Can I Offer You A Ride?

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“Hey! Want a ride?” Carrie looked over and a very horny-looking, but attractive guy was asking her as he held the steering wheel and peered down at her with his head lowered to see her through the passenger side window.

“Oh no thank you. I walk for exercise.”

“Look like you don’t need any exercise!” he said as he eyed her up and down, admiring her sexy form.

Normally that kind of behavior would turn Carrie off, but for some reason this guy was turning her on, for crying out loud she was already wet.

So she smiled but said nothing. He drove alongside her so that he was always alongside her, his passenger door was right near her the whole time, almost like saying, “Come on get in you know you want too.” Carrie was used to this attention she had been getting this from males of all ages since she was 15 now she was 30 and she still looked good, ft, trim, really nice ass that she always showed off in tight jeans and pants and in the summer tight bikini bottoms and skimpy shorts. Her breasts were really nice, high and round always encased in some kind of sexy bra, usually see thru lace where her nipples could be seen through the openings of the lace or the sheerness of the material, she had long legs and her pants always clung around her well formed tight calves. She had a really hot body from all angles and both sides and she happened to have a very very pretty and ultra feminine face, perfect sexy features,and those lips so nice and full and sensual. Her hair was pretty longish and light light blonde it looked great with its shininess and it made her pale blue eyes stand out more. And the driver of the car saw her whole package and he just wanted to take her home and unwrap her.

“Come on, honey. Don’t you want a ride? I’ll take you wherever you need to go, a pretty girl like you might meet up with a real pervert, I mean look how you have attraced me!”

That was it, that did it, she burst out laughing and stood still, this made him even hornier, he knew he was gonna win. He stopped the car, put it in park and got out. “Damn!”Carrie thought as she looked at him, he was tall and had a nice body,well he was dressed nicely and he looked sleek. He was tall,much taller than her. She had to look up at him, he loved that, it was a huge turn on. He leaned back against his car, in a very aggressive pose, legs apart crotch jutting out, she did not dare look there, since she wanted to keep up the appearance of being innocent.

“By the way my name is Craig.” he said as he grinned at her.

“Hi Craig, I’m Carrie.”

“Hey two “c” names, uh oh that means this was meant to happen, you know that,right?”

Carrie giggled and nodded.

“Come on, get in, I’ll take you wherever you are going.” Craig said as he opened the door, Carrie got in soaking wet and she was excited to see what wuld happen next, but she was a little scared too.

Craig started the car and said, “Where to?”

“I feel silly saying this, but I was just out for a leisurely walk, I have no idea where to go.” she said and then she added, “You know what maybe I better get out, this feels weird.”

“No,no listen I have the rest of the day off from work, you are just out strolling,
let’s just hang out, ok?” Craig asked as he stared in her eyes, his eyes were so dark brown and sexy she could not resist. “Ok I think you are a cool,nice guy, sure let’s hang out.”

Craig got horny hearing that,he was feeling her vibe,and it was sexual.

“Wanna get a couple of beers and park and talk?”

“Well, ” Carrie said I really don’t like beer, I’ll take an orange juice.

“Ok orange juice.” and he drove up to a deli, went in and came out with a bag, “Hold this okay, honey?’ he said as he handed her the bag. When she heard the word “honey” she felt intense warmth moving from her breasts right to her pussy. She just smiled at that sensation.

They drove to a parking lot behind some old abandoned restaurant. The building was boarded up and looked like no one had been there in years there was high grass and overgrown shrubbery everywhere. Craig drove into that back parking lot that overlooked the harbor, you could see it slightly through the few breaks between all that lush vegetation. He stopped and pit the car in park, he undid his seat belt and looked at Carrie, “Damn you are pretty!”

Carrie smiled and said, “I know I shouldn’t say this, but you are extremely attractive.”
Craig smiled and said, “Why shouldn’t you say that?”

“Because I learned long ago the male ego gets all puffed up and arrogant over compliments from women.”

“Oh that’s not true! and CRaig immediately looked in his rearview mirror and starting using running his fingers through his black hair and said, “wow you hot stud! Damn no wonder she thinks you are hot! Damn you are just too good-looking!”

Carrie burst out laughing. She thought, ” I just know we are going to fuck!”

Almost as if he knew her thoughts,he leaned
over to her and kissed her full on the lips, he first just rubbed his lips on the outside of her lips over and over, it was driving her wild, then he slid his tongue in between her lips and found her tongue he wiggled his against it then he sucked her tongue gently, but firmly. Soon they were body to body kissing. They kissed for a sexy while, their saliva in their mouth made a sexy sound as they kissed.

Carrie pulled away, “Ohhh I feel really dizzy here.”

“Well you know why that is don’t you,”
Craig grinned as he asked. “it’s because your blood is rushing somewhere else.”

Carrie smirked and said, “Oh really where is my blood rushing?”

“Hmmm somewhere in this region.” he illustrated by holding his hand in the air above her crotch and moving it back and forth. Carrie grabbed his hand and pushed it down over her pants covered moistly heated pussy and inquired, “Here? Is that where my blood has gone.” Craig atarted just rubbing her over and over and he said, “Yeah baby,right there.” and he took her hand and placed it over his sswollen pointing up to the left in his pants cock and said, “My blood had rushed here.” Carrie felt his cock through his thin dress pants, he had no underwear on since she could feel his veins, damn he was rigid and she loved it, she wrapped her small hand around his shaft in his pants and squeesed it then she stroked it, but it was difficult with the material there she could not really do more than squeezesall up and down the shaft and rub overs just grazing the outline of his hard on.

