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Tes could never have imagined that what happened to her on that Friday night at the club could have ever happened to anyone. She heard that her favorite band would be playing at phantom. Some friends of hers from school said that they were going to be there.
Tes was 16 and still a virgin. She liked to touch herself. She masturbated quite often. But she wanted her first time to be really good and with someone really attractive, because she was gorgeous. She knew every guy at school wanted to get in her pants but she knew how immature and inexperienced all those high school boys were.
So Friday night she got ready as usual. Even though anyone rarely ever saw her in her underwear. It made her feel sexy knowing how amazing she looked under her clothes. She often fantasized about being passionately fucked by a handsome man, but it never came close to reality.
She wore a black see-through thong, lacy hot pants, and a strapless push up bra. Her regular jeans, her knee-high boots and a tight little T-shirt. She was a small girl with naturally big round breasts. Maybe the reason guys were afraid to talk to her was because she was so intimidating. She left her hair down but made her eyes smoky and sultry.
She caught a cab to the phantom. When she arrived, she realized that none of her friends were there yet and the show had already started. She waited around, listened to the band and went over to the bartender to find out what time it was. Before she had the chance to say anything, he immediately offered her a drink. She took it and chatted with him a little, he lined up a few shots and she drank. She felt a little better, loose. She went back to the crowd and danced a little. She raised her hands and swayed her hips slowly and rocked her head.
This was when a man noticed her. He owned this club and sometimes he came out on one of the balconies to observe the crowd. He was in his late 20’s he had inherited a lot of money when his father passed away and bought this club. He was tall, had shaggy blond hair and suntanned rugged features. He used to be a surfer. He still sometimes looked very young. He had a boyish face. He kept looking at her noticing her slim long legs. Her round perfect ass swaying to the music. That wild unruly gorgeous black hair that went past the middle of her back. Her doll-like face. Images of himself holding those hips and hearing her moan raced through his mind. He had to have this girl tonight. She looked young. He had sex with a lot of women in the upstairs sex dens of his club but never someone so young and beautiful. He thought it would be better to look boyish so he changed from his suit into a pair of dark denim jeans and a T-shirt.
Tes was begging to feel discouraged that her friends would never show up but when she was almost ready to turn and go she noticed a guy walking to where she was standing. He stood near her pretending to be really interested in the band letting her notice him. After a few minutes he turned to her and said. “Your boyfriend seems to be taking a long time in the bathroom” she laughed and said that she didn’t have a boyfriend and that it looked like her friends stood her up. Luke then said “never thought someone as pretty as you could be left alone” she gazed at him with shy interested eyes. That was when Luke noticed they were blue. More images of bed sheets and moans flashed before his eyes.
Tes couldn’t believe this gorgeous guy was actually giving her compliments and asking her to come sit with him and have a drink. She became a little nervous after all she had never done anything serious with a man. she knew he was older, maybe 18 or 19 she thought. She walked after him and observed his wide back, it looked muscular even underneath his T-shirt.
The two sat down. He had bought her a cocktail and she drank it slowly. They engaged in small talk but it was obvious what the both of them really wanted t be doing. Tes felt her pussy throbbing. She thought of how it would feel for him to touch her down there. She felt her self getting more and more drunk. It gave her a certain confidence. She put her hand on his thigh and leaned in to kiss him. He stopped her and told her the club was far too crowded and proceeded to lead her up a stairway and into some hall and into a room. Once she walked into the room she was in awe she saw a couch and a bed, silk and lace and the ceiling was a large skylight. She became nervous again. Luke looked into her eyes and asked her if she was a virgin she said yes and all of a sudden became shy. He told her to just trust him and let him teach her.
“are you wet” he asked
“Yes” she said taking in a deep breath.
“Can I see” it wasn’t really a question because she felt and saw him slip his hand into her pants. She felt his fingers part her pussy lips and feel her. She whimpered out of pleasure and fear.
“shh” he told her
She felt weak in the knees and wanted to sit down but he ordered her to stand. He positioned himself behind her, kissed her neck and put his arms around her underneath her shirt feeling her breasts. She was becoming weak she wasn’t sure she could stand this and if this felt this good, what was to come?
“I’m afraid” she said and started to shiver.
This made him even harder. His cock was beginning to rise. She could feel it on her lower back. He kept kneading her breasts and slowly he took off her bra. He felt her full breasts in his palms. Her nipples very erect. She moaned a little. Her pussy was throbbing uncontrollably. She wanted him to touch it but knew she had to be patient. He took off her T-shirt and she stood there, him rubbing her breasts and kissing her back. Then all of a sudden he unbuttoned her jeans. He slid his hands down her backside and started squeezing her butt cheeks under her jeans. He ran his hand down her crack reaching her pussy and rubbing. She was very wet. She kept breathing really hard and whimpering soft moans. He then turned her around so she could look at him. He had a fiery look in his eyes. He took off his shirt, revealing his toned physique. He picked her up with her legs around his hips and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and gave her a passionate kiss. Proceeded to take her jeans off keeping the boots on. She touched his chest. He took off her hot pants left the thong on he lifted it and put it on one side. He told her to spread her legs, she did, revealing her wet juicy pink pussy. It looked like she had shaved and the hair had just grown out a little. He put two fingers in her pussy to see how tight she was. She moaned. He put a third one in trying to stretch her. He finger fucked her for a little while looking at the expression on her face. She looked shy, timid. He then started eating her out. Licking her clit and finger fucking her. She started moaning slowly her body started shaking her moans became louder the closer she got to orgasm when she was almost screaming he stuck one finger in her asshole and she came with a loud yelp, with a look of surprise on her face she squirted. He smiled. She was calming down, then he took off his pants and took out his penis. She looked at it in awe. It seemed so big. He told her to touch it. She put her hand around it. Then he told her to lick it. She did.
