Dream come True

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I am Anita, now 38. This is my true story which is 8 years old. Then we were at Mumbai, Bhandup. I was married for 9 years by then, but had no issues. My husband was in Navy and had to frequently go to high seas. I was felt lonely and really wanted to be a mother, which is the dream of every woman. But God was probably not ready listen to my prayers. Just to tell about me, then I was only 32 and had extremely good figure. My breasts were 38+ and waist was 26. Thus my boobs were really a centre of attraction to everyone. On the contrary my husband was very lean, lanky man with hollow cheeks almost looked like a walking skeleton. You can very well imagine my plight.
Once, my husband had bought me a black chiffon saree with lot of seqin work in it. I wanted to stitch my blouse for it and was in search for a good ladies tailor. Some one suggested that in Bhandup Sonapur there is a tailor by name Baburao, who has a very good name. One afternoon, I searched his shop and went there. The tailor was taking an afternoon nap. When called him he woke up. I gave him my blouse picce and saree, asking him to stitch blouse and also put fall beading for the saree. I was in fact wearing pant and t shirt. He asked me for a measurement blouse which I had not brought. I told him that I will bring it next day. By that time, his daughter came to the shop. She was very cute and beautiful. At that time I had a good look at the tailor. He was also very handsome, very fair looking, and had good body built. The girl was around 5 years. Casually I asked her name etc. Then he replied that she is his daughter, and he stays nearby in a chal which is very small. He said that he is staying in one room, and his wife, brother, and mother are all staying there.
I could not go the next day, but telephoned him and asked him if he can come and collect the blouse. It was a Monday afternoon, and all shops in Bhandup generally close on Monday AN. He agreed and I gave him my address. Then as it was very hot I took shower and wore a cotton gown. In about fifteen minutes Baburao came and rang the bell. I opened and welcomed him. He was looking like film actor Rajkiran, who was in fact my favorite those days. He was wearing a yellow T shirt with top buttons open to exhibit his chest hairs and a small gold chain. In all, he was looking attractive.
I gave him a blouse. He had a look at it and asked me for the design. He had brought a book, and I selected one from it. He said the blouse which I had given appeared to be too small compared to my figure. I said that it is true but I had only that one. Then he asked me if he could take body measurements so that the blouse would be perfect fit. Agreeing to his request, I called him to my bed room. I asked him to take measurement but he laughed and told that he cannot take on a gown and it may spoil the blouse. What was way out?. He again said that if I do not mind, I can give measurements on my bra. Hesitantly I agreed, just comparing as if we do not feel shy in front of a doctor, why to feel shy now. I removed my gown. I was wearing a light blue netted nylon, skimpy bra which had covered only the central portion of my breasts. I felt really shy as he was staring at them. Then he completed taking measurements one by one. His fingers were time and again brushing against my skin, giggling me and exciting me. In fact I was now liking his touch. Then he stood at my back and circled the tape around me to take the breast measurement. Putting his hand to the front, he adjusted the take to be at the centre line and measured. I had almost closed my eyes and was feverish by then. Looking at me, he dropped his tape and cupped my breasts from behind. I had no control by then and was leaning on him for support. Turning me to his side, he pulled me and kissed me on lips. I was not in this world and opened my mouth to receive him. We kissed for a very long time and without our own knowledge both had removed all our clothes. We hugged tightly and kissed again and again. His chest hair was like a black carpet and his weapon was very big, long and was throbbing in my hand when I slowly caressed it. His testicles were like two bid chikoos. I remembered that he is staying in a one room chal with big family. I could sense that he must not have had any sex since many months . I was no wet completely. I pulled his hand onto my pussy and he inserted his finger slowly and then moving it fast. He squeezed and sucked my breasts for very long time simultaneously finger fucking me. I could not tolerate any more, but he was not ready to enter me. He pulled my head on to his penis asking me to take it in my mouth. It had grown a demon size, and there were pearls of pre cum at the tip. I licked them and slowly took it in my mouth. I did oral stimulation which further grew its size. Then lifting me he placed me on the cot, I was now begging him to enter me. He obliged soon, and we made love in all possible position till it was evening seven! Finally he came deep in me filling me completely with his love juices, evacuating his long stored honey. That was the first day I experience Orgasm. Thereafter we started to meet alternate days, and in the same year I conceived. Now my daughter is sesven years, very beautiful and my dreams have now been fulfilled.

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