Double date Cynthia pt 1

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After i reached school, i booked it to our massive art class and came careening through the door right as the tardy bell rang. I stepped in and saw two beautiful works of art. The first was an elaborate painting of a male and female eagle in the night sky soaring around an orb. On later examination, i found that the picture was exactly the same upside-down. The second piece of art however, was the beautiful natural blonde Cynthia.
“Hey.” she said, interrupting my thoughts.
“Nice picture.”
“Thanks, i haven’t slept since i started.”
“That sucks.”
“Yeah,but it was worth it.” she moaned tiredly.
“Well, here. Why don’t you come to my place after school.”
“Or..” she began with a contemptuous smirk, “You could come here tomorrow morning 9:00 sharp.”
The tired girl from mere moments before was now a scheming woman with “special” plans. I agreed immediately.
“Of course.” i stated, thinking of all the fun i was going to have in the next few days.

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