emma’s new world

She has recently found that masturbating in the morning is quite exhilarating.
Emma’s waves of blonde hair cascade over her bare chest as she slides her hand into her panties. White cotton panties with pink hearts, tightening around her knuckles as she rubs her juicy slit.
Wondering what it’s like.. not to make love, nothing romantic.. Emma wants to get fucked. She wants a big dick shoved inside her lips. She wants to cum hard on a fat cock, she wants to scream out loud and beg for more.
Her door creaks open yet she doesn’t hear.. her father stands, watching his 19 year old daughter fondle herself. Stan listens to her moan and squeeze her firm c cup breasts. He watches her roll away from the door.. facing the window he feels safe enough to grab his cock through his trousers, already hard.. he steps toward the bed.
With her headphones on she doesn’t hear him unzip, pulling out his full thick meat..
Even he is startled by what happens next.
Reaching down, Stewart grabs his daughter by the hair and pulls her face into his crotch.. her scream is muffled as her forces himself down her wet throat. Emma gags and struggles to get away as she gets facefucked by her dad, her pussy still wet and surprisingly getting wetter as he exhales..sliding the full length of his dick in her mouth.
Emma’s eyes tear up, her nipples hard as he stroke harder and harder, finally grabbing the back of her head.. holding his thrust.. the head of his meat explodes, flooding her gurgling mouth with each surge of his seed.
Thin pearls stream from the corners of her lips.
“Eat daddy’s cum, you horny little slut. Eat it!”
He slaps her face as an innate impulse kicks in. She does as her daddy tells her, even licking the cum off her chin.
” open your mouth. Let me see.”
She follows his commands thinking about how wet her pussy is, wondering how else he will use her.
“Now get dressed, we’re going out” he insists.
Emma pauses before asking what she should wear.
He looks through her dresser to find what he wants as well as a vibrator.
Turning to face his daughter he asks, “do you know how to use this?”
“I guess, in my pussy, daddy.”
“We’re taking this along. Daddy will make use of this.” She rushes to grab the clothes he’d chosen, wondering where he was taking her. Soon she would find that daddy had more to teach her that she could ever imagine.

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