Best Friends Daughter

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Our children had grown up together from birth and we always visited our friends during the summer months every year as they lived on the Isle of Wight, seconds away from the beach. A great time was had by all.
But now they had all grown up and our visits were less frequent, but we still kept in touch by phone. I recently had to go to the island for work and by chance what I had to do took no time at all. As I was booked on the 5’oclock ferry, I had plenty of time for a leisurely lunch and an afternoon to kill.
I rang my friend’s house phone and after a long time, a female voice answered which I didn’t recognise. It turned out be his youngest daughter, Karen who was house sitting while they were away in Spain for two weeks. She said to go round and she would put the kettle on. It was only a short drive to their house so I arrived in less than ten minutes. I rang the bell and was completely bowled over when this sultry young goddess answered the door. You have to remember I hadn’t seen Karen since she was probably about twelve. She was now just eighteen. God how she had matured! Her previously chubby figure and round little face had turned into the most beautiful tall stunningly pretty girl I had seen for a very long time! She would easily match some of the girls you see in lad’s mag’s.

She invited me in and we drank coffee. We chatted for ages about our families and what everyone was now doing. I offered to take her to lunch which was grateful for; she had been stuck in the house for days! We walked the short walk down the path at the side of the house to the pub and as it was a beautifully warm day, Karen took a table outside while I went in to get some drinks.
I bought her a large glass of white wine as she had asked and as I had to drive back home, I was stuck with an orange juice and lemonade. Karen saw this and asked what I was doing! I explained that I had the car but she went in and came out with a bottle of cold white wine. “You are staying tonight, there’s plenty of room” she said. As it was Friday, I had no real reason to make it back home. We drank and chatted and after our third bottle of cold wine and a couple of large seafood salads, we staggered off up the path.
We sat next to each other on the large sofa and Karen went off to the kitchen to find more wine. I was feeling so good and relaxed but I wasn’t ready for what happened next.
Karen returned with two glasses and a bottle of red wine this time. I looked up at her and all she was wearing were a pair of tiny white knickers and a thin white tee shirt, through which I could see her ample breasts pushing through. What should I do now I thought to myself? She is my best friend’s daughter who I have known since she was born! I was old enough to be her father! This didn’t however stop me from getting an erection, which Karen seemed to pick up on. She poured me a glass of red and dropped to her knees. She unzipped my trousers and released the beast. It was so hard, it ached already! Her warm mouth soon engulfed the swollen helmet and she began to slurp away, pulling my foreskin back and forth over the helmet with her mouth – divine! It felt like absolute heaven. She was bloody good I have to say despite her tender years! All thoughts of her as a child had certainly vanished now! She dropped her hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit through her damp knickers. I began to rub her huge erect nipples and as I squeezed them hard, she orgasmed without warning. Hell she was coming so hard. She was now pushing the end of my cock so far down her throat I don’t know how she was not gagging. I think she may have done this once or twice before! My balls were on fire as she sucked and caressed my cock. I was trying so hard to hold back, but it all became too much as she herself cum again. I began to spurt my thick spunk down her throat. Now this did make her gag but rightly or wrongly I held her head down hard and she eventually swallowed my salty load. I made sure she emptied me fully. Fuck that felt nice!
She got up and took her soaking knickers off. While I was still hard, she sat astride me, pulled my foreskin down hard, exposing my fat purple helmet. Despite it being quite a good length and girth, my cock almost fell inside her she was so wet. I instantly had a solid cock again and she rode it like a girl possessed. Where the hell did she learn this stuff at such a tender age! She kissed me passionately and I immediately tasted my own man juice. Not unpleasant, just a bit of a surprise! She pushed down so hard on my shaft that I don’t know where she was putting it all. I began to suck her ample nipples and again without any warning, she slammed down on my cock and cum hard again. This time I felt her juices flood down her legs onto mine. What a dirty slut she had turned out to be. I too began to feel like coming again, and I spun her over onto her back, pushed her legs back high and wide and began to fuck her really deep. I was frightened I might injure her young pussy but she was pulling me down for more! Her pussy was so tight yet deliciously wet. My helmet had swollen to astronomical proportions and she was clearly noticing this. My foreskin wouldn’t roll over the helmet any more it was so fat and swollen. This made it all the worse (or better!) for us both and my sperm began to fill her cunt hole. I knew it was pouring out; I always was a very heavy cummer. She even said she felt it squirting against her pussy wall.
I continued to fuck her for a few moments more, but much slower, making sure every drop had gone inside her young pussy. I felt her pussy with my hand and it was so hot to touch and so slippery with our love juices. Her clitty was swollen and protruding out if its hood. I touched it and she jolted. I held my softening cock over her pussy and rubbed my helmet on her clit. She moaned so I rubbed it more. A few last trickles of my salty sperm touched her clit and I rubbed it all in. She started to tremble and as I moved my cock-end around her pussy area, she orgasmed one last time. A huge creampie oozed out of her gaping pussy hole as she cum. I certainly had excelled myself with that quantity of spunk!
I don’t remember much else until we woke many hours later…. TO BE CONTINUED

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