Double date Sabrina pt 1

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I was waking to school, a normal morning. Perhaps i should explain myself. I’ve never had sex before unless you count humping my pillow. I’m 6’2”, in my senior year and i have short dark brown hair and warm black eyes. I’m tan and muscular and i love all kinds of art. Anyway, i’m walkin to school and a girl in my calculus class decides she would get some physical exercise and jog to school. She was jogging straight at me. I heard a “Watch out!” and i turned around just in time to be tackled by a girl named Sabrina. Now this girl had huge tits, i mean HUGE tits. Of course, she was laying right on top of me, so i was getting a great feeling of those mommas on my chest. Sabrina was pretty, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and maybe around 5’7”. I also enjoyed the fact that, by shifting a little, she was not wearing a bra.
“I’m so sorry.” she said, not the slightest hint of apology in her tone.
“S’okay.” i mumbled.
‘Shit!’ i thought as she gave me a disgsted glance as she caught me staring at her boobs.
Then, out of the blue, she says:
“Would you like to see them?”
I replied incoherently.
“Meet me tonight at my house, the back gate’ll be open.”
“Oh-okay.” wasall i could stammer back before i darted off to class. Today i had art first thing.

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