. Her Face was cute and in perfect proportions and her lips were lightly covered with lipstick. Other than that she wore no make up. I looked at her figure real quick. She was slender but her breast jutted out at her chest. They jiggled with her every move bouncing freely.
I shameful lucked down at my own rather undeveloped chest. “H-hello.” I stammered nervously. “I-im Bell.” She looked at me with a look of joy. “Oh a Nervous Type! Oh I just love people like you. Your just so cute!” She said. She smiled kindly. “Were going to have lots of fun together.” She grabbed me by the wrist and led me out of the room. She showed me all around campus. Everywhere I went people greeted me nicely and genuinely. I think it was because I was with Sarah. At the end of the day we returned to our room, both of us were exhausted.
I quickly got changed and climbed into bed. Even though I changed with my back facing Sarah I could feel her eyes pouring over me. She just climbed into bed in her track suit. I lay there for a few hours futile trying to get to sleep. But I failed. I sat up. The moment I did I herd Sarah say, “Can’t sleep either?” She was sitting on the floor with her back against the side of the bed. “Come over here” she said and I went over and sat on her bed. She climbed up to join me. “Well since we both can’t sleep why don’t you tell me about yourself.” I looked at her with a quick look of disbelief but I started to talk. “Well I came from a poor town-” Sarah cut me off. “No not that boring stuff. I want to know have you ever kissed anyone?” She said looking at me seductively.
“No” I stuttered and I would have continued but in a flash Sarah’s lips met mine. She kissed powerfully and deeply pushing me over until I was lying down on her bed. “Have you ever had sex?” She asked. ” N-no” I replied again. And once again Sarah’s lips were connected with mine. This time her tongue pried between my lips and adventured the insides of my mouth. I was so caught up in the kiss. It was so powerful. So sensual nothing like anything I had ever experienced. I looked down to see her track jacket was unzipped a little.
I looked strait down her jacket to see her Breast freely dangling in front of my face. She wasn’t wearing a Bra! Or anything else under her jacket. I was about to say something when she forced her lips back on mine sucking out any will or resistance. Her hand slid up the side of my body until it found my breasts. She squeezed gently and I let out a moan. She took the opportunity to shove her tongue inside my mouth again. Silencing my sounds of pleasure. She started to fondle my breasts a little harder. She pulled back. And grabbed my breasts with both hands. “A little undeveloped aren’t we.” She said then forcing her tongue back inside my mouth.
She inhaled my moans of pleasure. She took one of her hands and started to stroke my thigh. Waves of sensual feeling ran up and down my body. I was trembling so hard I could not resist. I keep thinking, “This is so wrong, why is this happening to me?” Then she slid her hand down and touched me. I gasped. She made a slow soft touch. I wanted her to back off, but secretly I wanted more. She put her other hand over my mouth and winked at me with her bright green eyes.
Then her hand grasped me forcefully. She roughly rubbed her hand against the fabric of my panties and it felt so wrong and so good. I was lost in the feeling. I was screaming into her hand my saliva covering her skin. Just when I thought she was done. She slowly moved the fabric to one side. I didn’t see what came next. A single finger penetrated me. It went inside me and I felt her probe my insides. I let out a muffled scream. I couldn’t think anymore. I was gone. I vaguely caught her say something like “So you really are a virgin!” but I didn’t care. I was gone in the pleasure. Then a second finger penetrated me. I felt so violated and so good. Then she started to move her finger in and out of me.
Each thrust she put in more strength and I felt another wave of weakness. Then each wave started to compound. It built up more pressure and it kept building. Up and up and up. Until. It all released. It all flowed through my body and onto her hand. She removed her hand and looked at the fluids on it. She smiled. “Well you made a mess. Now I have to clean it up. She positioned her self with a good view of my inner workings. I was still gone in my heavy breathing. Then she approached my legs.
I wondered what she was doing until she shoved her face into me. Her tongue ripped through my body. The pleasure started to rise again and what little I had recovered was gone. Then with her tongue she started to add finger. It was slow at first. But then it pierced me sending another wave strait to my stomach. I let out a hail of moans which Sarah didn’t even bother to try and silence. Her second hand slowly crawled across my midsection and slid beneath my shirt. She pulled down my bra and grasped my nipple. She twisted and I let loose to another moan. She savaged my body until the pressure released all over her face. She got up and stared at me. I was helpless lying on her bed shaking uncontrollably. She moved up and lay down next to me. “don’t worry I’ll protect you” She said. She lay there hugging me. I rested my head against her soft warm breast…. She unzipped her jacket farther and she pushed my face against her chest. I didn’t mind. I was to tired to resist. I gently took her breast in my hand and started to suck her nipple. She moaned softly and hugged me tight. We shared the warmth of her bed that night. But that was only the beginning.

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