Caught by my mother in law

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My wife’s mother is not someone that you would want to cross as she has a very acid tongue and a stare that could kill, so what happened to me when she caught me doing something that I would have thought would have been the end of my relationship with her daughter was something of a surprise.

I had been asked to fit some new lights in the in-laws house and so I had been given the key and they had gone to work. Well, the job didn’t take as long as I thought, so I decided to have a nose around. After a while I ended up in their bedroom and was feeling a bit voyeuristic, so I opened the drawers to see if I could find anything and boy did I! Next to the bed I opened the cupboard and at the back was two long and spikey dildo’s and some handcuffs and a jar of ointment of some sort. This find got me feeling really randy and I decided to see just what she had in her underwear drawer, so I found it and rummaged through and found some nice silky pants. I still don’t know why, but I then went mad and undressed and put the pants on and started looking at myself in the mirror and stroking the dildo up and down my legs, resulting in an erection. As I did so I heard the key go in the door and I nearly had a heart attack there and then! I rushed across the bedroom grabbed my clothes and shot into the bathroom. I still had my mother in-laws pants on and her dildo in my hand and I knew that I had left the cupboard open and it was then I realised that I had left my shirt hanging on the bedroom chair!

For a few moments I just stood there. I wanted to get dressed, but I daren’t move. I then heard Val, my mother-in-law, call my name and I shouted back that I was in the bathroom and I’d be down in a minute. But, I then heard the sound I didn’t want to hear, she was coming upstairs. My heart was pounding so fast, I knew that Helen my wife would never forgive me when her Mum told her what I’d done. I heard her steps in the hall way and I waited and waited. A few moments later I hear her walk back along the hallway, she must have been in the bedroom. “I think you’d better open the door, don’t you young man?” she said in a really calm voice. “I won’t be long” I croaked. Then, the bathroom door handle turned as she tried to open the door “Open this door now or I call Helen” she said.

There was nothing for it, I unlocked the door and she pushed it open to see me standing completely naked apart from a skimpy pair of white see-thru panties with a shrivelled cock inside and me holding a massive black dildo.

She turned round and said “come here you little wimp” as she walked back to the bedroom. I meekly followed and she then sat on a chair and held out her hand for the dildo, which I gave her. She then said “take them off and put them in the linen basket”. So, I slipped the panties down and walked right across the room and back to the bathroom where the basket was. I dropped them in and was about to pick up my clothes when she shouted “come back here now!”. I daren’t refuse, so I walked back and stood in front of her with not a stitch on, looking down at my feet and imagining what I was going to tell my wife about this.

Val then looked right ahead and said “come here and bend over” pointing to her knees. I wasn’t sure whether I should run or do as I was told, but something inside me was getting really excited at being humiliated, while at the same time being terrified as to the outcome of today’s events. So, I bent over and as I went over her knees she put her hand on my ass and rubbed it down between my legs to the back of my balls. She then pushed my legs apart and put her other hand on my back and then she gave me such a spank that first hit my ass and then caught my testicles and made me squirm and shout out! “You are a naughty boy and I’m going to make you pay for nosing into my stuff” she said and then she spanked me again and again, holding me down with one hand while smacking me with the other.

The stinging was bad, but the level of excitement was getting higher and higher, I couldn’t help it, my cock was getting stiffer on her lap as each spank hit me. After a while she stopped and I was sure she could feel my erection under me. “Get up” she said and as I started to get up I could see she was red with excitement as well and when she saw the transformation of my cock from the tiny shrivelled specimen when she first caught me to the full, erect and thick member it had now become I still think she was impressed.

I stood in front of her and it was standing to attention almost brushing her face. “I hope that taught you a lesson” she said, her breath racing and her eyes transfixed on my penis. “Yes Val, it did” I said, not daring to move, but my cock bobbing up when I spoke.

What happened next will live with me forever. My mother-in-law grasped me by my cock and marched me to the bed. She then ripped her trousers and pants down and pulled me down next to her. She closed her eyes tight shut and said “fuck me now” and not one to miss an opportunity and knowing that once she had asked me to do this she couldn’t tell her daughter what went on I duly slid straight into her huge and soaking wet pussy and pounded on her just as hard as I could! She gripped me so hard and made such a commotion that I thought the whole neighbourhood would know what we’d been up to, but nevertheless once I could feel that she had climaxed she pushed me off and ran into the bathroom, throwing my clothes out before she shut the door.

“Go now and don’t breath a word of this” she shouted and I didn’t need telling twice.

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