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I was suppose to be away for the day, and my wife was off! For some reason, my Trip was cancelled and I decided to surprise my wife, so I didn’t call her to tell her I was coming home!
I pulled in and parked the car above our house and snuck in the basement door!
I heard noises coming from our bedroom and it was my wife’s voice!
I ssnuck up stairs and got to our bedroom door! The door was cracked a little and enough that I could see my long legged wife, lying on the bed, completely Naked and Saying a guys name, wasn’t my name!
she had her legs spread furthjer then I ever saw them and she had this Red vibrator in her pussy! She was calling the vibrator a name, a Guys name!
She’s pull the Vibrator out almost all the way and then shove it all the way in! Actually she put it far enough in, that the cap for the Battery was in her lovely Pussy!
I’ve always asked to play with her pussy and she said she has never masturbated and never will!
I watched for about 20 minutes and all of a sudden she Raised up her Beautiful ASS, Gave a Scream and, Pulled out the vibrator and shot a load of Pussy cum all over the Bed!
I was so turned on, I was going to walk in with my Dick in my hands, it’s a little shorter the that Red vibrator she shoved in her Blonde Pussy!
I decided to walk up and get in my car, I already filled my shorts with cum!!!!
I pulled awya and drove about a mile from the house, I called her and told her I was coming home, that since i was getting out eaarly, maybe we could just make out!!!!
She said she wasn’t in the mood!
Then next day I got on the computer and looked up Jelly vibrators and found one like she was using! I then went up to her and said “WEon’t you let me buy a vibrator for you, Maybe it will turn you on”! sshe looked at me abd told me “Your CRazy, I’d neer put anything like that near my Pussy, not alone in it!!!!
NOW I have found where she keeps her Fuck buddy, should I one night show her I know!
I need some advise!
She alwyass tells me my cock is just the right size for her!!!!

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