Enslaved a Gay Tail

Jordan and Danny were best friends as far back as preschool. They were both rouges and they were both gay by the time they were 13 they had been lovers and when they graduated from school five years later they were truly experienced.
My name is Seth and I was kidnapped, raped, tortured and enslaved by them before being sold. I was on a vacation trip with my family heading to the beach when we stopped for gas just off the beaten path. 15 years old and looking more like 12 I wandered around back looking for a bathroom while my parents gassed the car and bought snacks for my 7 other sibling’s and me. Jordan and Danny were out back as well kissing as I walked around the corner of the building. Jordan was big black and broad at 6’4″ 220 pounds and his Michael Jordan hair cut shined brightly in the warm afternoon sun. Danny was taller than I was at 5’11” and his wiry frame and snow-white complexion did him little justice. They were nestled on two old crates blocking the doorway into the men’s rest room and I had to use it so I coughed and asked them to excuse me. Jordan moved back and grinned at me as he nudged his friend with an elbow, I wish then that I took the warning sign seriously.
I opened the door and marched in and as I turned to lock it I noticed the latch was broken, so I made my way to the one and only filthy toilet and unzipped and drained my lizard. Just as I finished peeing I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned and here was Jordan smiling and Danny grinning and then I found myself yanked and bounced off the concrete wall behind me. I was dazed long enough for them to slap duct tape over my mouth and around my ankles and wrist. Then Danny opened a burlap sack and covered me with it as Jordan flung me over his shoulders. I couldn’t see what happened next because seconds later I was tossed into the smelling trunk of their car. I could hear them laughing and joking about what was about to happen as the car started and we drove off. I know for a fact that Jordan hit every pothole a bump he could as he told me so later, as we flew down the roadways. I could hear and feel the car turning wildly as we went. We hit a huge bump once and I banged my head on a metal bar and when I finally realized what was going on I heard the sounds of the tires break and the motion tossed me towards the back seat. I would say I was dazed and confused for a while so I can not tell how far we traveled or where we were. What I can tell you is what happened next.
The trunk opened and two sets of hands clamped onto my body and yanked me out and tossed me on the ground. Then I heard a ripping noise and I began to clearly as the sack was torn away. Jordan was standing there completely nude with his twelve-inch dick flopping at me as Danny cut the duct tape from my ankles. Then he told Danny, “Stand this bitch up and cut his pants off him. If he moves cut his dick off to.”
I believed he would do it so I stood still and with a muffled voice begged for mercy. Jordan laughed as he told me, “You crying bitch. You afraid your white ass is going to be fucked ain’t yeah bitch.”
Danny slid the knife up my legs from side to side and then as jerked apart my short pants and boxers, he flipped me around and pushed me face first onto the hood. Jordan came over and screamed out his orders, “Spread them legs wide my little cherry ass bitch.” He kicked me at the ankles as he added, “Here’s your dream and here’s your cream.” With that he rammed into my ass and he was dry and so was I and he forced it in so hard and deep I screamed loudly even with the tape on my mouth. His hands lifted me at the hips as he drove my body up the trunk with his thrust and for what felt like an hour he road me steadily and harshly until I felt a bath of cum flow into my ass.
I was dropped and when my feet hit the ground they failed me and crumpled on the dirt roadway as he moved away. Danny came over started to kick me in the ass and slap me on the face as he told me that I was their play toy and that soon I would be their ticket out. I didn’t understand what he meant then.
The tape on my mouth was ripped off and as they did it hurt like hell. Then Danny forced me onto my back with my arms under me and knelt down on my chest with his ten-inch skinny dick at my lips. Jordan walked over to look down at me and said, “Open that pretty mouth and suck old Danny boy or I am going to squash your balls.” I hesitated a second too long and sure enough, he stepped back and placed his foot on my dick and balls and pressed down firmly. That alone opened my mouth as I gasped for air and that’s when Danny stuck his prick into my mouth. Danny barked out his orders and as I sucked as told the way I was told Danny began to thrust his dick to the back of and down my throat. He was choking me to death as he finally came in my mouth, I was struggling to not live as his hot sperm flooded me and I was forced to swallow a great load of it. Then the two of them pulled me up and untied my wrist. All I had on was a T-shirt and sneakers and seconds later they were thrown off into a pile of brush. Then they took me by my arms and led me up a pathway into an opening in a field. Danny looked at Jordan and said, “Let’s do it again. I want to watch you fuck him again.” With that Jordan turned me spread me and rammed deep inside me once more. Danny started slapping me in the face as his lover banged me up the asshole. When Jordan came this time he pulled out and splattered his cum on my ass and back. Then he held me while Danny rubbed his cock in it and then had me to lick suck and clean it off. Then we started walking again and for almost twenty minutes I was led through this endless pasture field with only an occasional slap or kick or punch sent my way by one of them.
