Birthday present

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When I was married to my now ex wife about having a threesome with another woman she said that maybe she would try and arrange it someday as a birthday present. This conversation went on and off for a couple of years. One day my wife Sue came home from work and told me she had finally made arrangements for our threesome. Sue was riding the elevator at work today and she was talking with her co-worker, Donna. Donna was divorced and was bumming because she had not had sex for a really long time. I knew Donna. She is a big girl with great big tits. Very pretty too. Sue told her that she should come over to our house and that she would share me with her.
Donna was kind of a crazy girl so Sue figured that she might go for it. Sue was right. Donna asked her if she was joking. Sue told her that I wanted a threesome and Donna was horny so, why not? They found a day that would work for everyone and two weeks later Donna was on her way over. For two weeks I waited. The wait was excruciating. I asked Sue if we should have any ground rules. Who should I fuck first? I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sue told me that I could do whatever I wanted. The only thing that Donna requested was that I don’t film what we were doing.
Donna arrived. We had a couple of drinks to relax a bit. Sue suggested that Donna and I go take a shower together and she would be waiting for me in bed. I stripped in the living room and headed to turn on the shower. A couple of minutes later Donna entered the bathroom naked. We got into the shower together. I soaped up her big titties and played with her pussy a bit. Of course she stroked my soapy cock. We also kissed passionately in the shower. After we dried off Donna sat on the toilet and pulled me toward her. I was rock hard. She sucked me like a pro. I didn’t finish because I was saving it for later.
We made our way to the bedroom were Sue was laying spread eagle on the bed. She had a big grin on her face. She asked if we had fun. I told her that Donna gave great head. I instructed Donna to lie next to Sue. I immediately knelt down to stick my tongue in Donnas’ pussy. As I licked and sucked her clit I looked over to see Donna reaching down to Sues’ pussy. Donna asked if it was okay. Sue said sure it was okay. Donna said that she always wanted to do that.
Sue said “you know what I always wanted to do?”. Switch places with my husband. Donna replied “Oh yes, please do it.” Donna and I switched and Sue started to slowly lick Donnas’ pussy. It was her first time but she looked like she had been doing it for years. As Donna stroked my cock, Sue made her cum in pretty quick fashion. Donna dropped my cock and grabbed Sues’ hair with both hands as she came loudly. “Oh my God Sue, I’m coming!”.
Donna laughed. She didn’t think her first orgasm in many months would be from Sue. Donna said, now it’s my turn. I asked Donna if she was going to stick he tongue in Sues’ pussy. Donna said that she was nervous but would do it. We have a king size bed so we moved so Donna could lick Sue as I fucked Donna from behind. Her big tits swung as I fucked her hard. Everyone was moaning loudly. It was awesome! My dream come true. Sue came and I pulled out of Donna. I told my wife to come over and suck the pussy juice from my cock while Donna watched. I eventually got them both to bend over while I took turns pounding their pussies from behind. I still managed to hold off from Cumming. Donna said she wanted me to cum inside her. I laid down on the bed and Donna climbed on top of me. She rode me hard as I grabbed both of her large cheeks as she fucked me. Sue lay next to me and watched as Donna and I both came. I yelled “I’m cumming in her pussy Sue!”. Donna climbed off me and layed back on the bed.
Sue said, “I want to taste that cum in your pussy.” She licked up cum out of Donnas’ pussy then she came over and kissed me deeply. It actually didn’t taste too bad. Donna did come over another day for more fun but that’s another story.

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