“Oh baby you have the touch!” Craig said as he continued rubbing her pussy, he started nibbling on her neck right on the main vein, at first she giggled it tickled, but he persisted ignoring her little nervous laughs and he tugged on it, “Ohhh shit,” she shakily said as she felt like she was going to pass out and orgasm that sensation of his teeth gently tugging her vein was making her clit be sore and stiff and he knew it, he had fucked lots of women in his life and he knew exactly what that did to them so he kept doing it and like a lot of women she begged him to stop so he did.

“Baby, do you want my dick in your pussy right now?”

“Yes!” Carrie asserted.

So Craig unbuttoned,unzipped his pants, opened them up and let her look.His cock head was out of the elastic and just sticking stright up, precum pooling around that little slit hole. “Mmmmm looks so good.” Carrie purred as she pushed her shirt up and over her bra covered tits. “Mmmm I wanna suck it!” she said as she opened her bra and let her firm tits pop out.

“Wait a second.” Craig said as he opened his door and got out, he removed his shoes and then he took off his pants, and to Carrie’s amusement he folded them neatly, she giggled. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Oh just the idea that you are that concerned about your pants.” So very comically he twirled them around and bunched th
em up and threw them through the window.

They both laughed. “Ok now back to the issue of you sucking my cock,” Craig said, I need to remove m
y underwear for you to do this.” and he pulled them down and off. Carrrie just stared at all that masculine erotic beauty, mmm nice long veiny shaft nice pinkish kind swollen definitely spongy head, nice balls hanging under that upward loking cock and mmmm lots of long dark pubic hairs, so manly looking.

He got back in the car and sat down Carrie leaned over into his lap and forst just held and examined his cock, holding it moving it from left to right, shaking it, loooking under the shaft. “Like what you see?” Craig asked as he looked down at her, she looked up and said, “Mmmm you know it!” That turned Craig on, now the blow job began, first Carrie did long tongue out of her mouth sloppy wet warm licks all over
that cock she was murmuring in pleasure then she got his cock head between her soft lips in her wet, warm mouth and did hard sucks and releases he was just watching her reveling in this pretty woman sucking him off while her bare breasts with her hard nipples were rubbing over and pressing on his thighs from time to time, she was gining him a A-1 blowjob but he wanted to fuck his dick needed pussy heat and tightness around it.So he stopped ger gently and told her he wantedto fuck her.
“Where?” she asked, “Over the hood of the car?
Craig had not even thought of that but he immediately said yes. They both got out, Carrie undid her pants and pulled them down and off, she went for her thong and Craig stopped her, “Allow me.” and with his teeth he pulled them down, he was really good at that, most guys can’t do it, but he sure could, he pulled them out and down really tugging tjhem in his teeth, he got trhem down to her shins and then he told her to lift each foot so he could take them off, they were very soaked from her juices and Craig held them and sniffed them and then sucked the crotch while he stroked his hard on Carrie just felt her pussy hole pulsate and her clit feel super sensitve when she saw that. Craig threw trhem in the car and grabbed his pants and hers and his shirt too he piled them on the hood and said, “My shirt goes on top I want your pussy scent on it from our fucking.” “Ohhh shit, he is hot!” Carrie thought. He held her by her hips and backwards walked to to him he turned her around and pushed on her lower back to bend over, “Hot ass!” he said as he ran his hands over her cheeks, she shivered to his touch and her pussy dripped, then he reached between her legs, “Ohh yeah hot pussy!” and he slipped a finger in, she bent over more feeling him digitally fuck her and then quick as a wink his cock slid into her little turned on pussy hole, in and out he fucked her rubbing her hips up and down as he pumped his dick in that hole stretching it to accomadate his dick and therefore causing it to juice up in response, he was feeling all of her silky tight wet thin pussy skin massage his hard hungry for her cock, in and out, in and out, deeper and shallower, over and over he gave her one very good old fashioned fucking, he removed one hand from her hip and massdaged her asshole just on the outside as he pumped then he just inserted the tip and playfully yet determinedly tugged on her asshole, he pulled out just before he came and removing his finger he slipped just the tippy top part of his head in her asshole and shot his load. They moaned in unison and he pushed his full length in her asshole, all the way in super deep, his balls hanging on and against her pussy lips and he just stayed there not moving not making a sound, neither did she, they were just sweating and feeling each other’s heat and reveling in the sheer horniness of it all, he pulled out slowly from the inner grip of her tight asshole, watching himself come out of her and leaned down and kissed her lower back then he stood up, but hunched over her ass and just humped her real good and animalistically and reached around and played with her tits.

Carrie turned her head back to his face and said, “I don’t know about you, but this is the best ride I ever recieved and the destination was perfect!”

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  1. creameater

    very nice, I can see that you are verbally visual from this great tale. I also love the strangers having sex element.

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  2. treffett2001

    Great Story.

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