Dicking Around

Back after I started college I started to change gradually. I dated several girls in high school but none of them really made me want more than a one-night stand. Then during English Lit late in the fall my freshman year a few of the girls and guys were talking about a new bar that opened. I overheard them and it sounded fun until I heard terry, a young black boy spoke up and say, “Man, it’s a great place for bisexuals to meet.”
After class was over I walked up to him and struck up a conversation about this club. He told me where it was but I couldn’t figure out how to get there, so he said, “Give me a ride home today and I will show you.”
So I agreed and after classes ended I drove him to his place. Along the way he directed me to the club and then on to his apartment a few blocks away. It was a nice place but the entrance was in back in an alley. I stopped the car at the one he pointed at as he asked me, “You thinking of going there to meet girls?”
“I don’t know, have to wait and see,” I said not realizing that I had tipped my hand to him.
“Damn buddy, you look hot a little feminine maybe, but good looking. You should have no trouble getting a chick or a cock,” Terry said as he slowly slid his hand to my leg. Then he asked, “You thinking of sucking or fucking?”
“What?” I asked puzzled completely by his question.
“I mean you want to fuck some booty or suck on one? If you don’t look for a girl then you got to be looking at guys. Stands to reason a nice white boy like you with long blonde hair and blue eyes that dresses nice must want a man if he don’t want a woman,” he said sarcastically as he inched closer to me.
“I never thought about fucking a guy,” I said then as he slid his hand on my crotch I looked at him and said, “I have thought about sucking a cock though a few times.”
My belt was unbuckled and then my jeans unsnapped as I looked into his eyes now flashing at me. He slid my zipper down quickly then he yanked me to his mouth and kissed me. He was smaller than I was and I am only 5’8″ and as he kissed me, I let him slid his hand into my briefs. He smiled as we kissed then he pulled his hand out and said, “Follow me. I know what you need now.”
I turned off the car and started to buckle my pants but he stopped me and said, “just hold them together they won’t be up long enough after we get inside.”
I followed him inside and as I walked in the door shut behind me and he started yanking my clothes and his off. My shirt went flying and my pants and briefs were pushed to the floor. His clothes were shedding fast as he turned and took hold of my four inch cock and said, “Now this tells me you is looking for a man who can please you. Look at what I got and see what a man can do for you.”
I looked down and saw his eight-inch steel hard shaft. When I looked up he smiled at me and then urged me to my knees using my shoulders as guides. I knelt and as I did he fed it to my mouth by rubbing it along my lips. He was sighing as he said, “Come on Doug open up and lick it. Give it a big kiss, and then let me put it in your mouth once. You know you want to suck it, I can see it in your eyes.”
“I do want to suck it,” I said as I kissed it first on the tip then licked around it and along the shaft slightly. Looking at it I felt my sexual desires grow and I opened my mouth and swallowed it as far as I could then I began to suck and caress it at the same time. He waited until I had gotten a pattern going and he slid his hand behind my head and began to thrust it with my actions. Within a few minutes I was holding suction while he face fucked me wildly. He pumped my mouth until I felt it swell and seep into my mouth. I wanted to pull off and stop but he wouldn’t have any of that and he came in my mouth and held me to his cock until I had tasted most of it, then he had me suck on. When he was well pleased, he forced me on my back and yanked off my shoes, socks, pants and briefs and threw them into the kitchen area. Then he pulled me up and led me to his sofa. He placed me on my back as he began to kiss and fondle my body. He started at my lips and worked his way down. When he hit my breast it was the first time anyone did that and I almost came from it. He recognized that and told me later that’s exactly how he knew I was the bottom I am. He slipped his mouth over my cock and began to pump it with his lips and hand. When he had me so hard that I was ready to burst, he stopped pulled his cock to mine and then jacked me off on his cock. Then he brought it to me and had me suck it off and clean it up and get it hard for him. While I was slow he noticed that and slid a finger to my left nipple and slowly traced it until I began to suck him better. A few minutes more of his caressing and I had eaten all my cum off his cock and was bringing him to a hard on again.
Then he pulled me from the sofa and tossed me over the arm of it and mounted my ass. I knew it was coming and it did hurt at first but after he thrust in me about two minute’s worth, I began to relax and accept it. Then he went to work riding me like a pony in heat. His hunching of me started to make his cock swell and when it was ready I felt a flood fill me inside. Then he pulled off me and slammed me to the wall and started to kiss me as he fondled my tits. His words and his actions had me so hot, “Now white boy, my little dick sucking bitch, you know what it is to be a black mans slut. You can’t say no to me ever again, can you whore?”
