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Katie and Darren were always best friends…they were in the band together…in school plays. They did lots together. Katie always sorta liked darren but not enough to say anything about it. Darren was madly in love with Katie. Though he never said anything. When they were Juniors in high school, Darren finnally got the courage to ask Katie to the fall semi-formal.She of course said yes.
Now illtake the time to explain…Darren and Katie are both chubby, but that doesn’t matter to most people considering they have such great personalitys. Katie is 5’6″and has big 34 C breasts…Darren is 5’10” and has a big 7 1/2 ” cock.
The day of the dance arrived. Katie had the most gorgeous gown..and Darren had a matching tie. He picked Katie up at 6:30….the dance started at 8 but he was going to take her to dinner.After dinner they headed to the high school.They danced for a while and were having a great time. During the last hour they had a lot of slow dances. They anounced the last song and it too was a slow one. They got up and started to slow dance. Darren loved the sweet slow motion, Katie had such grace.he put his arm around her and hugged her tightly. Katie was certainly starting to like it more and more.
He put his head down and kissed her softly. Then more intimatly sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth…she kissed back. she loved him- he loved her…everything was perfect. KAtie didnt want it to end, but it did the song ended and they stopped. The hurried out of the school and into darrens car where they started kissing more passionatly.He started the car and started to drive. He did let his lips from hers but only for a short while while he drove to a hotel 10 mins away. They got in a room and started kissing agin more and more intensly each time.Katie unbuttond his shirt and threw it off his arms and onto the ground.Darren kicked off his shoes and socks, Katie did they same(they were still kissing)Darren took off his wife beater then unzipped the back of Katie’s dress. She let it drop to the ground and kicked it off. She started unbuckleing his belt and she dropped his pantes. now all he had on was his boxers and Katie her panties and bra.Darren whispered..are you sure you want to do this Katie said yes oh yes kissing him again.Darren said alrite sweetie..i love you. Oh i love you too sugar said Katie. Darren asked is this you’re first time? Katie said yes…ok then, ill be careful…Katie said How bout u he said yes…i wouldnt do it with anyone but you i loved you for so long..Katie said I did to….but it doesnt matter we have eachother now.They frenched again and Darren unhooked her bra.then she slid down his boxers revealing his hard cock. Darren slid down her panties and kissed her again. Katie Said go ahed just do it. He laid her on the bed and climbed above her. He slid his dick into her hot pussy and she screamed a little because it hurt . But then the pain turned to massive pleasure like nothing she had ever felt before she didnt want him to stop she loved it, she loved him.He didnt want to get her pregnat so he took his cock out and cummed in her mouth she took it like an angel.He loved her so much.
They fucked all night long andthe decided to date eacother now they are married and are workin on children they will never forget that night they loved it. They love eachother forever.

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