Cheated pt 3

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The next morning, i woke up to the smell of bacon frying. ‘well, at least mom’s up.’ i thought. Then i realized, ahh shit, i gotta get up! I made a mad dash to my wardrobe, picked out something reasonably clean, and booked it downstairs for breakfast.
“Your’e up early on a Saturday,” said my mom.
”I’m meeting some friends at the library to study for midterms,” I quickly lied.
”Well eat somthing first!”
”Sure,” i said, digging into piles of perfect pork, enormous elipsay [backward pig latin for piles,] of eggs. Took me all five miutes too. I kissed my mom on the cheek and blasted out of my house faster than you can say ‘oh jeez!’ I had to get to Grace. I skidded to a haltin front of the school. I leaned against a door to catch my breath, and realized, there’s no door here. I fell on my face, finding myself at the feet of a hysterical Grace. She helped me to my feet, still giggling.She took my hand and guided me to a room. The old orchestra place, i noticed. She stepped in, locked the door and turnedto face me. Her shoulder length blonde hair accentuated her pretty features. Her tits, even larger than Aurora’s, on an even more slim, 5’9” figure. I, being 6’4”have absolutely no problem with this. She came closer and we started dancing. I do mean dancing. As in my cock rubbing against her belly. She said:
“Oh fuck it all! I need you in me now!”
I greedily complied. Stripping first her, then myself, we stood facing each other naked. She lost control and ran to me, straddling at the last second so my penis sunk effortlessly into it’s target. She kissed me and kneaded her boobs in time with my pumping in ad out of her. We lay down, each realizing the other’s need for them and we both went all out. The walls of her pussy contracted and we came at the same time. We lay there for hours in each other’s arms, asleep, waking just before three o’clock.

2 B cont.

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