“Whatever you want Terry, whenever you want it,” I said as he sucked and nibbled on my nipples and then fondled my cock at the same time.
“Good bitch. Good queer little cock-sucking bitch. Now on your knees and suck your shit of my cock,” he said as he pushed me to the floor.
I sucked his cock for almost ten minutes then after more of his cum seeped out he had me stop and he pulled me to my feet. Then he told me, “Be back here tonight at nine bitch, or I will fuck you in school tomorrow in front of your friends.”
I had to work that night and I didn’t get off until nine, so I tried to tell him that. He didn’t want to hear an excuse. It was 9:30 when I got back there. He was waiting on me as soon as I pulled up he opened the door and stepped out on his porch naked. He ordered me to strip in the parking lot. I tried to refuse but when I came up close enough he just started ripping my clothes off me until I was naked. Anyone who would have been out or passed by could have seen what he did next, as he bent me over the hood of my car and butt fucked me right there. My cock got hard and was flopping against the warm metal of the car as he slammed my ass for over twenty minutes. Then he unloaded in me and after that he spun me around and sucked my cock off for me, which took all of three minutes. He handed me my clothes and told me, “Go home whore and we’ll finish this tomorrow.”
I did just that and when I got in and made my way to my bedroom my phone rang. Terry was on the other end as he said, “Now did you like that or what white boy?”
“Well it was different Terry. I have to admit it was exciting but weren’t you afraid of being caught?”
“Hell no man. You have to live a little to enjoy life. You stick around me and who knows how many cocks you will get to suck. Now tell me you want me and need me and will do whatever I say, bitch.” Terry screamed in the phone.
“Okay man, I do love what you did to me and I want it. I may even need it. Just don’t get mad at me, Terry,” I confessed before I realized again what I had said.
“Oh that’s a good little white whore. Now jack yourself off and eat it all while I listen on the phone,” he ordered.
I replied back, “You serious?”
“Fuck yes man. I want to hear you jerk off and tell me how it is me you are thinking of,” Terry said.
So I did as he asked and sure enough talking to him while I played with myself got me hard fast. I had a load waiting within a few minutes and when I came, while I did, as he demanded. As I sl
opped it up in my hand I said, “I licked it all up f
or you.”
“Oh fuck yeah bitch. Now whose property are you?” Terry shrieked as I replied, “Yours.” Then he quipped back, “Get that ass to bed and dream about my black cock in your white ass.”
I slept soundly all night the first time in many years. I had a dream all right about Terry and I loved it. The next day when I got to school I could hardly wait to find him. When I did he was standing in the covered walk area a place we knew as make out point, where couples met to kiss and play around. He was quick to pull me to him and in front of some of our friends, he kissed me as he unbuttoned my shirt and fondled my nipples. I was resistant at first but when he slid my hand to his cock that was handing out of his button up leather pants, I started to forget where I was. Pretty soon a crowd of students surrounded us and began to urge me to suck him. I knelt and did just that until I drained his cock completely. Terry was smiling as he looked over at a couple of the other boys and said, “Who wants my bitch to suck their cock?”
A big football player walked over and dropped his ten out and held it up to me and said, “Suck me.”
Terry pulled my head to it and with that I sucked his big massive cock off. I heard him tell another boy I was good and then another and soon I had no clothes on and was on all fours with one in my ass and one in my mouth. I missed my first class taking it up the ass instead. When Terry said I had enough they quit and he dressed me and took me to our English class. After school I had the afternoon off from work so we went riding around with a friend of his in a van and five big black cocks. Terry Fucked my ass while each one of them took turns in my mouth until I had jerked off two and sucked off three. Then he really taught me about public sex. He took me to the park near us. Naked he walked me to the bathroom with several people seeing me. Inside he made me bend over a toilet and then handcuffed and blindfolded me to it and put a sign on the outside saying “Free Ass.” Two men took him up on the offer, and I have no ideal what they were or who they were. The third man I knew whom it was, Terry came back and took me in the stall before he dressed me and we walked out. On our way out of the park we saw policemen swarm the bathroom as Terry laughed, “Always a day late and a dollar short.”
Then they drove me to the mall where I worked and Terry marched me around the store holding my hand and kissing me and even fondled me a few times. Then he led me to one of the public bathrooms upstairs and sucked my cock in a stall. The security guard caught us but didn’t do anything about it, until the next night.
