Don't I know You?

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I walked over to my car when I was startled by a guy talking loudly, I looked up over my car roof and saw him smiling in his van. “Hello beautiful! he said.

I smiled and said, “Uh, hello.” I had no idea who he was.

“Oh gonna act like you don’t know me.” and he got a very dejected look on his face. “Man, I thought I made a better impression on you than that. I feel terrible now.”

“Of course I remember you, you’re Jo, Mi,”

“Keith! Don’t you remember me Keith?”

“Oh of course, Keith, how could I forget.” I lied, “How are you?” I still had no idea who he was.

“Well great… now that I ran into you! Damn that night with you was fantastic, the best night I ever had. Your body is still as beautiful as ever. And your smile that perfect smile is as bright as ever.”

I tingled when he said that, “Yeah you and I must had gone at it for hours, remember in the hot tub.. that was amazing I still remember how you orgasmed over and over.” Now he had my rapt attention.

“I’m telling you you were hands down the hottest woman I have ever been with. I’m sitting her right now and my cock is rock hard.”

“You tits are perfect damn everything about you is perfect, I jerk off all the time remebering you and that night. I always have a really good cum.”

“Hey just a thought, but would you like to get together sometime and go at it again?” he asked, I thought about it, I was soaking wet and achy and feeling my pussy vibrating and I said, “Yes I think I would.”

He smiled a big smile and cocked his brow and said, “How about now?”

“Where?”I asked.

“How about the back of my van, I have a small mattress there and a blanket and two pillows.”

I was now feeling extremely horny so I said ok. I first locked my car door and he and I went to the back of his van.

As I was climbing in he boosted me up by cupping my ass, I again tingled feeling his warm big hands covering and holding my ass. “Damn your ass is as tight as ever.” and he slapped my ass to accentuate his words.

I first just sat on the mattress as did he, we smiled, then he leaned in and holding the back of my head he pulled my face to his and sucked on my lips, ohhh it felt amazing, he slowly pushed his tongue between my lips, I parted my lips allowing his tongue into my mouth, we kissed sensually and slowly. My mouth was slightly watering as was his, our saliva was warm. He reached his hand over my breast and rubbed and held it, even through my satiny blouse and bra I felt the heat and energy of his hand. He played with my other breast. I was saturating the crotch of my thong. He unbuttoned my blouse and looked at my bra, “Damn you again are wearing the sexiest bra.” he said as he admired my black semi-see thru bra. My nipples were rock hard and sensitive he brushed over them and then he unhooked my bra in the front and pushed the cups to the outsides of my breasts. He shook my shoulders and of course my breasts wiggled in response.

“Damn we are going to have one hot fuck!” he said as he playfully pushed me back against the mattress, he took off my sandals and sucked on my toes, he rubbed my ankles as he grasped them and then he put both of my small feet up to his mouth, he licked at them and smiled at me while I laid back looking at him.

He unzipped my shorts on the hip and pulled them down, no easy feat since they were skin tight. He pulled them over my hips and waist and thighs and all the way down my legs and off. My thong was soaked and I could feel the wetness all over my lips and in my slit. He pulled my thong off of me too.

“Damn your pussy is still so pretty! So pink and such nice full lips!” he said and he touched my pussy with his fingers. I was feeling sexual ecstasy as he digitally fucked me, he pushed his thick finger in and out of my warm tight pussy, he pulled it out and sucked on it and closed his eyes making aface like he was in heaven. This made me slurp out more wetness.

“Ohhh baby! We are going to have some fun!” he moaned and he stood up and very quickly removed his clothes, I saw his dick was stiff and nice-looking I could not wait to feel him in my pussy, I was seriously aching to have him pump me.

He poitioned into a 69 his cock dangled over my waiting mouth and his mouth pressed over my pussy, he licked and nibbled my pussy and tongued me, while I took as much of his dick in my mouth as I could and sucked and released him alternating with long sloppy wet licks all up and down his shaft. He quickly moved around to get into a fuck position with me.

“Yeah oh yeah nice hot tight wet pussy, shiiiiiit!” he said as he forcibly pushed his cock into my small hole. “Damn baby have you been exercising your pussy muscles, can you be even tighter than the last time, shiiiiit!”

I shivered at those sexy words. My pussy just gripped tight around his cock and we fucked I bucked my hips up to meet his thrusts. “Yeah baby, come on baby, fuck me back, that’s it, fuck me back!” Soon he and I were slamming into each other like two wild animals.

My pussy was slurping out wet sounds with each thrust and withdrawal. My breathing was fast and short as was his, I was never so fucking horny in my life. His cock was ripping me wide and satisfying the need to feel his skin rubbing inside of my pussy. He rode me like he owned me.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m cumming, shit yeah!” I felt his cxock move as he laid still against me, like a hard bounce in me and then he shot his load in me. He laid tight against me and he pressed his arms tight alongside my hips, rubbing against my sensitve hips with his arms and sometimes hands and he rode my clit, “Ohhh ohh ohh ohh!!” was all I could moan as I felt my clit getting harder and more sensitive with each tough strong pressing rub against me, my clit was soaking wet, but hot as hell from the friction of his groin on it, “Swoosh swoosh swoosh” was the sound of his flesh humping my groin, I felt my impending orgasm, it was building stronger and stronger, my pussy was tensing up inside, I was heating up even more around his shaft and cockhead and then. Bang! My pussy erupted into the most pulsating gripping rhythmic intense orgasm I ever had, my nipples were rock hard and digging into his chest, my pussy was sore but extremely excited and just throbbing inside almost like my heart was pounding in my pussy and on my clit and I was seeping out volumes of my silky lubrication. “Ohhhh shit! Ohhh shit!! Oh you are fucking amazing!” I groaned as I held him tight against me by wrapping my arms around his back, I sexily scratched my nails up and down his spine and ass cheeks, “Ohhh baby you are hot!” I rubbed my thighs along the outsides of his thighs and I wrapped the backs of my lower legs over his calves and laid there in deep satisfaction.

We kissed as our heartbeats thumped in our chests and ears and throats, it was so incredibly passionate that fuck we shared. After a while, after we sensually slow kissed and rubbed our faces against each other, our bodies finally relaxed and we pulled apart, I sat up and brushed my hair and put my clothes back on. He got dressed too. We kissed again and got out of the van. I stood there and smiled and said, “How could I have ever forgotten you?”

He smiled and said, “Oh we never met before, this is a line I use on blondes and it works everytime!”

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