Changing the odds part 4

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Cathy screamed her lungs out as soon as she felt her cherry pop. Blood began to spill out of her pussy and created a pool on the floor. Teresa ignored all of this and just pulled her strap-on out a bit, then thrusted back in as soon as the plastic head was half-way out.

“Take it, slut!” Teresa laughed as she pumped in and out of the helpless girl. The strap-on she wore around her waist, 9 inches long and inch and a half in diameter. It was white and pretty smooth. All four sides of it were lined up with rough stubs though.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Cathy screamed as soon as she reached orgasm. She slumped down onto the floor as soon as the dildo was pulled out of her. Girl cum poured out of her pussy to mix with the blood on the floor.

“Lick up that mess,” Teresa commanded, pointing at the mixture of blood and girl cum. When Cathy forced herself onto her knees, the purple-haired dominatrix added, “with your tongue.”

“Now… how are we doing with Nami over here?” H turned his attention to Nami who still had Barker’s cock in her. The dog was not ready to pull out just yet even though he already cummed. “Hmm… Nami, get over here.”

“I… can’t… master H,” Nami trembled as she got onto her hands. She felt the leash pull on her collar, forcing her to come towards H anyways. She had to muster as much energy as possible to carry the large arctic wolf dog on her back as well. She somehow managed to find the will power and crawled with trembling arms and legs.

“Cathy, you too,” H noticed that the newer captive had just finished drinking up her own blood and juice. As soon as they were at his feet, he unbuttoned the button at the crotch level of his trench coat. Suddenly, two massive things came shooting out. Each “tentacle” wrapped around each girl’s neck and forced themselves into their throats.

“Wha…” Cathy began to say before her mouth as stuffed full of the tentacle thing. She tried to contemplate on what it was and refused to believe that it was a cock in her mouth. It had to be at least 10 feet long and 4 inches wide, plus there were two of them! They were of the right colour and looked very real though.

“Heh, believe it, both are real and both are mine,” H smirked when he noticed Cathy’s confused look. He stroked each girl’s hair with his gloved hairs and forced his cocks down their throats even further.

“Unh…” Both Cathy and Nami gagged and moaned, embarrassed about what they had been through. If it weren’t for each other also receiving the same treatment, they’d probably die of humiliation. Although they would wonder if any of it were real at the same time.


“After they were forced to deep-throat H’s freak of nature cocks, they spent four years under his, Teresa, and many other’s service. They were usually used as a pair and spent most of their time chained together. Cathy eventually lost her anal-virginity to Nami and vice versa. They only had each other to turn to and their captives took advantage of that. H was a master hypnotist and made commands deep in their minds. Sometimes, he’d have them revert back to their original, pre-captive selves, then show them videos of their sessions. The videos recorded during their sessions have not been released yet, but they probably will soon. One year ago, she somehow managed to escape,” Sera continued as she casually stroked Dag’s already bulging crotch. “Probably bribed the guards or found a secret passage or something. Can’t imagine anyone escaping freaks like those though. During the captives’ escape, they also managed to delay the releases of their videos by destroying most of the copies. One of them made a computer virus.”

“Mmm hmm… and y-you expect… expect me to be-believe th-this story?” Dag stuttered skeptically. His face was beet red and his eyes were on Sera’s pleasuring hand. His eyes suddenly lit up and he moved his face up. “Hey! My jaw’s okay now!”

“Your attention span could very well be your only advantage,” Sera smirked as she suddenly reached under the blankets and rubbed Dag’s cock. The bulge returned and she continued stroking it with her slender soft hand. As soon as Dag’s red face returned, she taunted, “my… you’re as ‘big’ as Cathy said you were.”

“Ugh…” Dag couldn’t take it anymore and orgasmed heavily. The white sticky fluid pumped out of his cock and onto Sera’s stimulating hand.

“Cathy said that yours was small, around 5 inches,” Sera taunted, causing massive embarrassment on Dag’s part. She pulled out her hand and went over to the sink to wash it off. “A bit smaller than that, from my guess. Oh, and yes, the story I told you was true. Ask Cathy if you don’t believe me. Aurora and I found her around the time she escaped. We could tell she wasn’t lying because of the way she was dressed and the way she behaved. We soon found out a group of people were after her. I had my camera with me so I took pictures. Most of them were known rapists and other forms of criminals according to a well-trusted computer hacker we knew.”

“You took pictures?” Dag blinked. “What about the tentacles?”

Sera ignored the first question and replied, “H is a master Hypnotist, according to reliable sources. Who knows what he did to Cathy’s mind?”

“Well… it does explain her… behaviour,” Dag muttered. He quickly grabbed a tissue with his unbroken hand and cleaned up the mess he made under the blankets.

Knock knock knock

“Hello? Dag?” Aurora’s voice came from behind the door.

“…..” Dag froze deathly still at the voice. He blushed fiercly when he remember what happened only moments ago.

“Um… Dag? I just wanted to apologize,” Aurora muttered as she entered the room. She had a plant in her hand which she quickly placed on the table beside Dag. She just as quickly moved to get out of the room. “I’m very sorry for… reacting the way I did. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“…..” Dag simply stared blankly at the dark haired girl. Finally, he faked a chuckle and said, “uh… no problem! I’m known to heal very fast. I’ll be out of this hospital in no time!”

“I’m glad, please get some rest. Cathy is outside waiting. I’ll see you later, Sera,” Aurora smiled for the first time Dag had seen her. She looked… different now for some reason. It was her eyes… they seemed to have a sparkle to them. Dag stared after her as she left the room.

“Hmm… am I detecting interest here?” Sera teased. “What would Cathy say?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dag muttered as he pulled the covers over his face with his free hand.


“Target is getting closer,” Iron muttered as he stood outside the hospital where Dag was at. He placed a hand in his pocket as he prepared to enter the building.

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