We left for his place then after he made a mess of both ends of me again he took me back for my car and sent me home. He called again that night and had me jerk off for him and eat it so I did.
The next day we were off from school and I had to get my physical for work done. So we didn’t get to see each other, until after work.
I went in at 2:00 that afternoon and gave my boss my doctor’s report. He filed it and told me that the security guard wanted to see me upstairs about helping him catch some shoplifters. I never dreamed it was the same guy until I stepped off the elevator and saw his face. He walked me back to the security room and shut the door. Then this chubby man in his 40’s stripped me like a doll without asking. He told me if I said a word he would arrest me for what we did in the bathroom, so I just had to let him do whatever he wanted to.
He made me kneel and suck his cock first until I had it about to explode then he pulled up and had me jack him off onto a paper plate. I did it and then he used my dick to swipe it up and ate it. He surprised me after that as he started to pet me gently and tenderly and was so sweet to me. He kissed me on the lips and when he learned how much I liked that and having my nipples petted he did both at the same time. For two more hours I sat naked in the chair by him allowing him to play with me as he wished.
Then he really surprised me big time with, “Can I fuck you please?”
I said yes and as I started to turn around and bend over, he instead placed me on the edge of the counter and slid my ass out. Then he used his mouth to wet my hole and slipped it up me facing me while he fucked me. When he got to going with his seven in me, I began to kiss him and then lick his tongue and suck it. He humped me for almost twenty minutes before I felt his cum fill my asshole and more. Then he slid between my legs and sucked my cock until it was hard and wet and turned offering me his asshole, he said, “Oh please fuck me.” I slid my little cock up his ass and as I did I fondled his chubby tits and tweaked his nipples until I came in just as his boss walked in and caught us. His boss was much older and more study looking and acting. He chastised us both greatly and just as he was about to report it he stopped. He offered us a similar deal to the one offered me, but this one was better.
“If you two both promise not to do this in the office anymore, I will let you go. However you have to come over to my house tomorrow morning and let me have some fun with both of you at the same time.” We agreed with him and then I dressed and went back to my job. After work I drove over to see Terry who went crazy with desire after I told him what happened. He had this thing planned it seemed as he told me, “I like breaking you white boys in then letting others fuck in my tracks. Now you got a big day planned for tomorrow go home jerk off eat it and get to bed. We can have some fun next week.”
That did start something for me all right. Tony was the security man and I sort of fell for him over the way he treated me. He also fell for me and when had made Conrad his boss happy we went to his apartment.
Tony wanted to know all about me so I told him. He wasn’t upset or mad about it but was glad it happened. As he said, “Had you not been there I would never have approached you. There’s another guy who is gay like me. We talked about you but neither one of us thought you were gay before I saw you.”
“So what did you think about me Tony,” I asked excitedly.
“Well I liked your ass from the start, but you have a good looking face and I wanted you from the first day I saw you.” Tony said as he kissed me on the lips and slid his hands to my breast and said, “What I need you got and what I want is this.” With that his hand slid to my ass and fondled it and as he did I lifted up to seat my asshole on it and then shove it up my ass. He sucked my nipples a few times as I worked in and out and then he started bouncing with me until he came up my ass. I slid off his spent cock and cleaned it for him, and then I placed myself on his bed for his pleasure. He came over crawled up to my cock and began to suck it off until I came in his mouth. Then he brought the cream to my lips and we kissed until it was all gone. Then after we had fondled each other hard, I sank to his cock and devoured it. He unloaded in my mouth but all the time he was petting my ass and nipples and knowing that I loved it, how could I not fall in love with him.
Three months after I graduated from college Tony and I moved in together. Since then we had Terry over a few times. We also have been experimenting with dressing in women’s clothes. Tony and Terry both love to see me in panty hose and silk panties and occasionally when the mood hits us, we have an orgy with some of Terry’s friends and Tony’s. We suppose to have on next week again, so you may want to check back to see what happened.

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  1. crea,eater

    great story, love that strange cock, sucking it ahd getting pounded by it

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  2. creameater

    great story, love that strange cock, sucking it ahd getting pounded by it

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  3. Ramrod

    I liked it. Very hot stuff!

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