College Love

She had just recently broken up with her boyfriend about a week ago and being the close friends we are, she began staying in my room. Well, as college students, we began drinking and soon couldn’t keep our hands off one of another. Unfortunately, spring break came along and we had to take a week long break away from one another. Both of us knew that once that break was over, the real fun would being…

She came to my room that night, dressed in comfy pajama pants and a tank top as it was a warm spring night. We began to listen to sensual music and climbed into bed. We began to make out, sensually massaging each other’s tongues and bodies until neither of us could take it anymore. We had to experience each other. I slowly began lowering her pants, revealing her beautiful thong. Slowly, she began removing my boxers, gasping at the sight of my 8” cock. I slowly removed her shirt revealing her milky white breasts, pausing only to suckle each one with love. Next I slowly slid her thong off her beautiful shaved pussy, off both legs and began to slowly kiss my way down her stomach until meeting her warm pussy. I began to use my tongue, slowly running it up and down her clit, making her squirm slightly. I wanted her so bad. I began to get my fingers involved in the action, quickly gliding them in and out of her warm hole. Neither of us could contain the passion that was running through us. I began to kiss my way up, over her breasts, onto her neck and finally until I was gently sucking on each ear. She began to softly moan, begging for me to be inside of her. I told her that I didn’t have a condom and she said just to forget it and to get inside of her.

Slowly, I entered her warm pussy, letting her muscles slowly clench me as I entered her. In and out I went, keeping the rhythm slow and steady, going in circles so she could feel the entire length of my dick inside of her. She began to moan louder and louder until I could feel her gripping my back with her nails and finally sighing with relief as I felt her juices pour over my cock. I began to lovingly kiss her neck and face, slowing down the penetrations, teasing her by pulling all the way out and waiting there…until she would thrust her hips onto me. Before long, I sped up, going harder and faster, hitting her g-spot time and time again, driving her crazy. Finally, both of us let loose, her cum flooding my dick as my juices mingled with hers. It was the first time of many love-making nights, creating a wonderful new relationship.

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