Cheated pt 2

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”Seal the deal…” i started.
”With a…miss!” Grace yelled as she again splattered me with paint.
”Well, bye,” i said between spitfuls of paint. She grabbed a towel, wiped off my face and kissed me on the lips. God, her lips were like kissing a cloud made of silk, phenomenal!

That night, at seven, i met Aurora at her house. No one else was there. As though she could read my mind, she said,
”My parents are in Peru and i’m an only child.”
Idea! If i could just get her to her room…okay, i’m going.
”So what are we eating?”
”I have a picnic basket up in my room.”
That was easy.

So, we ate, talked had a great time, until she went to her bathroom. I waited patiently until she waked out…in her birthday suit. Oh god did i have a boner. Sheput her finger to her lips, signaling silence. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to her bed. Beginning with my shirt, then pants, then underwear, she stripped me until i was naked with her on top of me. She slowly started rubbing against me. Oh, did it feel good! We began to kiss, softly at first, then more fervently as our lust soared to greater heights. Finally, as i could bear itno more, i slid my eight and a half inches into her virgin pussy. She was tight, but moist as all hell. I started to fuck her, plodding along at a unbearably slow pace. In. Out. In. Out. I began to go faster, her moans growing louder by the minute. She gave a great shuddering sigh and came all over my dick, i myself releasing my seed deep within her. She eased herself off of me, small drops of cream oozing out of her vagina. She kissed me, but unlike earlier, this was an apprieciative kiss. She said tiredly, ”Come back soon?”
”Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

In bed that night, i thought ‘Ahh shit, what have i gotten myself into? I’m dating to babes at once who i couldn’t stand to lose either of. Wait, back up. Two girls at once. Good idea, I’ll sleep on it.’ and i slept with a smile, dreaming of Grace.


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