Cherry Christmas

It’s early Christmas morning. This story starts with two very powerful wealthy blonde women in their mid 30s working out in their private gym. Both were in outstanding physical shape, but were known to be ruthless in business practices. Both had been too busy to leave town for the holidays. “Nine *unh* aaaannndd.” “Come on, you’ve got it!” “Ten!” With that, Lisa sits up on the bench. “Good job” says Ophelia before leaning in to kiss her. They had been together since junior year in high school and were now both major players in an investment firm. “So. When do we exchange presents?” Lisa asks, coyishly smiling. “Mmm, now that you mention it, I’ve got mine in the next room. You’ll love it. Trust me.But why don’t you go first, since mine might take a minute.” “Ok, stay right here.” Lisa comes back with a box about the size of a small computer screen and lays it down. “Oo, what’s this?” Ophelia coos. “Open it and see” Lisa replies. She does and pulls out two pairs of flesh colored 8-inch strapon vibrators. Ophelia laughs and dons an evil grin. “What’s wrong?” asks Lisa, almost indignant. “Oh, I love it! Just wait til you see my surprise and you’ll see what’s funny.” Ophelia sucks the tip of the vibrator before kissing Lisa. “I’ll be right back.” Now Lisa was very anxious as she sat on the bench for a second to wait.

What did her mate have in store for her? “Close your eyes.” Ophelia yelled. “Ok, now open them…Merry Christmas!” When Lisa opened her eyes, she was surprised, but got the joke now. Standing before her was the new girl from the office. She had just started work as a secretary and errand girl not long ago and word around the office is that she was still a virgin. Every guy in the office had been trying to get with her, but to no avail. And what was shocking was that this shy little girl, who though 18, looked like a young 15 or 16 years of age, was stark fucking naked except for red ribbons tied around her breasts and vagina. Apparently, she had no family to visit at the moment as she only had her mother, who was out on vacation on some island. She had an early Christmas. And she was real naive. She had no idea when Ophelia invited her to spend Christmas with them, that they were lesbians. She just thought they were being polite. Anyway, Ophelia got her drunk for probably the first time in her life and convinced her to ‘enhance’ her status with the company. You could tell this girl was shy about this whole thing to begin with. When Lisa saw this girl, Emily eyeing the strapons wide-eyed, she laughed herself. They were gonna have fun tonight. And they got to her before any of the guys. What bragging rights they would have now! “Come here, Emily” Lisa said. “Go on.” Ophelia smacks her on the ass. She walks over to Lisa and Lisa immediately mouths one of her nipples through the ribbon as she unties from the back. “Wait, I..oh god” she aid as Lisa did it, changing from a tone of protest to pleasure. Ophelia then wandered up behind Emily and started to kiss her neck and nibble on her ears while feeling her up. After freeing her rather large all-natural breasts, Lisa moved down to her wet spot with her hands still palming Emily’s hard nipples.

As the ribbon around her bottom came undone, she pulled it off with her teeth and dropped it to the ground. “So, tell me Emily, have you ever had your pussy eaten?” “N-n-no” she gulped. With that, Lisa kisses the surface with her wet lips, then slowly inserts her tongue in as far as it will go as she moves her hands down to squeeze Emily’s firm buttocks. Ophelia is kneeling beside Lisa and starts to whisper her filthy coachings in Lisa’s ear. “Eat that bitch, yeah” breaths Ophelia. Emily felt Lisa start to insert her fingers into her and Emily moved her hands as if to stop her. Ophelia grabbed Emily’s hands saying “Nah-ah-ah-ah, be a good little girl, now.” ‘This girl was tight as hell’ Lisa thought. ‘I can tell this girl is not broken in.’ As she keeps licking, she eventually works two fingers up into her. Then Lisa and Ophelia take a finger each and start pumping her. “Are you ready to be broken in, cutey?” asks Lisa. “Oh god” mouths the girl. “Lay down on the bench over here” Lisa interrupted. It didn’t look extremely comfortable to Emily, but she done as told. Lisa donned a strapon and stood beside her face. “I know you know what to do, honey, so go ahead and start.” With that, Emily starts slowly putting it into her mouth sucking slow at first, then faster and harder. This girl had never even touched herself a whole lot, probably and here she was trying her best to suck on the phallus in her face.

Ophelia continues to lick the girl after donning her own strapon. Lisa pulls out of Emily’s mouth, then and goes over to position herself between Emily’s legs as Ophelia gets up and moves to Emily’s mouth. Emily positioned her strapon right at the head of Emily’s quivering cunt and slid it in slowly. She pumped 3 rapid successions. With the first, she felt the pressure of Emily’s hymen breaking. “Yes! You see, I told you you’re not a virgin” Lisa smiles. Ophelia then slaps the girl’s face with her ‘rod’. “Suck on iit, suck on iit…good girl.” Ophelia rubs her hair as Lisa is pounding her hot little snatch hard and she’s almost crying with her tits bouncing violently. Ophelia grabs one of Emily’s breasts in her hand, toying with it and massaging it as Emily keeps bobbing. Then, Lisa stops. “Get up.” Ophelia pulls out and when Emily stands up, Lisa tells Ophelia “Why don’t you have a seat?” Ophelia smiles because she knows what Lisa has in mind. Ophelia tells Emily “Now, why don’t you take a seat, too hon?” while rubbing her plastic dick. Emily is sore and tired already and starts to protest, but a quick, menacing glance from Ophelia straightened her out. Emily moved right above Ophelia’s rod, facing her, and sat down slowly, taking about three quarters of it in. Ophelia then grabbed her hips and thrust upward going to the base and pulling Emily’s hips back down in that position. “Ah” Emily screamed momentarily.

“Stay still” Lisa told her. Emily then felt Lisa start to lick at her asshole and finger it with some kind of oil. “No, please!” “Fine, you’re fired, then.” snapped Lisa. “Ok, go ahead” Emily mumbled sheepishly. After getting her anal cavity good and wet, Lisa could wait no longer. She positioned her weapon at Emily’s puckered back door and pushed in slowly. Emily wouldn’t relax, so Lisa was having a hard time pushing it all in. “Aah-aah!” Emily wailed as Ophelia sucked on her nipples, still buried in her cunt. Lisa then thrust a few hard, painful thrusts until she was in all the way. Then she bent over to kiss Ophelia and whisper “Let’s destroy this whore.” They both started pumping hard and fast at her rather small body. After a minute, Emily really got into it as they fucked her so hard that it seemed like they wanted to squish her to death between them. This girl never knew what to expect and was easily influenced. Though she was secretly enjoying it, she was still ashamed. She was being played hard, but was too shy to do anything about it. Ophelia kept slamming her cunt, thrusting her hips upward and greedily devouring her fleshy orbs. Lisa was grabbing and pulling her hair and after a few final fluid thrusts into her ass, Emily came and spasmed hard. Lisa came next, really hard as she reached around to kiss Emily. Ophelia was still going at it for about another minute before squeezing Emily’s ass, cumming herself and saying “Now, that was my kind of workout!” Emily got up and started to get dressed, though she could barely even walk straight. “What do you think you’re doing?” Lisa asked menacingly smiling. “We’re not done yet” added Ophelia. The girl had actual tears in her eyes now, but a part of her deep down was still loving it to death. They continued until that night, off and on, and Emily would get the rest of the week off. Lisa and Ophelia would definitely mark this holiday down as one of the best they’ve ever had.

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