busted, and forced to pay

I will start by saying that I do not – or perhaps, did not – consider myself to be a gay man. But while that is true, I would occasionally use a dildo on myself, call she-males, and browse she-male porn. Gloryholes also held a fascination and I would often stay late at work in order to finish downloading porn and get myself off in the private bathroom that my section of offices enjoyed.
One afternoon the company VB, Derek poked his head in my office and asked if I would mind sticking around after hours for a meeting that we needed to have. Feeling a little unsure and uncomfortable, I told him that would be no problem. At the end of the day I shut things down and went over to his office. Derek was on the phone and waved me in, motioning for me to take a sit near his desk. He was clearly having a serious discussion and it sounded as if it was related to someone within the company (I began to worry that I was in trouble).
When Derek hung up, he asked me to shut the door. As I returned to the chair, he turned his monitor so that we could both view it and said that we had a problem. “What’s wrong” I asked, and with the click of a button, I suddenly saw one of the Porn sites that I had visited recently. I didn’t say anything and felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as he stared at me. Worse than anything was the fact that this was a shemale porn site.
“It seems that you spend a lot of time on these type of sites” Derek said. “Ah, I, ah” I stammered, not knowing what I could possibly say. “You realize that this is grounds for termination”. Oh God!!! I could not loose my job….”I just bought a house Derek” I said, my voice shaking. “Yes, I am aware of that. I like you, I don’t want to have to let you go. I understand your attraction to this sort of thing but I simply can’t allow this sort of thing to go on undealt with. I am sure that you understand my position.” “Derek, I am sorry. Listen, I will leave the porn alone, I swear it, please let me keep my job”
At this point, Derek stood up and walked around to the front of his desk…..Oh My God, he was hard!! Immediately I understood and I was scared to death. “How badly do you need your job Mark?” “Um, no, um Derek, I am sorry, I am not um, uh, gay, I am sorry, I don’t do that” again I stammered, not knowing what to say. “I don’t think you understand Mark” he now stood up and walked over so that his groin was only inches from my face. “Unzip it Mark, I am not going to say it again”, as he said this he put his hang on my head. Oh God, I didn’t know what else to do. So, slowly I reached up and pulled his zipper down. He undid his belt and pushed his pants down to his thighs and without any hesitation pushed his cock into my mouth. I simply sat there with my mouth open as he moved in and out of me. Within a short time saliva and pre-cum were dripping out of my mouth and running down my chin. I closed my mouth more fully and actually began to suck on his dick…..I began to kind of enjoy this although I was embarrassed and scared. And then Derek pulled away.

“Do you understand Mark” he asked. “Yes, I replied, you want me to blow you”. “No, Mark, no. I want you to take your clothes off right now”. “Oh God, Derek, please no, let me blow you, please just let me blow you and leave it at that.” “You slut” he laughed, “I said strip” and that is when he got physical.

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  1. MasterHank

    As a Dom, I like the concept. Waiting for the rest of the story. I’m sure that Derek will find plenty of ways to have you pay for your porn visits.

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