Changing the odds part 3

“……….” Dag blinked as he listened to Cathy’s story from when she was twelve. He really had no choice but to listen considering his current state. However, even if half his bones weren’t broken, he’d have a hard time ignoring Sera, “iissshhh sshhhhaaaaaaarrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaa…”

“No point really, I’m just playing around with you,” Sera smiled almost angelically. There was a hint of cruelty behind her voice. She leaned in towards Dag and casually placed her hand on the young man’s crotch. “Looks like someone likes the story he’s hearing. Would you like to hear more? No, you don’t really have a choice.”

“…..” Dag’s face was boiling red as a large drop of sweat rolled down his temple.


“Look, your first time has arrived,” Teresa smirked as she pulled on Nami’s leash. She forced the collared girl over to the half wolf half dog hybrid. There was almost no trouble since Nami was still suffering from being denied of an orgasm.

“Please… not like this…” Nami pleaded as she was partially dragged towards Barker. As much as she wanted to cum, she also didn’t want her first time to be with a dog. Then again, who does?

“Shut up, bitch,” Teresa growled as she hit Nami over the head. “Now get on your hands and knees.”

Nami reluctantly obeyed and go into a doggy-style position facing the wall Cathy was chained to a short while ago. Her captive straddled her back facing the opposite direction and inserted a finger into the leashed girl’s pussy. After that one went in, a seconds finger was used, then a third one after. As soon as the third finger was inserted, it was immediately covered with juices.

“Here Barky, here boy,” Teresa coaxed the arctic wolf dog with her coated fingers. Nami’s pussy was practically flowing with her juices when the fingers were taken out. Barker cautiously came forth and licked the fingers that were offered to him. He sniffed around and Teresa nonchalantly led him to Nami’s fluid excreting pussy.

“mmmmm…” Nami moaned loudly embarrassing herself as she felt a tongue on her clit. It was practically peaking out from her hood. All of a sudden, she felt Teresa leave her back, then her back suddenly became heavy again. Barker was ready to fuck her!

As this went on, H sat there by the table enjoying the show. His hand was over a small camera pointed at the beastial scene in front of him. The egytian woman that brought in the wolf/dog sat next to him. There were many different and interesting items laid out on the table. However, the woman was only interested in one thing.

“Oh, is that the latest model?” The woman asked as she picked up the camera. She picked up the camera and aimed it at Nami and Barker.

“Like I know,” H scoffed with one arm on the table, the other one stroking his member, “you know more bout this stuff than I do.”

“Hmm…” the many ringed woman flipped open the moniter on the side. She looked through the settings to enhance the picture quality and sound.

“….. I didn’t know you could do that,” H muttered as he paused to look at his camera.

“Uhh… ahh…” Nami grunted as Barker tried to enter her from behind. Obviously, the dog had a hard time penetrating. However, after a few tries, he managed to get the head of his cock in. After that, all he had to do was push the rest of the way in. Nami instantly felt her hymen break and screamed in pain, “GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Eep!” The camera started sparking from being overloaded with sound. It threatened to explode in the Egytian woman’s face.

“Hmph, be quiet,” Teresa picked up a gag from the table and stuffed it in Nami’s mouth. She pulled the straps of the gag around the young girl and locked it. “There, that should keep you quiet.”

“Mmmmmph…” Nami tried to shake the gag off, but to no avail. Tears poured down her face as the pain and humiliation of what was happening played out. After a while, a feeling of pleasure grew and she was found herself enjoying it! This made her more ashamed, yet the more ashamed she became, the more she enjoyed it and the more she enjoyed it, the more ashamed she became. In almost no time at all, a heavy orgasm washed over her.

“Excellet show,” H applauded. He suddenly noticed something from the corner of his eyes. Almost instantly, the door leading out of the room slammed shut. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Um… I um… needed to go to the bathroom?” Cathy’s voice broke when she tried to explain. While Nami was losing her virginity to a wolf/dog, she decided to take the opportunity to escape after recovering. “….. I’m escaping.”

“Mmm hmm…” H muttered under his breathe. His eyes glowed a deep blue and Cathy realized that she was floating in midair. An unseen force threw her against the wall, bruising her side a bit, but otherwise only winded her.

“H…” Teresa growled with annoyance in her voice. “I thought I told you not to use ‘that’ on her.”

“Don’t worry, I only used a fraction,” H replied. “I don’t intend to harm her… at least heavily that is.”

“The last time you only used a ‘fraction’ of your strength, a guy lost his arm,” Teresa muttered as she approached Cathy with a stern look to her face.

“Oh, this will be interesting,” the egytian woman smiled as she stood up with the camera to get a better angle. “We could watch this while we wait for Barker to unknot his penis. It could be for hours you know.”

“Mmm…” Nami whimpered as she came again from Barker’s pounding. Barker whimpered as well as he unloaded his semen. She felt the wolf/dog come in her pussy, but the knot was still there! She fell on her arms in exhaustion with the wolf/dog cock still in her.

“Don’t worry, I got that,” the egytian woman assured H and Teresa. She turned her attention back on the winded Cathy.

“How… did he do that?” Cathy muttered as she tried to sit up.

“Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to,” Teresa growled as she slapped Cathy across the face. She leaned in licked the area where she had just slapped. Cathy shuddered as her mind was in a state of confusion. Teresa stroked the young girl’s hair as she stared deep into her eyes. She held her new slave’s head straight as she lightly touched her forehead against hers. “I think it’s about time you lose yours.”

“Huh?” Cathy blinked at this, trying to understand what that meant. It dawned on her. She wasn’t sure about whether or not she should say anything. She didn’t want to make the situation even worse. The last thing she wanted was to lose her virginity to a snake, or donkey, or worse!

“Get down on your knees, slut!” Teresa growled as she pushed the young girl down.

“Here,” H said as he grabbed a strap-on from the table and threw it to his cohort.

“Thanks… hmm… you sure this one?” Teresa asked as she put on the strap-on.

“Of course, it suits you,” H replied.

“I agree!” The egytian woman practically squealed.

“Very well then,” Teresa said as she positioned herself behind Cathy. Cathy tried to look behind to see what they were talking about. However, her head was pushed down so that she couldn’t see.

“mmmm…” Cathy whimpered in the very same manner as Nami. She tightly closed her eyes as she prepared for her deflowering. Oh well, at least she wasn’t going to lose her virginity to an animal… hopefully.

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