Coffee, Cigs and Stoya

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Coffee, Ciggs and Stoya Posted on 03/13/2010

The first time I met Stoya

She was 18n years old and had recently moved to Philadelphia from her hometown. She was a tiny girl in a pair of 6 foot boots that had straps and zippers and pulleys to keep them attached to her legs. Her big smile was intoxicating, and her colorful style was apparent. She was a little young for me to pay much attention to other than ” She’s cute”.. I sat outside a cafe on South Street, smoking ciggarettes, and drinking coffee in the spring of 2005 (i think it was 05)

At the time I was heavily active in my band, touring, and I had a monthly party at Silk City that had go-go dancers and bands perform.

The bass player of my band had a “thing” for Stoya, but I told hime he would never have a chance.. and he didn’t. Stoya had a boyfriend at the time, and I knew him also.. a well known DJ that was involved in the goth/electro club scene.
We would talk and hang out at the cafe, he worked around the corner at the indie bookstore/skate shop. Skateboarding is illegal in Philadelphia now.

After I had known Stoya for a while, one day it was just her and I sitting at the cafe talking and I told her that she was going to be a very famous model one day. She laughed and said.. I used to do mainstream modeling when I was a kid..I hated it…so I stopped doing that.

Over a few years Stoya and I became close friends, she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore…but I was still friends with him also. At the time I was not playing in the band any longer, I had taken a break (which ended up being a permanent vacation)

Stoya called me one day and asked if I knew anywhere she could get a job at a club or doing something fun and cool. At the time I was mostly boking shows, and running the monthly party at Silk City.. so I thought about it for a bit and spoke to a few people that might need a really hot 19 year old to do something, anything.

Stoya found her place with a friend of mine that owned a promotions company that worked at the biggest clubs in Philly. She would walk up and down South Street looking hot handing out postcards for free drinks specials or VIP passes. Through that job she scored a job with TLA working for their adult catalog of movies. She told me that she was doing great one day, and that she had made alot of great contacts through my friends that I had reffered her to.

We talked about making an alternative porn community site.. She was working on modeling again and had a great photographer that she worked with and had started doing go-go dancing.One night she called me up and told me that I should come down to Silk City and hang out. When I arrived, she was on the very small silk city stage, topless wearing only pasties with her long legs spread only covered by a piece of blue latex. She quickly sprang up and jumped from the stage to me. Having never even seen Stoya naked I was a little wowed. There were about 10 people in the club and it was early for Silk, i recognized most of the people in the room.
We sat at the bar and she was so excited about dancing and her tittes and she kept saying “Im Naked! look” at this point Stoya was like my little sister, that was kind of hot. I wasn’t sure how to deal with her…or her perky little tits.

A few months later we started shooting intital content for the release of our altporn community idea. We shot hundreds of photos and started the promotion of the site that would be dubbed as “Broadcasting Live From The Future of AltPorn”

Stoya and I never really understood the whole Suicide GIrls debate with contracts and exclusivity, and we decided first thing we would do, is make lazerbunny an exclusive, elite group of models that were selected each year. Stoya was the first contract girl in altporn. As everyone else argued about it, we embraced it. This proved to be a very good idea. Over the next few years Stoya shot with lots of photographers, creating erotica and nudes.

Stoya went to Cali and shot with razordolls, and they talked her into making her first girl girl scene that lasted about 5 minutes..wherein a girl licks her pussy in a hallway. They also tried to get her to shoot in an orgy scene. She declined.

Stoya came back to Philly, hyped about her popularity in the alt modeling scene and making more photos and more contacts.

We started shooting more hardcore photo sets and put together a portfolio of work for her to present to Digital Playground. She was signed by DP. The rest is history.

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