carrol takes charge

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dumbo walked into the pub, sitting down talking was madam carol and julianne, dumbo went to the bar, Claire was waiting, hello shrimp dick what can i get you, can i have a pint please, Carrol and julianne looked at dumbo, Claire said, if you were a man you could, but you are not, here is a glass of water, then she spat in it, ha ha ha, that will be ten pounds dumbo, dumbo paid and went to sit down, Carrol shouted get here now dumbo, dumbo walked over, julianne and Carrol stood up, jilianne grabbed dumbos ears and pulled him to the floor, lick our boot wimp, Carrol looked down and spat in his face, after twenty Min’s, jilianne got up and left after pulling dumbos ears , Carrol said right dumbo all my house work needs doing, so get it done, Claire came over and said take all your cloths of, dumbo was naked, carrol grabbed his ears and started pulling hard, please madam carrol please stop, carrol just laughed, now dumbo get to work, he had to clean the pub and flat up stairs, claire was on the phone to suzanne, carrol said right i need a shit dumbo and you can wipe my ass and lick it clean follow me wimp, dumbo was kissing her boots while she went when carrol was finished she stood with her massive ass in front of dumbos face, her thighs and ass were massive, she bent over and dumbo wiped her ass,carrol was laughing what a wimp, now lick it clean, carrol walked back into the bar and told claire, they were laughing, claire said did you injoy that shrimp dick,

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