Ellis and My Virginity II

I cant believe the time I have had! Ellis was so good! I cant see Ryna is always smiling! We ended up in his bed naked and glowing.

He looked me and touched my pussy that lay under the black sheets. I was so wet, that he smiled and I was squirmng and grind against the bed. I started panting and moaning. He stopped and walked into the shower. I walked into the batroom behind and got in with him. “I just want to get the hard to reach places Ellis.” The he turned on the water and pushed me under the warm running water. Taking my breast into his mouth he sucked so happily that the warmth of my body got us both horny. I touched his arm and he held me tightly agaiinst him. What could I do? His dick swelled to twice its length as i took it into my hand and jerked him off. Our eyes locked and I knew what he wanted. ANd the thing is that I wanted it more than he did.

I dropped to my knees and took him between my lips. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he was back against the wall. He smiled as my mouth turned into my pussy. He moaned as I jerk it off and licked the head. He giggled like a little boy and pulled me up to him. I grabbed my ass, and squeezed my breasts.

The next thing I know is that we are playin with a bottle of white bath gel. It wasnt till I tasted it I realized it was his hot sticky cum. I giggle and licked it off his chest and my fingers. I kissed him and pushed him to his knees. As the cold water dripped over our bodies his long, soft tongue made a long warm trail up and dow my kitty. HE softly kissed my clit in such a way that i came. I screamed loudly and hoped that no one heard.

He stood up letting me see that beautiful black man and his beautiful gray eyes and the hands holding on to his beautifully shaped dick that I had waited so long to have in me. He pulled me close and turned me to that he bent me over. Next thing I kmow that he has he rod in my pussy. I cried out to him and felt him get larger and more full insode. His moans were sounded so good to me that I got out and made him lie on his back. I mounted him like a pony and rode. I rode and rode and and RODE! WIth every little move he smiled and let his eyes roll around his head. He had the same look that he had earlier when he was fantasizing about me. He moaning and in that moaning he was panting that I was better than Ryna and how he doesnt know why he didnt choose me. He even said that he has been fantasizing about me for weeks and now that he has me he only wanted to satisfy me. I said he wont satisfy me. HE WILL please me and give me the orgasm that I have been dreaming of.

After my last explosion, he swifly sat up and motioned me to keep riding. He was doing it so rough my wet hair was all over our faces. And all that was going on, his lips engulfed my breasts and his hands cupped my behind and my nails dug into his back but not too hard—we dont want Ryna to know of tonight. I moans were loud and their own harmonic language.

He flipped me to my back and gave himself another few hard thrusts until he finally pulled out and came on my thighs. He washed it off and carried me into my closet where he laid out a towel had us both sit on it as he rubbed my back and kissed my neck. WE ended up in the 69 postition and I devoured that entire length betwen my pink lips. Fucking it was greatest feeling of all I could stand it! It was like I was turned on and I was too into it to stop. He must’ve felt the same way casue I know he was taking that pussy like a man. Lying there like two wild jaguars in heat in the middle of the jungle.

By midnight, we were still naked and still in a 69, when Ryna came home and called out for him. We stopped and giggles. I rolled off and kissed his neck He kissed me long and hard and walked out.

I changed into my pajamas and heard them talking. Sneaking out to the door I saw he was naked and Ryna smiling. Dummy. She would never guess. They walked into his room and I could hear them having sex through his bathrrom door. He sounded a little weaker than before and I smiled. Smiled at the fact that I finally had my fanstasy come true.

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