Double Trouble

“Hi! I’m home!” Rachael said excitedly. She walked through the kitchen and went into the living room where her new parents were watching T.V.
“Hey Rebecca, how was the mall?” her dad asked. Rachael was looking at the T.V. and didn’t even know they were talking to her. “Rebecca?”
“Oh, oh! Good, it was good, well I’m going to go to my room now.” She said walking down the hall. As she went into the bedroom, she saw posters of heavy metal bands and “hair” bands. She lied down on the bed and thought how weird it was that Rebecca listened to metal. Rachael started looking for any “toys” Rebecca had, because she was feeling kind of horny after acting like a different person. When she opened the drawers, she saw boxers and some axe. “What?” Rachael picked up a pear of boxers and turned around when she heard someone clear their throat.
“What are you doing with my boxers?” A teenager said.
Rachael, scared to death that she was just caught with a guy’s boxers started blushing. “Nothing, nothing, I thought that Mom might have put some of my clothes in your drawers.” Satisfied with her lie, she smirked.
“Why would she confuse your clothes with mi-” “Ricky, come over here, you left your basketball outside AGAIN!” their mother yelled.
Rachael was relieved, and even hotter then before. Today is proving to be quite a thrill ride. She left the room and went down and across the hall into another room. “This is more like it,” Rachael said sighing, and jumping into a large red bed. Under the covers, Rachael slid down her short shorts and started rubbing her pussy. She let out a sigh, and brought her other hand up her shirt and started fondling her small, pert breasts. Her pussy started getting wet, so she slid her finger into it slowly. “Mmmmm,” she moaned softly. She rubbed her clit, and continued to slowly slide her finger in and out her. She closed her eyes and took in the moment, she was now moaning slightly louder then before. She slid another finger into her pussy and fucked herself faster. She was grasping her bed with her other arm.
“Uhhh!-” “Rebecca?” It was her brother Ricky, Rachael had to act fast. “Damn! I hit my head on this post!” Again she felt amused by how well she lies.
“Mmm, ok, well Mom wanted me to tell you that dinner is almost ready,” and with that, he left.

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