Jordan finally led us to the back of an old barn, and once inside he locked me into a stable with chains on the door. There they left me for over two days alone hungry tired and thirsty before they came back for me. They brought a small canteen of water and a peanut butter sandwich for me to eat. That was all they fed me. Well they fed me their meaty dicks too but that was before after and during my real meal. Then they left me again for two more days. I was so thirsty that I used the canteen to catch my piss and I drank it.
This time when they came back they brought no food only rope and a hood and chains. I was scared that they were going to kill me, but it was so they could bind me and torture me for their fuck and suck pleasure.
Danny tied me to the wall while Jordan tied my ankles and tossed the rope over a beam in the room. Then he hoisted me up and pulled me out flat, where Danny could butt fuck me while he beat me with a belt on the face chest and groin. They kept this up switching places until I was sore all over then they flipped me over and did my backside. Three times each they fucked me. When it was over they let me free and walked me to a house not more than a mile away. I was shoved in the back door and sent into a small bathroom and told to clean myself well, so I did.
When I finished my bath, they unlocked the door and set a plate of beans and cornbread and a glass of water on the floor. I wasted no time eating all of it. A few hours passed and as the sun went down the bathroom grew dark, and the house quiet. I used one of the towels to cover me and the other as a pillow as I slept in there for that night. When daylight came I was already awake and listening for sounds other than creaks and twitches. I tried to open the window but it was too small for me to crawl out. So I sat there waiting and something began to happen. I had several dreams over the last few days and while it was more of nightmare I did wake up hard and horny, so I started to play with myself. I fantasized about what had happened and I came not once but twice almost within moments of jerking on my dick. My fresh cum splattered on the tub bottom looked delicious so I knelt and licked it off. Just as I had my lips covered in it, Jo
rdan opened the door and
laughed at me. “Well you done started liking that shit ain’t yea bitch.”
For the first time since it happened I smiled at him, and in a way not afraid of him. He walked over dropped his dirty blue jeans to floor and offered me his cock, as he asked, “You want to eat and be meat?”
I knelt at the side of the tub and licked and kissed and then sucked his cock until it was firm and then I began to jerk him off into my mouth as I sucked him. Twenty minutes later I had a cum shake for breakfast. Jordan pulled me by the head of the hair up to him and kissed my lips and licked his liquid from them. Then he walked me out of the bathroom and into an old country kitchen. He had me set down while he fixed us breakfast and it was a welcome sight when he dropped two eggs and four pieces of bacon my plate. As we ate he told me, “Danny done gone into town to get your new owner out here to buy your white ass. He’s gonna pay us 50 big ones for you if you make him happy. You gonna be a rich mans bitch now boy.”
“What do you mean likes me?” I asked.
“I means you gotta suck his dick good and let him ride that ass good and long you dumb bitch,” he said in a funny way not really being mean.
I was afraid again and I could not understand why, they had done everything in the world wrong to me but I felt like I should stay, so I said, “What’s wrong with me? Don’t you like me anymore?”
“Now hold on there bitch. Liking ain’t got nothing to do with it. Money pure and simple is all it is. We can get a shit load for you and we are going to do it. Danny and me like fucking your ass and mouth. We just like money more right now,” he said in harsh but serious tone.
After we ate he walked me to a bedroom and inside was some sexy shorts made of satin, they were pink and had no buttons or zippers. Beside them was a pink satin blouse with only one button on it and a pair of pink flip-flops and a pink leather straps like a dog’s collar. He told me take another bath and then dress up and when I was done he would finish fixing me up. I did and when I had dressing, Jordan came in and fixed my hair with mouse and some hair tint. He sprayed me with perfume and placed the collars on my ankles and wrist and then put lipstick, pink of course, on me. He painted my nails pink and then he handed me a drink, as I swallowed it he told me it would make me really horny and happy and make me want the man even more, and when the man arrived with Danny they led him into the bedroom with me and several hours later we walked out with him leading me and me crawling on all fours as commanded by him.
Then Oscar, as he was known took me out to his big fancy car and placed me in the passenger’s seat. He told the boys that he was satisfied and that he would pay the full price for me and with that he handed them a briefcase and we left Kentucky and the wilderness that my captures had changed me in.
Two days later we were in Maui, with me as his personal servant and slave. You should have seen the faces of the private jet stewardess when she saw me sucking Oscar on take off, or when he fucked me when we landed in LA on our way. She wanted to join us I think but he doesn’t like girls at all. She did manage to get me alone in the bathroom while he slept on the way to Maui. She took my clothes off and had me show her my dick while she played with herself an then finally she made me eat her pussy. She had a nice time with me and when I fucked her Oscar caught us and spanked me and tied me to his seat. He made her promise not to seduce me anymore so he wouldn’t have to fire her.
Oscar takes very good care of me now. Seldom do I get beaten unless I beg for it. Seldom do I get gang banged unless his friends pay for it, and always I get fucked in the ass nightly before bedtime.
I have never seen Jordan or Danny since but Oscar sent them a picture of us. Me naked riding his cock with one of his business friends is sticking his dick in my mouth. I know that I am a slave but after a while it freaking grows on you and some of us like it.

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