“how about you return the favor?”
“but don’t know how”
“I’ll tell you what to do.”
They switched positions and he told her how to suck it. He kept playing with her nipples while she did it. He told her to lie back down and relax. He hovered over her and told her that she was going to feel some pain but that eventually it would feel better. He spread her legs for her and rubbed her vagina with the head of his penis. Then he positioned himself and started to force himself in. she got a pained expression on her face. He held her arms down and proceeded. Once he was all the way in, he rested his dick in her. He sucked on one of her nipples and his cock started to throb. So he began thrusting in her in and out. Each time he thrust in deep she made a yelp. Eventually the pain ceased and he
told her to rub her clit as he fucked h
er. He held her by her small hips and thrust faster and deeper. She moaned long and hard. All of a sudden he took his cock out and made her switch positions. She got on all fours on the bed still not sure what was stronger inside her, the pleasure or The fear. Her submissiveness excited him more and more. He told her to hold on to the headboard. Her vagina was sopping wet he stuck his tongue inside and ate her some more this time licking her anus too. He entered her vagina this time it went in easier but she still yelped. It felt different, each time he thrust it hit harder. She clutched the wood of the headboard. Gritted her teeth. He knew she was in pain but he was experiencing the most unbelievable pleasure from her tight little body which he discovered he could use any way he pleased. He tried to kiss her back and rub her breasts. Then as he was fucking her doggy style she felt a finger go in her ass, then another one. Her eyes widened, the feeling was unexplainable. Such pleasure and such pain. She felt his fingers trying to stretch her anus while thrusting in and out of her vagina. every now and then she would feel his tongues circling her anus. He told her that eventually he was going to fuck her in her ass but he needed to stretch it first. He said that since it was going to be so painful he had a few toys to give her pleasure. But now he just needed to stretch her ass hole he took out some anal beads. The little ones didn’t feel that uncomfortable but she started feeling pain with the bigger ones. She cried out and told him it hurt. So instead he took out a butt plug. He told her it was going to hurt but that eventually it would be easier. She still felt him thrusting in her vagina but that was begging in to feel good, warm and comforting. He slowly started pushing the butt plug inside her anus little by little, she moaned from pain each time he pushed it deeper. Then when it was almost in all the way, he started to fuck her even harder holding the butt plug and wiggling it. She moaned feeling pleasure from his cock but pain in her anus. He was afraid he wasn’t going to be able to hold out any longer but he knew he had to hold his load because they had to eventually come together. He took his cock out and let her rest, then he took the butt plug out. He took out a vibrator. She looked tired and dazed. She pleaded for him not to fuck her in the ass but he assured her that she had to give it time and learn how to deal with the pain. He got her on all fours again and lubricated his penis. He positioned her legs while she clutched the headboard. He held his penis and slowly started to penetrate her ass hole, she grit her teeth then she moved her body closing her legs. He got angry spread her legs again and held her by her waist. His penis was throbbing but he kept penetrating slowly. She would grit her teeth and then let out a scream. He put a finger in to try to guide his cock better. Finally he put it in all the way. She felt like she would split in two her petite little body and his enormous cock. Once he started thrusting, she moaned and screamed and cried out. She wasn’t complying anymore. So he tied her legs to each edge and her hands to the head board. Even though she was feeling pain and fear, being tied up excited her and she gave in a little more, bending her back like a cat, het breasts jiggling with each thrust. Then she heard something buzzing he had turned on the vibrator and put it to her clit and one inside her vagina. She felt ripples of pleasure go through her body. Moaning and breathing really hard. He knew it was coming he thrust deeper and harder her butt cheeks slapping against his hips. He gave her a few smacks, she moaned and gripped the head board. her voice was hoarse and unrecognizable she felt it coming her pussy was burning with pleasure and her anus in pain with each thrust that went deeper than the one before. She cried out
“fuck me harder”
He was about to blow his load and she was about to have another massive orgasm. He ripped the ropes turned her over. She let out a piercing moan and squirted again and then he ejaculated some in her mouth, the rest on her chest and pussy. It was over. She sat up looking at all the warm cum and noticed the blood from her vagina. She swallowed and licked her finger. They both lay there out of breath. Her pussy and anus was aching.
“You were an amazing ride babe, and those moans drove me crazy, we should do this again sometime” he said

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